The Quest for Heavenly Jerusalem
Envisioned as

The Homecoming of The Celestial Templeship.

This Peace-Mandala was conceived in an ongoing dialog between Yitzhak (Isaac) Hayutman - a cyber-architect, a lover of the levity of the mind and a builder of virtual models of communication - and artist Hanna-Aliza Omer - learning the art of life, body language and arts. Contemplating in complementary ways, the numerous layered myths of Jerusalem as intricate as the Tales of A Thousand and One Nights, they approached the perennial quest to all-inclusive space, the temple/place where the One With The Multiple dwells in peace.

The Tree

Underlying the association of the images, their intricate patterns woven in subtle-toned perceptions and many-hued emotions, is the hidden structure of the Tree of Life, ordering and nourishing all.

Its Configurations flowers in golden harmony its roots, redeemed by the vision of the Keter /Crown from heaven, spread throughout the Malkhut/Kingdom of all boundless states of Mindful Awareness. Seeded in incessant fluctuation, the Tree grows in all-embracing understanding of ages of yearning for an immortal drop from the Holy Grail (though long believed lost).

1. Malkhut (Kingdom)

Now, the seekers for the Heavenly Jerusalem enter the enchanted Kingdom (of Special States of Mind) from the west. The spectator's eye sweeps over the shores of the Mediterranean Sea through the rugged Occident, and reaches beyond the Eurasian inner seas to the Far East. The Quester wanders to fabulous kingdoms close to the highest peaks, traverses the voluptuous body of the Living Earth (Adamah, Gaia) eroded by rivers, fed from the Heavens, nurtured by the seas.

The Earth is populated by diverse sentient beings who in their yearning to dwell within the Beloveds Heart in holiness, built many temples of beatific symmetries that enclose spaces with devotional atmosphere, conducive to inner peace. The pilgrims on their adventurous quest to Heavenly Jerusalem learn through multidimensional perspectives to understand the examples of historical contentions over the monopoly of the True Vision. They resolve old bonds and by enlightening ignorance they reclaim forbidden lands. By expanding their vision beyond the borders of the business and real estate kingdom, they find a welcoming home and old friends in unexpected places.


Facing Jerusalem (where as in the navel of the earth terrestrial power lines converge), the Questers are drawn together. They meet in the coincidence of the same vision of the ultimate dwelling place. Coming from "The 70 Nations", they gain ground at the right juxtaposition of 12 beams of light circling the foundation stone enclosed by Old Jerusalem's walls.

At the picture's foreground, we behold four different Questers who represent faces of multilayered States of Being. Let's give them a glance with the mind's eye, while we enter the pageant from the west at the Straights of Gibraltar. Here we recognize a bearded man in profile who is scanning the distilled knowledge all the Children of Adam, and with a certain smile he consults his "Moontime Pacer" for being in the exact moment of the ultimate, free real State of Being.


Lifting the gaze towards the remote north (to the left), we perceive the form of the Fairy Protector of lakes and forests and sprouting saplings. She is hovering as a whiff of Fog over the cold waters. Her palms are joined in prayer; the Magic Ring with the power of metamorphose shines on her finger.


Moving towards the right, the moisture is long ago evaporated in the sand wastes of Africa. From here comes to the feast the noble faced prince with the transparent mind while the falcon of intuition watches over his right arm. From the deep underground drumming in the Heart of Africa emerges the bejeweled Queen of Sheba. She gazes in desirous longing beyond the desert's horizon, towards the wise king of Jerusalem who built a majestic temple on the timeless foundation stone.

In the Temple's innermost chambers was enclosed the holiest mystery of the two Keruvim (cherubs) merging into one unnameable entity. The King of Wisdom avowed vanity and emptiness in all seeming things, but wasn't apt enough to teach enduring tolerance to his fiery offsprings mothered by idolatry, fear and ignorance of bygone times. The Temple (of Solomon) couldn't contain the multiple forms of sensation to the unnameable creator who intent to bring back all to Himself changes man devised structures ever anew.

From its sad ruins over the Wailing Wall rose the golden domed turquoise shrine; built by Sufi Freemasons and later used by the Templars. Now this House of Prayer is kept by the desert dreamer Prophets' faithful flock. From ancient times many splendid basilicas, churches and houses of prayer were erected over the vast expanse of kingdoms past. But the connecting pathways between them were blocked by semantic confusion and a chaos of linguistic deities, which misled the Lost Tribes from the original simple path leading to the diamond in the heart. The strayed Questers misplaced in this labyrinth of the mind, desired to get out to a free path, open to all vistas of joyful meetings in dimensions of their creators wish.

5. Tif'eret (SPLENDOR)

As the sap sucked from the innumerable roots of the same tree climbs high in its trunk, so the homecoming 12 tribes encircle the Temple Mount. The liberated pilgrims advance to their meeting place by learning to discriminate between the Eternal Light and superficial, glamourous temporary glows.

