The Tribe of Judah & The House of Joseph

Painted by the Artist Leon Saponar.

Comments on the Pictures

The picture of Judah (in the East) represents him as the leader who leads the Children of Israel since the Exodus from Egypt thousands of years ago, but who is frozen within a box (cube-Ka'aba) which is potentially capable of holding and coordinating many worlds, nevertheless constraining him. Within this cubic box, the various levels of his soul are being kept - the animal soul-Nefesh (the Ram-Aries of the month of Nissan), the generous spirit-Rua'h (the Lion of Judah) and the divine soul-Neshamah.  However, their tremendous vitality is frozen, and only the daring feminine influence (Tamar and Ruth in the picture) does indeed penetrate and leads to the melting of his frozen state.

Facing from the West, he is being joinedby "The House of Joseph" or Ephraim (whom many identify as the Western Christian nations), whose figure is still being formed. First, the hands are protruding ("and the hands are the hands of Esau") with the Ten fingers corresponding to the Ten Tribes. The knights are assembling to the cubical Tabernacle of Peace and Reconciliation upon the Whole Israel, and their desire for the Shekhinah ("Rachel") are constituting forming the head of Joseph and the darling son, where the fertility symbols identifies him as Ben Porat Yoseph - ("the added son of fertility").

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