Power Macintosh 8100/80 AV For Sale


Mac OS 8.1
Mac OS 8.1

8100/80 PowerPC

601 PowerPC
PowerPC 601

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For further Details: Call Yoseph at (972 2) 6264494

Owners recommendation:

"For 2 years now, I have applied this combination of hardware, software and office equipment, for creating my Graphic and Internet work ... So can you!"


  Apple Audio/Video card, Ethernet card

  512 MB Hard drive, Stuffit Deluxe software

  40 MB physical RAM, 120 MB RAM with RamDoubler 8

  Mac OS 8.1, Open Transport 1.3, QuickTime 3, etc...

  Page Maker 5, Freehand 5, Word 6 (see "About this computer")

  CD ROM Player and 1.44 MB Floppy Disk SuperDrive

  Apple Extended Keyboard, Mouse, Cables and Manuals


  Apple MultiScan 17" Monitor (Sony Trinitron)

  Iomega Zip Drive, 3 * 100 MB Disks

  Visioneer PaperPort B&W Scanner

  Computer table

  Office chair


  Global Village 33.6K Ext. SpeakerPhone Fax/Modem

  Telephone (Speaker dial), desk clock

  Hundreds of Shareware on Zip disks

  CD ROM's, Software and Books

  Delivery, Setup and tutorial


Asking $2,600 (negotiable)

Email: onehaven@actcom.co.il

Call Yoseph (in Jerusalem 972 2)  6264494

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