Haven on Earth
    Shining if finishing . . .

20. Life has

1. Life - has meaning. Balance - is a working. Completion - was foreseen. If there is harmony, who is appreciative? If there is contrast, who can mediate? How are desires expressed and developed? What is the stuff used in so doing?
Expression of desire - considering goals for identification. Associative nature holding insight and usefulness. Developing desire - stepping through signets of attainment, of orientation - goal state. Reworking - Mediating terms to centralize goal in an expressed outline - keying signposts.

2. What is important to me while I feel this way? Clarity of goals - I feel unbalanced in my general orientation, in life and its process for me, as a progressive personality. I read something (ideas) that discuss the relationship between the momentary 'Person' and the becoming 'Person'. The later feeling patient, while the M-P in a hurry. Person - Me might be uneasy now - if Person - Progressive is aloof in the world.

Identifying goals might be the reaching out to Person - Progressive - The patient Wise One. Person - Me wants to contribute to Life's Goal State. 'Terms' might be the Minds attempts and Trials for recognition of secure Future (Higher attainment). Clutter - an admitting of dependency to be over seen by a (comparatively) Clear Vision.

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I would like to wake up from the night into the Day. But without sleeping first. I feel drawn towards Sleep, as if.

3. A new page - a new way of thinking. The second line admits to the first. What now - a future has been attempted. Here I am - A renewal of Address. Who am I writing to? What is important to You? What is your real Need? Who are You?

Why are you hard to perceive? Why must I try to perceive You? Help to perceive you. I trust you. You are patient with me. If I can hear myself address you I feel that my weaker self can also contribute to The Relationship. Here We Are. A small point of light shines th(H)ere. A large light shines with you. I feel my greater self to be with you There.

Help me to develop strong guidelines to Teach my lower self about my greater self. They are compli(E)mentary. Much respect Sir.

Master May your praise uplift many, manifold.

4. I feel now a better sense of centrality to my life. A sense of self. A sense of direction. A good feeling of trust in the Future. To whom am I speaking? To You Sir. From where do I speak? From For You Sir. You are the all encompassing Self. You have a(ll) paths. You shine to Us - The purpose of life. You are the giver the Higher Self.  From you is Bestowal and with You is Bestowal. The Best is with You. Sire your name is Great. I have what you have given me. Your steady trust is my security. I walk toward You. I am for You. With you I is You and I thank you from this place. Thanks is found with me drawn from on high. I hold it close to me and seek you with her. She is good. Thank you Sir. My weaker me is afraid of the path. With your help I will thank you in marriage. She will be a help mate. Together your Blessing will praise You Sire. Because of your kindness I have this now. With you Sire I can Here Bless You Perfect Counsel. Your Torah is beheld in High places. May we fulfil her - your commandments True. Forever You Last Thank You Sire. Full respect is yet with you and yet not yet Sire.  Love your smaller Selfhood here OK. End

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