The Academy of Jerusalem

The Methodolgy of Pattern

Julius Stulman

A Creative Approach

To resolve a problem with integrity, one should first attempt to pull together all the currently recognized facts and factors with regard to a given subject matter and in doing so acknowledge that it is impossible, with the onrushing flow of knowledge, for one individual operating in limited disciplines to gather all the facts or, for that matter, even a fraction in one lifetime, one language, one culture, never mind the large percentage of yet unknown factors. Even if they could be gathered, one would have to ask how qualified he would be to begin to understand them. One would have to conclude that in truth he didn’t have very much and would be incapable of finding the best answers in today’s scene. With integrity, he would be compelled to acknowledge that, at best, he could interpret-evaluate-what has been gathered so as to get to some direction-then throw it all into the hopper of one’s largely subliminal system, looking hopefully for a creative Eureka resolution. The World Institute, bringing the maximization of mankind’s knowledge in constant flow, is capable of catalyzing the growing wholeness of man to emergent abilities that could bring to the fore a continuing flow of creative abilities, where the genius recognition of today would become the norm of tomorrow.

He Who Is Prepared

“…While this understanding is beyond our present comprehension, in every generation, in every nation, and in every group of men some individuals develop an apparent sensitivity that can align itself with integrative forces that do exist and are able to receive and interpret conclusions on such problems on which they focus their attention and with such accuracy as to be almost incredible, especially to that mind which has been so largely involved with the fixed relational.

“We should, therefore, not attempt to solve our problem in the light of our own time, our country, it customs or viewpoints, our own ambition; but we should look at it in a manner cognizant of more unanswered equations than calculable facts, first obtaining the known factors pertaining to the equation in the light of the attainment desired, and then seeking guidance by that inexplicable reaction that indicates to us correctness of direction, or its error. Only then could we come to know the answer to a degree in accordance with the principle: HE WHO IS PREPARED RECEIVES TO THE “EXACT” DEGREE OF INDIVIDUAL PREPARATION.”

Those who evolve to a growing wholeness, a comprehensive creative understanding, must be prepared for criticism from the Establishment, with feelings of guilt in their accomplishments, as though they were not entitled to them because they didn’t run the gauntlet of status symbols, security patterns, easy communication requirements, leadership dominance, which the ignorance of our time subtly imposes.

To grasp comprehensively what one is trying to express lies in the direction of searching in process, for truth must have no limiting factor, no conventional evaluation, nor can it be fractionalized. It rather expresses itself in rhythmic irregular pulsating reference frames, in continuum and renewal, resonating recognition among its associations--recall, reason and the comprehended subliminal.

A comprehensive reality cannot be fully grasped or specifically identified or symbolized by any one individual, except through the feedback processes of mankind and the universe.

Reality is interrelated in complex integrated processes and communicates to mankind through those whose image can reflect it.

The search for truth is the essence, is the only reality.

Poetry certainly comes close to expressing this in word symbols.

However, ultimately we will find that it is the INTELLIGENCE of the force fields of the basic particles involved in a “Methodology of Pattern” that will best inform us.



In truth, there are no facts. All things are transitory and limited to the observations of our ignorance. Single existences or acts have no relevance in and of themselves. We call those things fact that are labeled fixed relational or observable in interrelated processes-- verifiable scientific constructs. However, we do recognize that they more nearly exist in what we call fields within systems within systems, subject to constant and multiple feedback changes. Nevertheless, these so-called facts, of whatever nature, need to be grouped to establish a cohesive relationship to other such groups. An assemblage of facts or ideas that is adjusted and regulated to form a connected whole in a system. A system is a total working unit, feeding back relational values that would not otherwise exist to each of its segments. The concepts that concern us have to do with systems of ideas, attitudes and processes that are so organized. A system, as it is used here, is a limited frame of reference, a pattern.



