Background and Making of the Joint Journey Poster

The Quest for Heavenly Jerusalem

The Templeship of the Omnipresent One

A Peace Mandala


written by Hannah Omer


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This picture (the Joint Journey Poster) is the result of collaboration between an artist and a cyber-architect contemplating together the perennial quest for the Heavenly Jerusalem (also "the New Jerusalem" of the Book of Revelation). It also forms a game board for a Quest game of entering this enchanted journey.

The composition of the picture is based on the structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on vertical axis from Kingdom (malkhut) of the physical world to Crown ( keter) of the supernal divine worlds.

In the centre is a cube seen as a hexagon, a simple formation in splendid complexity. This is a virtual reality or "impossible object", beyond rational conception. It represents the concept of the Temple, ever present in humanity's yearning for the ultimate meeting place with the Beloved. We will refer to this dynamic vessel as "the Templeship" (both the quality of the Temple and an inter-space-ship) also known as the merkavah, the term the prophet Ezekiel used to describe the abode of the dynamic Divine force in the higher worlds. This merkavah contains many abodes of light in all its hues and tones, moving as blood in the heart around the central cell, which is itself beyond movement in a state of transcendent peace.

From the base of the ship descend twelve beams of light, forming a circle around the stone walls of the earthly Jerusalem (yesod). These twelve beams of light represent the twelve tribes of Israel, which in the picture are celebrating their return at the time of the Redemption. They ascend to the merkavahTempleship by synchronizing their thought forms according to laws of analogies, while dwelling in the heart.

The merkavah is propelled by the knowledge of the common heritage of all creation, which is imprinted in the double helix of the DNA-like chains on both sides of the cube. These DNA chains loop around the sun and the moon, reverberating in Eternity (netzah and hod ). In another dimension, their channels, through which the code passes, are seen as the merkavah's cells.

Their message is received as sounds, symbols, images, and stories in all the hues of human experience. These form the ground of New Understanding, which supports the feet of the Brothers pictured above the cube. The brother in spirit join arms around the compassionate, gentle Master brain, which contains the Whole Human. Their hearts contain the utterance of their Beloved's mouth. This feminine manifestation of the Divine ( Shekhinah) is portrayed as a face, which in turn dwells in the knowledge (daat) of Her Beloved, the body which encompasses Her. Her eyes lift His wings of perception. She is listening to stories of His loving kindness and courage (hesed and gevurah), which form a halo of light bubbles around his face. The insight of each Divine aspect is enlightened with wisdom (hokhma and binah). The crown of the head ( keter ) is invisibly merging with the cord of flame which forms of the four letters of the Ineffable Name of God, descending from even higher worlds.

Below the merkava spreads the Kingdom ( malkhut) of the physical world, populated by diverse pilgrims searching for their spiritual home. In their yearnings to dwell with the Beloved in holiness, they built many temples of stone, enclosing spaces for an atmosphere conducive to devotion, in order to ensure his presence.

Four aspirants facing Jerusalem can be seen in the lower quadrant of the picture. On the left, the spirit of the North seas and forests levitates with hands in prayer. He wears a magic ring bearing a precious stone created from beyond the laws of matter. Toward the centre, we see the heir to the cultural heritage of Europe, a conscious amalgamate of his Jewish, Christian, Druidic, and Moslem forebears. With the moon in his hand, he renews his quest to see the Ultimate Reality. On the bottom right, from the sand wastes of Africa, emerges the noble Prince of intuition. He greets the world while listening to the beat of a faraway drumming heart. On the right, we see the Queen, bedecked with precious stones around her black beauty. Her heart is turned in passion toward the King of Wisdom in Jerusalem.

At the bottom middle, a fifth being is visible: a human child named Tom , meaning innocence or simple perfection. He upholds the pillars of the world; the butterfly of freedom rests in his hand.

The Kingdom of all states is entered here from the West, from the New World, through the Straits of Gibraltar. The continents are spread around the Mediterranean Sea, Africa to the right, Europe to the left, and Asia in the background. At the horizon emerge the heights of the Far East. A saint of India bestows his blessing. A new shrine is raised in Japan.

The earth is etched by rivers, fed from the heavens, feeding the seas. Along the rivers, the Pilgrim encounters a multitude of monuments, devised by the human yearning for Beauty dwelling in one-pointedness. These are resting places on his way to the circle of the Peace lovers, the perfect Truth. On his journey, he resolves old bonds, hurts, and ignorance; he reclaims forbidden lands; he finds a welcoming home in unexpected places; he renounces the restrictive boundaries of his false self; he expands to a dimension beyond the physical.

Above the physical plane, I painted myself on a virtual flying carpet, heading toward the light.

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