Yerushalayim Alpayim (Jerusalem 2000) Epiphany
Coming of Age in the Millennium

Renewing the living diversity of the Biosphere
through the spirit of peace and restoration.

Healing Judaism, Christianity and Islam
through the cooperative vision of the Feminine.

A celebration by women and men of like spirit
for the restoration of world peace in the new millennium, to
draw down the Holy Spirit of the Shekinah (Sakina)
through the cooperative vision of the Feminine
for the oneness of Life within the diversity of traditions.
- Epiphany 2000.

A Spiritual Empowerment, A Wisdom Conference, A Music Festival

Restoring the Biosphere
Realizing Social Justice and Respect
between the Genders and amongst Cultures

The Descent from the Cross in the Evocation
detail of "the Heavenly Jerusalem" by Hannah Omer
Hannah Omer: Jerusalem and the Shekhinah revealed in visionary Art.

The SH'KHINA PASSION is three things:

  1. An empowerment ceremony in which we all call down the Shekinah together.
  2. A music festival celebrating peace within cultural diversity.
  3. A conference devoted to Wisdom.

Invocation: Calling upon the Shekina with the voice of at-one-ment.
Assuming responsibility for biodiversity - the immortal living garment of majesty.

Music Festival: Canticle of Canticles the song of peace within diversity.
Singers of the Passion, of the hurricane and of the flood. Singers of Peace.

Wisdom Conference: To invite all the great female spiritual scholars and writers, particularly including those from the three paths of the Book to invoke and empower the spirit of Wisdom in the 21st century. Surely Wisdom should be celebrated in this way - a tradition of questioning, peer scrutiny and respect of creative opinion.

Contact: Yitzhak Hayutman
in cooperation with: Chris King
This event will require massive help and cooperation. Please E-mail us offers of support.

Sabbatical Values of the Sh'khina Passion:
Spiritual, Cultural and Ecological

  1. Hesed - Bringing the Spirit of Peace and at-one-ment to Israel Palestine and the World.
    (to redeem the ancient visionary Hope).
  2. Gevurah - Coming of Age in the Universe: Conceiving the new millennium
    in a spirit of World Peace and natural restoration.
    (to foster effective long-term disarmament and survival).
  3. Tifferet - Healing the three rivers of Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the fourth river of natural spirituality in the realization of the Holy Spirit, Shekinah, or Sakina.
    (to heal the three paths in the one indwelling spirit).
  4. Netzah - Bringing Jesus Down from The Cross to end the Pangs of the Messiah.
    (to stem the blood of violent martyrdom, sacrifice, inquisition and holocaust).
  5. Hod - Song of Songs: Celebrating cultural tradition in musical diversity
    in respect for the diversity of Life itself.
    (to promote inter-faith and inter-cultural respect).
  6. Yesod - Consummating the Fall from Eden by restoring the Tree of Life to the World.
    (to fertilize the practical restoration of the biosphere).
  7. Malkhut - Empowering the Feminine spirit of healing Wisdom
    in the ancient capital of the patriarchs.
    (to restore the lost respect between the genders).