The Human Reconstruction Cyber-Library.

by Yitzhak I. Hayut-Ma'n.


Gurdjiff has posed the question "Is there intelligent life on earth?" This is the HOPE attempt to answer it with Yes! To start with, here is an apparently chaotic collection of scientific essays, position papers, radically new Biblical exegesis, short stories, Novel Gospels (the eco-feminist "Gospel of Judith Iscariot) and even some "channeled" information. But all these are offered in a spirit of fostering the reconstruction of humankind.

The term " Human Reconstruction" is used in the social sciences in a sense roughly equivalent to the Jewish concept of human Tikkun. (It was suggested by prof. Joseph Ben-Dak for my doctoral dissertation "The Cybernetic Basis for Human Reconstruction", for Brunel University, UK, 1981). This field of human endeavor encompasses processes like personal, psychological-spiritual, transformation and Organizational Transformation (O.T.), but can pertain to whole cultures as well. There are uses of the term "Reconstruction" in philosophy (John Dewey), religions (such as by Mordekhay Kaplan in Judaism) and in several social sciences, and there are, of course, innumerable essays in this direction under many different names. What we would like to foster here is a particularly cybernetic, or general systemic, perspective on Human Reconstruction, and to explore the redemptive, even messianic, strands in "the systems movement".

The cybernetic character and style of this library is yet to be developed. While we start with ordinary text files, the idea is to move to illustrated hypertexts and computer slide shows, from them to program packages that adapt to the user's style in a cybernetic fashion (see references to the work of Gordon Pask). The search would be to find (in cybernetician Gregory Bateson's words) "the patterns that connect". In particular, the patterns that may connect individuals and cultures into the emerging conscious and enlightened "humankind body" (or the Global Brain" if you prefer).

Admittedly, the initial offer is rather idiosyncratic. It reflects my own intellectual odyssey (from Israel to the A.A. in London (meeting Buckminster Fuller and Gordon Pask), to Berkely of the 60's (where I went to learn Christopher Alexander's "Pattern Language of design"), then to Israel's "World Institute, Jerusalem" (where I received Julius Stulman's "Methodology of Pattern"), to Brazil (for personal instructions by Gaia, whom I now call Adamah) and to Gordon Pask's System Research Laboratory in Richmond, Surrey (for acquiring the cybernetic Conversation Theory) and then back to Tel Aviv (the renewal of the Neve Tsedek neighbourhood) and Jerusalem (to study Kabbalah and Hassidut) and the odd bits I picked on the way. All these have charted a particular course which, I hope, might be useful for tying many other people's contributions into coherent wholes.

It is now open to you, dear reader. Our HOPE for this "library" is to become an eclectic collection of items suggested or contributed by any reader as relevant to this work of Human Reconstruction. The further HOPE is to collect, process and develop these materials into instructional packages for the playgrounds for the toddler that is the New Adam (which is all of us).

Main Contents of the Cyber Library