Since a frame of reference loosely unifies a pattern structure in a so-called system, the relation of one system to another takes place through an organization of multiple reference frames of a larger whole. This greater organization creates environmental feedback in a social structure of specific characteristics, born of an uncertain history, geographic and cultural concerns, and having influence upon a person, family, clan, tribe or nation. Within an area of known boundaries, this organization of systems allows orientation and adjusts to a balanced empiric security, limited and different to the individual and the multicultures of mankind. The constant urge of man is toward greater integrations and wholeness. It establishes a hierarchy of values, a necessary leadership factor, a club, the king, the dominant system. From this pinnacle there is a feeding back from the higher to the lower to maintain an acquired balance, by subtle inculcation, custom, force. Man believes his particular leadership gives him the best security, the best system which he maintains by might, right or “the grace of God,” which lends itself to the manipulation of ethical conduct. He is threatened by the other, that of which he is ignorant, not oriented to. Therefore, history is replete with conflicts arising from systems trying to integrate into larger wholes, extensions of self, and attempts to defend or conquer rival organizations that are compelled to reject invasion for lack of proper orientation.



Behind these conflicts of systems is the relentless drive to continually expand the consciousness of man. Once it is realized that all hierarchical organizations are based illusory concept of maintained value, all such systems, no matter how powerful, much change. We live in irregular pulsating reference frames, consistently changing new feedback values to their contents. All reference frames, no matter how they are grouped, must be seen as blending into one another to form ever larger contexts with variable boundaries. Only this conception will allow for a new synthesis. We must discover the impinging forces of a man’s security-seeking and growth processes and, from these, synthesize orientation feedbacks of common denominator influences, acceptable to all mankind. It is not that the whole is necessarily greater then some of it’s parts, but that the multiple forces are adjusting constantly, being catalyzed for new metamorphical changes, each adjusting to its concern in the urge towards larger securities with greater integrations. It is therefore, only within a growing organization of irregularly pulsating reference frames that the creative process can be freed for man and mankind.



This new synthesis changes all fixed systems into an interrelated field with ever-changing, pulsating boundaries, constantly feeding and adjusting to a greater whole.

Field concepts must take the place of the single, single-to-multiple, or multiple-to-singular systems. Within the field concept the relationship between the interpenetrating frames of reference takes the place of fixed system groups. From this field comes a continual stream of change. All earlier positions are transformed to conform to totally newconfigurations within the field. It is noa question of expansion or regrouping. From this process comes the capacity to create new resources.

We must now learn to live in change itself, become part of its system, move away from oversimplified reactions of our adventures, appreciate the in-depth complexity of our individual pulsating interrelationship with mankind and universal feedback, all intricately involved beyond our present ability to easily comprehend. The methodology we propose greatly enhances our ability to grasp field relationships in a METHODOLOGY OF PATTERN whereby we can become increasingly aware of our multiple-to-multiple relationships. We learn that we are systems within systems, fields within fields. No man can any longer exist as a fixed and isolated factor. No group of men, no nation or group of nations can be allowed the illusion of separateness within a hard-edged boundary. Within the creative metamorphosis of field phenomena man becomes integral with mankind and the intelligence of the universe. No fixed boundary can be maintained within the total field.

The interrelatedness of field processes creates a new moral imperative. Man can no longer live within accepted false structures, but of limited understanding, that allows secrecy to be considered a virtue, thus encouraging a lack of integration, of integrity; that maintain separateness that does not allow for easy relationship between the system that is man and the species that is mankind. It requires a relationship which influences, subtly and overtly, adherent to the natural requirement of a balanced community to retain a freeze an already established stage of progress from retrogressing, against which the genius of an idea must fight to go forward, constantly struggling through gestation periods of orientation in preparation for continued metamorphical change.

