Haven on Earth
    Shining if finishing . . .


Until now, which has been approximately two years, I have been adding chapter after chapter to this book. I would write or collect a thought worthy of inclusion and it would simply follow the other chapters. The result has been what you have in front of you: forty eight chapters in need of a real editor, a thorough systems check on theme and content and in the process a placing of all chapters in proper relation one to another. Maybe those steps will one day be taken. In the mean time what I would like to do is to start a new phase in the composition of this book.

First I would like to make an introductory summary to the entire book and comment in a freely creative way. The result will be an addition to this book. One addition that will be placed not as a conclusion but rather as an introduction. My hope is to help the reader and perhaps more importantly to set an example in myself to the reader to do likewise.

That is the second part of this introduction: I invite the reader to write an introductory summary and comment on this book. I invite you with this written invitation - send me your introduction. Send it to me for the purpose of placing your summary and comments into a new edition of this book. I plan to print this edition and the following editions in small quantity but high quality in order to keep the book fresh with new ideas and correspondence.

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