Haven on Earth
    Shining if finishing . . .

11. Dateline

When we the Jewish people here in the land of Israel have yet to begin the Shabbat day. When the sun is still in its setting on our horizon at the end of our sixth day . . . Then at that time the people who face Mecca from their point of view their sun has already set. There in the eastern land one billion people have agreed on its significance. They have agreed that on the day that we call Yom Shishi - the sixth day of the week, it is for the people of the east a day for congregation, even a holy day. From our point of view they are east of our country, even over the horizon, as we see it! Let there and here be wonderfully supervised!

The Shabbat day in our weekly lives is a recalling forever the concluding act of creation, the on set of rest. It is blessed and holy, it is a meeting place in the designation of time. Shabbat is a time appointed to cease from gathering, from following a plan and from preparing for the Holy convocation. Shabbat is the now of the week. Though each day we plan, we build, we pray to learn how, it is with Shabbat we accept this world as the sanctuary of now.

In our concluding the Shabbat day in the land of Israel when the sun has set, which is for us the sign that the day after has began, the day we call Yom Rishon - the first day of the week . . . There in the west of our country, one billion people will testify that the Shabbat day is still in its closure still with the setting of its sun. For those people who recognize the Vatican they do believe and even testify that their sun has not yet set. From our point of view they are over the horizon, they are west of our country, as we see it! Let there and here be wonderfully organized! Let it be. Let us see! End.

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