The Realization Of Heavenly Jerusalem

or the envisioning of

The Anticipated Return Of The Spirit Of Peace

1. Malkhut (Kingdom) in Tif'eret ( Splendor)

Beheld over Jerusalem's Temple Mount that rises from the Happy Valley of Kidron, surrounded by the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem , the panorama spreads to the active horizon of the Earth's expanse, beyond the "Holy Land". Above this prominent spot of the Temple Mount, manifests at this auspicious moment the Oversoul of Humanity, the spirit of ideal frame of mind. It emerges from the conjunction of their higher selves which aspire to reconcile in their oversoul's exquisite embrace.

Centered in a standstill between the cool Northern breeze and warm desert wind, when then is now, and far is near - we view the coming together from the east in birds' eye perspective. The symmetry diffuses with the streaming currents over the lowlands into calm sea and lets our eyes rest on the violet twilight of the oriental sky.

2. Keter (Crown) Over Yesod (Foundation)

In this pictorial meditation, contemplating the accord between myths, theologies, symbols and beliefs, lands the gold domed celestial Templeship, appearing from higher space on four high pillars of hope, above Jerusalem.

3. Yesod (Foundation) of Kingdom

Coming back to the foreground, we see the king of the beasts, the lion appeased, at ease, with the intuited creature called the Unicorn, that lives in virgin forests of mysterious lore.

4. Hod (Radiance) of Yesod (Foundation)

Sitting on the terra cotta floor near the oleander bush, with an aroma of the sweet sachleb-orchid close to her senses, the Madonna named Shulamit the Semite, feeds her baby with the most delicious life fluid. While nursing, she turns her expectant gaze to the specter of the Mother of the terrestrial sphere riding the celestial Temple-Ship.

5. Da'at (Knowledge) in Yesod (Foundation)

She, who while dwelling in the sacred inner space of the Empyrean Temple, gives birth in joyful endurance to her most precious substance, sublimated in an instance of utter suspense, she brings forth to the world from her hallowed womb, the genius of man. She is exposed and vanishing in complementary tremor with the 32 gold and violet tri-spherical inner vault. Round the inmost chamber of her intimate space is the girdle of the octagonal shrine, laced with 7 skylights on its 8 sides.

Here, the ethereal fluctuation of the direct light spiraling invisibly through the void, manifests as a three sphered vertical vessel reminiscent of vessels used for alchemy, that forms the cudex (trunk) of the 7 branched Menorah.

6. Hesed (Compassion) with Gevurah (Courage)

Gaya, being in every iota of organic beings, holds in her right hand the triune spiral of healing, with compassionate perseverance, and in her left, the chalice full of sentient life's red fluid. Delivered from her compassion descends her benevolent son - his body is constituted of accomplished souls who, by overcoming the last heavy obstacles to all embracing understanding, levitate onto him in joy.

7. Hesed (Mercy - Compassion) in Tif'eret (Splendor)

From the enlightened potential of his emancipated brain emanates luminous waves that perceived as the resplendent hair, cover the land with consoling vibrations.

8. Tif'eret (Splendor) on Yesod (Foundation)

In high spirits dancing around the Dome of the Rock on the ground, circle the 12 initiated representatives of the Free Brotherhood, convoked to the celebration of the happening. Within the vortex of the celebration they dispatch their higher selves which rise as kites filled with living spirit; into their oversouls body transfiguring.

9. Tif'eret ( Splendor)

This transfiguration is viewed in a quadruple screen suspended between the four pillars at the apex of their pyramidal crest. Here, within the screens of imaging the metamorphosis, the separate higher selves bubble forth to combine in Omniscient Bliss. The witnesses of the delivery of Omnipresent Peace sits in the amphitheater on the south western slope of Mount Scopus. By being present, they participate fully in this symphony of consonant melody of the spheres, conducted by the Son of Man. He stands erect above the eagle's eye and spreads out wings, with the gesture of hallowing victory. He is beyond the drama of history; by obliterating aggressive tendencies, he mastered the celestial harmony.

10. Tif'eret (Grace) over Yesod (Foundation)

From his concurrent focus beneath the Rock springs the pure fountain of the original source of growth, nourishing the organic labyrinth on the slopes of the ancient city's walls. The essential substance, secreted, seeps through the cracked crusts of history's sediment, penetrates to the subterranean roots of the Living Tree, which grounded in tangible reality grows in a bond of amity and is fecund with fruits of reciprocity. The moisture oozing from the underground nourishes the fertile fields then flows to revitalize the Dead Sea.