Any point in the creative process capable of producing new feedback values, helping to implement to new ideas and/or greater distribution systems, can be a beginning point which can antiquate fixed relational positions, thereby giving an equal opportunity to all peoples to participate in the newly created adventures on a world reference frames of value basis. The world institute, a new leadership force, will bring into play new natural laws that become operative in the feedback of a mankind body. This new knowledge resource, created by man himself--feeding back to man in systems solutions in an organismic sense, in flow an feedback, maximizing man’s total knowledge process in constant metamorphical changes; creating new values that contribute toward continued solutions to mankind problems-belongs therefore to all mankind.



Man soon learned the leadership force field of stick to club, spoke to hub, two wheel; wheel to wheelbarrow, wheels to cart, wagon and continued wheel combinations-each dominant position feeding back new integrated value to its earlier parts and feeding forward to new leadership factors through system, organization, synthesis.

The wagon, having a value content, a destination, moves on a highway (a metamorphosis), leading to continued metamorphical changes-transportation to the missile. Any stoppage in continued integrated development creates accumulation, piles of sticks, wheels, wagons, all of which are singular, materially oriented, and not enhanced by in process value-related feedback.

Thus we move from singular to system, to organization, to synthesis, to metamorphosis, in ever changing value relationships of each of the parts, in feedback and flow forward continuum of new metamorphical developments-from the wheel to communication systems, from science technology to interplay to the leadership of the hydrogen force (whose frightening dominance offers great feedback potentials but also insecurity, frustration, chaos to the earlier organizations and their parts).

The sword of Damocles hangs over us all.

It is compelling urgent to recognize that we have entered a new epoch. To continue to go forward we need a noncoercive leadership force capable of orienting all earlier values toward a continued growth and development, to further integrations of in balanced relationships, renewal and continuum, adequate to the dominant threats of hydrogen abilities. It must be acceptable to mankind, from the developed to the developing nations, from the so called literate to the illiterate, to man of every geographic climate and ask of no changes of any kind except through the loyalties that its successful administration earns. It must be capable of bringing greater abilities than ever possible in the past to man and mankind. It must be able to create new value systems-resources that seemingly did not exist before-to be implemented at this stage of acceptance ability, and capable of increasing the sophistication of these stages. It should help man find his continued personal growth and freedom and self-respect within a growing world culture and compelling ethical climate.

While one thrust of the field theory branch terminates the Material Age, the other ushers in the opportunities of the Era of Ideas; its markings are upon those yet in the womb of mankind, waiting to be heard. We must recognize and help its emergence, for it has the potentials not only for our survival, but for meaningful direction of mankind’s continued evolution.

Man can no longer juggle a thousand red balls-no matter how dexterously, dramatically or cleverly they are played, beginning the plaudits of his peers-himself on the verge of exhaustion. He can no longer continue to manipulate his thing-oriented concepts, consuming his life in the training of their inadequate skills. Evermore possessions, more accumulation of the singular-one more ball and still another-he will totally collapse. What is called for is an understanding that man is part of the system of the movement itself. He needs an awakening to new beginning points. He must understand synthesis-metamorphosis. No longer can he operate in linear fashion or oversimplified understandings of himself in relation to his possessions. He can no longer view himself as a single-to-multiple manipulation, but has to understand that he is a multiple himself within the interplay of multiple systems.

With this understanding, man can go forward. He can now handle a thousand balls and many more, for they have become not singular any longer, nor are they red. They have acquired a new interpretation, a new evaluation, interrelated in meaningful systems, in total involvement in a metamorphosis of the new methodology and he, too, part of the total.

We must in this new era, organize or intellectual, material and spiritual resources, to produce a flow of creative change for our survival in continued freedom, and not produce enslavement unwittingly in the name of freedom. We can accomplish this by the establishment of “Methodology” proposed, capable of maximizing our potentials, setting in motion a chain reaction, involving thus a brain organism, which is constantly growing, adjusting, maximizing mankind’s advancing abilities, and created by man himself, who will become increasingly aware of the need for a developing comprehension toward wholeness in a world whose cultural, ethical climate serves them best.

