Comment on Yitzhak Khayut Man’s ‘Cybernetic Basis’… and generally

I find this work awesome and amazing, like a document from a higher world, bare imaginable. Yitzhak and Gordon Pask to me are god-like figures of genius but they might as well be speaking Finnish for all that I can understand their gist. Nevertheless I am very proud, though unworthy, to be associated with them and the other good souls of the Academy of Jerusalem.

Yitzhak inspired me with his magnificent, generous-hearted vision of the new Zionism, all-inclusive as an image of the prophesied re-gathering of the 12 Tribes (the same as Jesus intended, it seems). As a symbol of the re-ordering of the world according to the divine pre-existing pattern, this is second to –none –the real thing. Yitzhak has everything right about Jerusalem, from its very name to its historical and prophesied function as a catalyst for transformation. I see no need for a computer in this work-though I defer to those who do. Everyone should read again the glorious all-inclusive vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem in the final chapters of St. John’s Revelation. Someone at our last meeting objected that it was a Christian book. My God! When you are smitten with a full scale vision of Divinity and the divine plan, you do not ask if it is a Christian vision or a Jewish vision or whatever. And when it comes to expressing that vision, you use the language of apocalyptic symbolism –if you know what you are doing, as St. John did. It is a universal language, and the fact that prophets have to give expression in terms of their own kind and culture is as superficial as a person’s accent. St. John, the Prophet Daniel, Plato and other true, educated, initiated seers all use the same conventional symbolism to describe the vision of the ideal, and they all describe the same thing according to their various casts of mind. Behind it is the same universal code of knowledge, numerically based but best expressed through music and form –and the balance of the mind. It is that code and the divine philosophy engendered from it that should be studied at the Academy.

The most important thing we must realize, to avoid self-pride, is that the Heavenly Jerusalem is not first made, but first invoked. It is a revelation, not a product of brains. Of course, as we know from philosophy, revelation comes when we need it and work for it. I have no recipe for this, so cannot criticize anyone who is inspired to do the invocation in any way they think best - including cybernetics.

With admiration, best wishes and love to all friends and colleagues in the Academy of Jerusalem.

John Michell