In this, rising above the lighted circle, the form of the cubical Templeship was formed by the Questers urgent wish to attain peace within all the realms of the mind and beyond it. This Templeship contains many meditation cells aligned in a four dimensional grid, portrayed here in an irrational rhythm of alternating sides in moving light. The Light is perceived by the returned pilgrims' higher selves, as they switch near and far perspectives. The souls ascend within the 12 beams of light radiating from the Heavenly Jerusalem Temple-ship heart-like structure.

Through this cubical grid streams of lights flow from the individual cells to join in circling pulses faced by the still (white) center point of a kind of celestial heart. This metaphoric heart seems to pulsate as the viewers switch their perceived perspective of the hyper-cube.

6 & 7 - HESED/Love & Din /Judgement

The Heavenly Jerusalem hyper-cube is imag(in)ed as the frontal section of the helical loop between the Sun and Moon - Attraction and Reserve - of humankind's myths and beliefs. These celestial hearts' tremors reverberate in a double spiral (imaged on the twin DNA chain) in resonance between free spirit and codes. The messages are grasped through images, sounds, letters, words, and sentences in infinite opportunity of meeting points. The received impulses are synthesized in a blissful state of mind. Realized in all hues of sentient experience the innate myths of the human tribe form the ground to new understanding.

From the ancestral coil emerge the brother's who uphold the winged sphere of cosmic consciousness - a spherical mirror to project the common vision of all the Neshamahs that dwell in the Heavenly Jerusalem Temple-ship. This image of a space balloon in turn carries and drives the heavenly Temple's heart. The three dancing beings who are holding it up and are symbolized by the Star of David, the Crescent, and the Cross, (which represent the respective religions that arose from the same primordial lap around the Temple's rock. It is evident that the same sphere is carried by two or three more carriers from the East of this Heavenly Eden). The brother's in spirit dance with arms overlapped around the pronouncement of their mistress's face, burnishing-in with their joy the synapses of Adam's lower (primeval) brain. From her, Adamah, or the primeaval Hava, wells up the cognizance of the Universal Witness (YHWH).


This Heavenly Sphere is the Sefirah of Da'at, upon which appear the Partsufim , the Countenances, of the Divine to us earthlings, We Children of the Adamah, Lovers of the Shekhinah.

The knowing sigh uttered through Her mouth is embedded in our hearts. Her countenance appears to us in shifted focus, as a mysterious enchantress or a gentle lamb with wide open eyes. In the center of Her illuminated brow is the victorious face of Her Beloved superimposed. It is surrounded by a halo of light bubbles of bliss, which in 32 (here 24) triple globulated emanations curl round her higher brain.

In dynamic vibration of the velocity of light, the effervescent bubbles transfer their thought matter, their Memories, that contains all the messages of their own conscience. To these Reconstructed and Harmonized Memories (RaHMs), all nuances are identified with H esed/Mercy and Din/Justice, combining to bear Rahamin/Compassion.

Awakened and motioned by Her beauty, His body is with Her intuition synchronized, flowing in and out. He moves the bubbles of awareness with grace and courage, according to the rhythm initiated by the pacemaker of Her heart. Contemplating His breath flowing in and out, Her gaze knowingly dwells between His open palms of justice and kindness - of going in and coming out.

The three Supernal Sefirot lie properly above the frame of this picture, but their effluvescence fills the ether of the higher portion of the picture (in which the Holygram is projected) with Hayut/HolyVitality.


This is the Holygraphic Mirror of Adam, to project on it the collective Beloved of all Humankind. We see on it, emerging within the bubbles, the Holygram of Notre Dame . Her face seems to emerge, Her looking at You, Man! And projected on Her Mind is her Beloved, the Perfect Man, Th e One Who Ascended to Heaven - Hanokh (Enoch) who became the Angle of the Face, "The Boy" Metatron, charged Cosmocrator by the Grace of YHWH.

Her vision consolidates to the depth of the marrow of His bones in total acceptance. The secret of the Wisdom dwelling in Understanding that lies between Her eyes, sublimates His inherent essence of life. Her vision elevates His wings of perception in fluttering waves, seen as wings that echo through the space beyond the stars. Here, from the four corners, appear various chariots of distinct Worlds/Systems of Beliefs, which join the ecstatic dance.


The wings of Metatron's awareness move by the desire to dwell in a balanced dynamic state of Being. The movements of his two hands lifts and conveys his bubbles (Thought Forms of his Mastermind) to the rhythm of the celestial spheres music in coexistence in one harmony of deep and high.


This Tree of complex creativity gets its Inspiration from the Tetragramatton of the Holy Name of YHWH, projected from the Supernal Lights Beyond this picture domain.

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