for World Redeemers

Towards "The MESSIAH-MESSAYE'A" at TheHOPE.org.

Caters for individuals who have (had) the experience of being trusted with divine messages. Gives them the help needed not to be overwhelmed by the onus of being the sole carrier of this responsibility, and offers them membership in a club of dedicated members who can then converse with others in their situation, co-council and compare notes. Club facilities include various implements for promoting meetings of minds and of souls, including The Yoru-Shalem Magical Round Table for sacred groupwork. All members' past and present, get their mentions in our "Holy Land Divine Messages Catalog". (As our Virtual Universal Temple of Yeru-Shalem progresses, the Messiah Club will have its Chambers there).

Membership Fee: $100 per annum.

  • Promotional Service for Would-be World Redeemers.

    Publication of our "Holy Land Holy Calls Catalog" and its dissemination to thousands of Internet sites and subscribers.

    Informing the relevant Internet discussion groups and Web sites of the selected messages (for free), optionally with TheHOPE.org and/or The Academy of Jerusalem evaluation added (for fee). We shall also offer (for fee) organizing The MESSIAH Club Discussion Forums for any selected body of messages. These forums will work on a high level of human communications and will use the virtual Messiye'a Club facilities.

  • "The Book of Divine Messages" HT DB, a growing concern of TheHOPE.

    We shall collect, collate and reformat messages that members send as their bona fida testaments of what the Lord of Israel has dictated/intimated to them. We shall process these messages into a network of connected statements, the most likely raw material for The New Torah out of Zion.

    We offer this service to the world in the belief that the Quest for the Word of the Lord yhwh is the most noble persuit on earth, and whatever we may glean of the current manifestations of this quest and lift it up to the attention of all those who care for the world's destiny and want to do their share to avert global disasters, this may serve as the Parokhet-screen of the current state of divine-human communications.

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