Appendix "D"

Redemptive Scenario for the HEJERA

In the following, one "redemptive scenario" is outlined. It is just a very particular demonstration of the application of the principles discussed so far - and a rather fancy one, given from the perspective of a few decades into the future. Other, more detailed and grounded scenarios can be developed.

1. The HEJERA Design
2. The New Jerusalem in Action

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1 The HEJERA Design:

The publication of improved versions of this outline of Yahadut by the Academy of Jerusalem spawned interest in various circles, notably among dramatists and designers of computer games. The various HEJERA Shows and the initial computerized HEJERA Games gradually increased the constituency and the Messaye'as to several scores of thousands of very able people around the world, including hundreds of Palestinian Arabs, and financial resources which allowed the launching of the HEJERA venture.

The HEJERA corporation was registered in Wall Street to issue its 12 "tribal" types of stocks, sold to people who wanted to identify with the New Israel and become the builders of the New Jerusalem. The corporation proceeded to buy up real estate in, and to contract to execute the services of the governments and authorities that have jurisdiction over the whole Land of Israel (the State of Israel, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and possibly a Palestinian State/authority) and to produce the HEJERA Games and kindred software and virtual equipment.

Among the buyers of the HEJERA stocks were Freemason lodges worldwide which were looking for a new context for doing their charitable work which allowed the possibility of accomplishing their historic avowed aim - to build the Temple of Jerusalem for the benefit of all humankind. Other prominent groups were of Fundamentalist Christians and of investment houses in the Gulf States.

Though many of the initial investors did it out of ideological rather than commercial calculations, enough investment capital was generated to produce a variety of first rate programs and games on CD-ROM interactive multi-media shows to tap the huge world markets for training and spiritual development programs. The brand games, however, used the specific history of Jerusalem for complex political and spiritual role-playing games, so that people could play out all the issues of Jerusalem and bring them to extreme situations and sometimes to glorious resolutions. Special pilgrimage journeys were held for people from the whole world who had trained upon the HEJERA facilities for co-creators and now came to Israel and to Jerusalem to do their finals.

With rising revenues and added members-investors, the HEJERA was growing into a global corporation with an intricate ownership structure based on the Biblical stipulation for the inheritance of the Tribes of Israel and the Jubilee law for a periodic New Deal. At that stage, a share was held also for each resident of the whole land, citizens of each of the sovereign states in the land and those who can validly claim to belong to them. As the HEJERA sales increased and the value of the HEJERA stocks rose, many of the people of these countries asked for their shares. They enjoyed a substantial added income, which for some of the poor people was their only income. The beautifully printed and personalized HEJERA share-participation certificates became a standard framed exhibit in both Ramat Aviv Penthouses and refugee camp hovels, where they represented the best hope for change.

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2. The New Jerusalem in Action:

With growing success of the HEJERA products, growing value of the stocks and growing membership, the board of the HEJERA (which by then included most of the decision makers in the relevant states anyway) made the ultimate bid - to build their central facility, the Temple of the Elect (Beit haBehirah) as a giant cube, called also the New Jerusalem, astride the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, above its existing structures 12.

Eventually the bid was accepted, even at no cost apart from revenuesharing, and the New Jerusalem facility was built as a global spiritual service station or womb, a cellular matrix of individual cubicals for personal transformation and joint arena for theophany (encountering God). Each month now, some twelve thousand people are processed by the HEJERA Process, a 144,000 strong Messianic New Israel each year. These universal-Zionist pioneers sacrifice their material possessions and self-centered aspirations to form new world-wide distributed communities or "tribes" (.e.g, "The Menashe of the Year 5,890") that serve the world in the particular coherent joint way that was revealed to them on that occasion. With the "Christalization" of this new leadership factor within humankind, all world crises are expected soon to be overcome, the perversion of the Tree of Knowledge to be averted, and plenitude and peace on Earth are being assured as the Cosmic Shabbat is about to enter.

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