Haven on Earth
    Shining if finishing . . .

21. I would

1. I would like to learn to meet You. Help Sir. Please make purposeful my self.
My Self has been spread to the places I have visited. Please help me fix these sparks to their purpose. I have faith that all purposes have greater purposes and that You have them all with You.

Please direct Us. We are people of the Same Self. Please fix us to our purpose. Each one properly in relation to You and Each other. You have this plan already. Help us to acquire it properly. Set us Powerful lights to fill the darkness. Lights of Clarity. Knowledge of You. Lead us as intimately as possible. Show us your Unique Place. Give us true hope in You.

Sign your name here for the Job . . . . I notice four dots - I respect them to be representative of your holy Name Blessed. Also they being dots represent the initiation of the letters. Let them be completed. In the correct atmosphere on paper kept holy let them be respected. Show us your name. Help us be true.
2. Please Sir. Help me to plan purposefully for the future. Clarify before me the Great Plan. Please make my priorities harmonious to the Great Plan. As the True Tzaddikim have shown instructing us to serve you in Truth, Faith and Joy. May the Soul Shine Bright.

In clarifying the plan You give to me may I see clearly the path the now contributes to the Future. Help me to direct my whole personality toward you in the practical path. Please raise up all the Sparks of holiness that belong to you. Raise them according to the great Plan and let us praise you for revealing this raising, this plan, this great sanctification of your Name.

May greatness shine for us the True Path. May we offer smallness to You in light of Greatness. From now may we see Eternity and dedicate ourselves to You thusly.
Your perfect Righteousness is steady. Thank you for securely guiding us to You. Let all creatures contribute to Righteousness that the Holy One be Praised in true Joy. End

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