Haven on Earth
    Shining if finishing . . .


The composition of this book began when I married Miriam Tsruyah, may she be well, in May '94. Personally, I felt our marriage was a step in the direction of furthering communion. In my life and consequently our lives, I sensed the importance of an enclosure. A physical, emotional, a deep sustaining relationship could, I hoped, coexist together with an openness for personal, social and cultural evolution.

I had come to Yerushalayim seeking solace. I felt personal hurt, a secular consumer confusion. I desired wholesome communal experience to heal my wounds. That search initiated an Alliyah - an ascent and entry to Yerushalayim some years ago in December '87.

So now, years later I and we live here. Among us are family, friends and community. However, it is now becoming clearer to me, I am still and we are still on the road to furthering communion. I am writing primarily, I believe, to help share myself, my own  efforts and ideas with others.

I wish to share and promote haven. In the Hebrew language the word for understanding is Havanah. The ideal haven I wish to refer to here can not be mine alone, if it be haven. Haven, meaning a safe place, is an Anglo-Saxon word from the root word have, meaning own or understand (Royal English Dictionary, 1946. See also the Old French, from Latin: Save, Safe, Safety and Saviour). If my own, an ideal, an understanding, a haven were mine alone it would be for others held within it or held without it a haven not or a have not. So, I hope our haven will be of help to others. I suspect those who share an ideal haven with each other will learn and share plenty. I would like to thank my wife and parents, friends and community for sharing haven.

Now a birth to our little haven, a little baby girl, Myah Eyden, bless you. Also to this book a new addition, the introductory section and officially our first edition. I sense its movement towards the laser printer, from the depths of the computer emerging, it is transforming. I remind myself of the need to be mobile, versatile, adaptable and flexible. I bless each one of us to see in ourselves and in each other the light of renewal. Here is my gift, among friends may we be


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