Haven on Earth
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6. Essay 1 & 2

Write two essays, who you are now and who you would like to be.

Essay 1:
'Who you are now' I am now alive and well thank Heaven! Married and materially satisfied. In love and motivated to learn life. Working for the Torah Tape makers that interested me in Yeshiva in the first place. Paying city taxes now and trying to get a fair deal. Studying life from a more communal perspective and interested in social education for my life style. Now I am one who considers his listener. So now I wonder who you are? You are me now after reading what is written here. Now who am I, and who are you?

Lets try now essay 2:
'Who you would like to be'. I would like to be a sharing person. I would like to share a good marriage. I would like to share parenthood. I would like to share life beyond the house. If I could become more community orientated I would like that. My community would need to become a shared community. So I would like to be sharing a community with my wife. When we become parents we would like to share our world, step by step with our children. I would also like to know how to be a sharing person beyond our community and I would like to be motivated to do the work for that. I would like to be a man among Mankind as well. So then it seems I would like to be sharing, who would you like to be?

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