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972-2- 654-0135 Box # 7173

P.O. Box 996
Old City, Jerusalem
91000 Israel


Hesed and Amet

Lovingkindness and Truth my specialty

  • Internationally Known Speaker and Lecturer and Author. Self Help through Torah and Psychology. Classes in controlling anger and finding Joy. Now living and working in Israel.

  • Teacher of JEWISH REBIRTHING- Finding yourself through the Breath. Dealing with Childhood trauma and Past Lives.

  • Available for individual, family, business, success, joy and personal counseling by appointment. If you are being held back in your life by your own limitations isn't it time to become the you that you are capable of being? Remember, it only takes a moment to change your life. Learn to have all the joy in your life that you deserve!!!


  • January 1996 to present:

    Teaching and studying and writing in Israel. Torah is the name of the game in Israel, with 3,500 years of mystics and scholars interpreting G-d's word. There are great masters here to interpret Spirituality.

  • 1988 to 1996

    Ran a successful holistic counciling and business practice in California and Canada. Dealt with family, business and holistic issues. Had a business and psychology column in several newspapers on a weekly basis. Gave talks and lectures throughout the Western United States.

  • 1981-1988

    Lived and Studied with spiritual masters in California, regarded mediation and rebirthing. Among teachers were Lenord Orr and Tim Heath.

  • Born l/2/69 in British Virgin Islands. Grandson of Orthodox Rabbi on father's side and Holocaust survivor on mother's side.


  • 1986 B.S. in Journalism form University of California.

  • 1989 P.H.D. in Psychology and Business from University of California and Universty of San Diego, Business School (Jointly earned degree).

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