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  Eliahu Schwarz

A Short Resume


Born in Germany and came to Israel with his parents in 1933.

Studied at:
the Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem
L-ecole Des Beaux arts
Paris Art Institute New York.

Exhibited at:
Haifa, Jerusalem, Redwood City, Bonn, Krefeld, Offenburg

humorous drawings "to Jerusalem with love" (sold out)
New book "Hear Our Voices - Women at Prayer" (for sale)

Publications in magazines and newspapers in Israel and abroad.

Eliahu Schwarz is the painter of Jerusalem, its streets, market places, hills, rocks and ruins, witnesses of millenia of history. But above all, the faces of its inhabitants. The human landscape. The faces not different from those that peopled the city in the days of king Solomon.


"... the refinement of human sensibilities, the craftsmanship to give it shape and substance, and his endeavours and never ending search for his own truth are what make him a true artist."

J. Nadel

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