Psalm Paintings

by Moshe Tzvi Berger

(c) M.T.Berger   All Rights Reserved.



Moshe Tzvi Berger:

Moshe now lives in Jerusalem's Old City after arriving in Israel in 1992. Moshe has studied in Rome and Paris and Exhibited in America, Europe and Israel.

Moshe's Work:

Moshe communicates through seven colors of the spectrum as advised in Jewish esoteric scripture. For 11 years Moshe has painted over 100 paintings depicting the Psalms. Moshe has paintings in permanent exhibition in some interesting places. There are 15 paintings in Jerusalem's City Hall and another in Israel's International Ben Gurion Airport. A gallery of Moshe's paintings was located in Jerusalem's Old City but is presently in renovation. The largest painting Moshe made, located in New York City, stood an amazing 6 stories tall.

Available for order:

Museum of Psalms Catalog :- 16 paintings with explanations, poetry and background comments. The 6 sample paintings shown above are from the catalog.
Cost: $12 (includes postage)

Lithos mat available for each of the 16 paintings in the catalog.
mat size: 35cm * 45cm for $103 (includes postage)


email or write directly to Moshe Tzvi Berger:

1 Hanevel street,
Old City Jerusalem,
Israel, 97500.
Tel. 972 2 6280641
Fax. 972 2 6273889


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