In this interplay, man will develop more conditioned to comprehend the intelligence of the universe, as the road of the creative process leads to spiritual development, he himself becoming metamorphosized in the continuum of evolution.


Man-Mankind-The Universe

All through history there have been prophets of one kind or another who have tried to overcome the cultures of singularly oriented development to reach the truth they sensed within themselves in the largely subliminal common denominator of mankind-the submerged portion of the iceberg. They attempted to bridge over the empiric peaks, with too great an emphasis on conscious recall, striving to reach the inner pulsing system of man’s greater intelligence, to help bring a fusion of comprehension and understanding, meaning and wisdom to the affairs of men, but this road has been relatively ineffective, because man not adbring about the satisfaction of his demanding urges in comprehensive growth without personal, integrated, continued development.

In this new epoch we require an enhanced ability, the growth of new beginning points to continue our evolution, not born strictly of inductive processes, nor of the feedback influences from slow-moving relational reference frames, but rather a methodology in which change is so rapid as to be the constant factor itself. This does not call for the engineering of a new singular structure to cope with it. It demands that man himself become the metamorphosized product, that he himself develop comprehensive abilities adequately to handle this constant flow of rapid reference framal changes, or it will ultimately destroy him.

Earlier attempts to resolve the problems had, in a sense, the same thing in common: an attempt to break away from inadequate leadership feedback of the demanding frozen peaks of their time. The cry of oncoming generations against mounting competition and the burdens of a thing-oriented society should be properly appraised. After all, one should be able to live life fully, at all times with a sense of purpose and accomplishment and not view with anxiety the competitive struggle out of all reason. We should be cautioned not to be too critical of the protesting generation. It means to inform us. Our present leaders have been unresponsive to the cyclical movement of civilization and not adequately aware of the opportunities that could serve them best; nor have they sufficiently regarded the needs of oncoming generations. If man viewed his problems with a responsible integration, we would not have brought about the environmental difficulties we have today. The morality of self, resonating universal integrity, “pulses” mankind in nature toward continued evolution. Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government have been largely uncreative and self-defeating. They could effectively operate in an integrated self-regulatory field of common interests. Big Business, which deserves credit for its accomplishments, has failed itself in the need to continue evolving away from a repetition of earlier necessary success patterns, largely dedicated to limited stockholder views, for if they matured with a sense of moral responsibility, they would find themselves far more secure and successful for stockholder concerns. They could bring into being, through creative methods, new distribution systems and the application of the best of science-technology to produce ever-greater quantities of quality goods, more acceptable, at lower prices, to more consumers than they thought possible, with far greater net returns than any they have heretofore accomplished. They would be well counseled to better understand the Sabbath of our years, the day of synthesis, for it is indeed practical to seek meaning and value through further integrations with insight and move away from accumulation of the limiting singular which is basically unethical—to the fusion of a proper end product beneficial to everyone—the living of a meaningful life.

The methodology of the creative process is indeed a new organism, which feeds back to total man in an integrated manner the full impact of the very best of man’s science-technology systems. It is a new resource, enabling man to continue growing in a normal sense with comprehensive understanding, without neglecting his cerebral contributions, capable of cutting through and bridging over the cumulative errors of the past and bringing us forward in strength by a new compelling approach. This new leadership force can become a rallying point, bringing order out of chaos by helping the whole man to go forward, not backward, to find himself.

The methodology is so revolutionary that word-symbols to communicate the observations of an organismic feedback of multiple, cross-catalytic dimensions are incapable of being sufficiently grasped by those singularly oriented, by slow-moving, fixed relational feedbacks. We would be incapable of understanding them by our present methods, even if we were at the peak knowledgeability of all the disciplines and lived many lifetimes, for the constant flow of maximization of the world’s knowledge, handled cross-catalytically and fed back in new value relationships to all of its parts, themselves in process and change, requires a Comprehension to grasp with consistency of meaningful knowing this pulsing, new, dynamic, organismic ability to experience continuous metamorphical renewal.