The Two Angels ( Binah and Hokhmah over Da'at)

Vaporized in the glow of the purple dusk, the moisture distills in the ultramarine firmament which vanishes into indigo black. The void beyond the framed space is meshed in an unfolding network of the interwoven wings of the diametrical red and blue angels. The magnetized web is engulfed by the sap of the wish fulfilling tree, which distributes its fluid through seven branches which biturate (?) into additional delicate branches to the budding constellation of 45 light seeds, (the Kabbalistic number for the restored Adam).

The counter poised bodies of the complementary female/male angels, stimulated to higher green - blue - violet octaves, spiral up from the amber colored soil. Boosted from underneath, they raise their invigorated wings which inter lace over the edges (of the painting). With multiple countenance they contemplate each other's core of being.

11. Keter ( Crown) of Binah (Understanding)

With their gossamer limbs entwined they shield the apex of the celestial dome, formed in symbolic union of the hexagon star, the crescent and the cross. The symbols of the three major religions that evolved from this ancestral soil are superimposed within each other equally, their union showing the relinquishing of each other's assumed monopoly over truth. It is a metaphor of a new covenant, which aspires to blend with the sweet ambrosia of the heavenly web of light. The spiraling incense ascends from sacrificial pyres at the four corners of the base of the celestial Templeship's support, enveloped in the ascending smoke.

12. Hesed (Compassion) with Din (Justice) in Yesod (Foundation)

Ignited by ardent God-sent desire that flares in a moment of truth of the brandished blade, the angel of compassion arrests its' stroke in mid-air, not letting the father shed his son's blood. This straightforward Patriarch believed it to be willed from on high, to prove his total devotion to the Primal Cause, called God.

13. Binah (Understanding) in Netzah (Eternity)

The rabbi reading from the Torah the story of this crucial prevention of sacrificing innocent life shows the correlation between the written word and the vision revealed now, just as the sword is welded into a plow.

14. Hesed (Compassion) in the Hod (Glory) of Malchut (Kingdom)

Even the forgotten old souls respond at hearing this news. Leaving their graves relieved, they rise at the peacocks squall, as it spreads its splendor gracefully over their stony beds. In the new light they loosen and discard their gloomy and prejudiced past inclinations. The ground work of this transformation to new life has been laid by all nations that symbolically built a 12 domed shrine in the garden of Getshemane which is literary nourished by the decayed graves trampled dust.

15. Hod (Reverberation) of Wisdom

The solemn law giver arrives from the opposite shore of the Dead Sea via a detour from the south (through Hebron Road) and stops his entourage above the valley of King David's city. He has traversed and passed over the wilderness for 4000 years of loneliness, ever carrying the Holy ark. This containers' design is carried out now in a fresh pattern. The previous precious metal cast cherubs are here abstracted as dynamic blue red interlaced hearts coupled in complementary flux.

16. Hod ( Glory) of Hesed (Mercy) in Gevurah (Courage)

Halting his horse at the southern cliff of the Visionaries's Mount, the Desert Dreamer Warrior, the fiery inducer of true faith witnesses the future of his prophecy actualized on a grand scale as all nations unite in one sincere prayer singing the song of peace. Close to the gleaming cupolas of the Russian Orthodox Church, dedicated to the Redeemer's lover - the atoned Mary Magdalene, he sits on his footstool, hidden behind the foliage of the oleander, the sheik with his hubble bubble pipe (called Nargila in the Middle East). Relaxed in view of the second coming, he regards with an accepting smile the resting envisioner of this post-historic pageant.

17. Hod (Glory) and Netzah (Eternity)

The visionary recuperates now under the shade of the ancient olive tree, lying on the occult formation of the tree of life that underlies all organic structures & dimensions of the mind. In reverie, lulled by the celestial music, immersed in other spheres, he dreams in parables of yearning for the ultimate merging with the Beloved.

Near him natives of various types are present, savoring the moment of the splendid vision of the open Gate of Mercy, sits the beggars wife gratefully; the devoted youth of Palestine prostates himself in front of the radiant scope of creative cooperation; and the kind Samaritan elders give blessing to the farsighted prescience which transforms violent energy into resourceful creativity.

The miniature rider on a white ass peacefully approaches the Damascus Gate. The whirling soul of Elijah pacifies revolutionaries and conservatives, and disarms defenses and counterattacks.

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