Richard Gardner - Tammo de Jongh

The Twelve Faces of Humankind

Richard Gardner's The Purpose of Love

'The Purpose of Love' by John Gardner, is an inspired and prophetic work intended to raise human consciousness through mutual acceptance and co-operation on the personal, inter-personal and universal level. Once this comes about, life in its wholeness is embraced and death is defeated. In a wise and gentle manner, Gardner creates a framework that gradually motivates our higher instincts so that we are able to allow the more subtle and dormant nature within us come to fore, creating a balance of psychic influence that will herald the New Age. After a comprehensive study of the four elements and their inter- acting relationships, he introduces twelve prototypes that together encompass a unified conciousness, functioning as one realized body. The twelve compliment and enhance each other even in their differences, and include the whole spectrum of human nature, hidden and realized, that is the key to freedom and immortality.
Working together with the artist Tammo de Jongh, Gardner has developed a magical circle of the mind. It is a workable representation of the twelve archetypes, delineating and receiving influence from the inter-relationship and gradual phasing of the of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The center is where all attributes may be recognized, welcomed and assimilated into an integrated whole, bringing into being a complete and realized nature that utilizes freely our godlike potential in its twelve inter-acting faces. The symbiotic interfacing of these attributes, absorbed and reconciled into an inclusive and cognant whole, is the hope of mankind and realizes the evolutionary potential within us that awaits our awakening.

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The Fool
Fire and Water

The Actress
Water and Fire

The Observer
Air and Earth

The Old Woman
Earth and Air

The Warrior
Fire and Earth

The Slave
Earth and Fire

The Child
Water and Air

The Patriarch
Air and Water

The Logician
Air and Fire

The Joker
Fire and Air

The Enchantress
Water and Earth

Mother Nature
Earth and Water

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