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25. Tenspeak

Tradition A'N'D' (Adding Network Decalogue) a Contribution:

Adding decalogue daily "on the foundation principle that Monotheism, Humanitarianism and Environmentalism are complementary to a Whole system".

A new day "for the needs of individual, network and civilization as a Whole".

A Network Decalogue "to design the innovative bridge of diverse information".

A Tradition A'N'D' "The participation is a contribution".

For ten to speak in a Decalogue:

  1. Ten people meet daily, AND for six days - weekly.
  2. On the first day we vote to elect spokesmen. Ten vote to elect a spokesman (E') for "Environment", Ten vote to elect a spokesman (H') for "Humanity", E' and H' elect a spokesman (M') for "Monotheism", E', H' and M' elect a spokesman (W') for a "Whole System".
  3. Six nonselected speak for themselves, each one leading a daily meeting.
  4. An agreement for meeting and maximum speaking times.
  5. Permission to speak is conducted by each day's lead spokesman.
  6. Permission to speak for the lead spokesman is the choice of W'.
  7. Following the speaking of lead, W' can choose to speak. If W' chooses not to speak, then lead can choose a next speaker from E', H' and M'.
  8. Following a speaking of E', H' or M', then W' can speak. If W' does not speak, then lead spokesman can choose from any one.
  9. Following the speaking of W', lead spokesman can choose a next speaker from the five nonselected people.

And consider this:

"The Sanction" refers to the Oral and Written instruction, responsibility for common welfare, agreement and destiny.

{Torah she-be-al PEH and Torah she-bi-KTAV, Derech Eretz, Darchai Noam and Darchai Shalom.}

And some reminders:

1a Only willing the Sanction as Holilife.
2a Refraining from unSanctioned speaking.
3a Refraining from unSanctioned eating.
2b Refraining from unSanctioned destruction.
3b Refraining from unSanctioned sexuality.
2c Refraining from unSanctioned possession.
3c Refraining from unSanctioned society.
4  Doing, teaching and learning the Sanction.
1b Mentioning the Shabbat as Holiday.
1c Honouring YeruShalayim as Holicity.

And some suggestions:

1. Monotheism unites a supervision of individual and universal:
a) sanctity, b) ethic and c) ownership.

2. Humanity involves
a) equity, b) justice and c) righteousness.

3. Environment allows for influences
a) natural, b) moral and c) mental.

4. Complementing a Whole System.

And contributing:

Holilife in supervising sanctity unites contemplation.
Holiday in supervising ethic unites evaluation.
Holicity in supervising ownership unites reservation.

Speaking in equity involves fellowship trust.
Destruction in justice involves fellowship responsibility.
Possession in righteousness involves fellowship identity.

Eating in natural influence allows for restoration.
Sexuality in moral influence allows for habitation.
Society in mental influence allows for association.

Whole system:
Participating in Sanction, tradition and contribution. End

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