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Zionist movement didintend to carry out in the future State an incomparably socially
equitable regime.

Herzl, in the spirit of his generation dreamt about a liberal-capitalist economy that will be
built through modern technology. But those who carried out Herzl's visions were socialist
Zionists, that had dallied with the Russian communist revolution. Today, with the collapse
of communism and the retreat of socialism throughout the whole world, we are left with a
capitalist economy and a clearly cut class division which is also ethnical. The classical
"proletariat" is made of Palestinians and foreign workers, two groups with no civil rights.
One rank higher on the hierarchy are the Israeli Arabs on one hand and the HarediJewish
community on the other.

Let's drop for the time being the foreign workers' question, and examine the status of the
Palestinians, natives of this land from many generations. The issue of the establishment of a
Palestinian State alongside with the State of Israel is an immediate existential problem
pending on us all. The great worry is that such a state, when established, will not overcome
the fears that the two people feel towards each other, and therefore will also not solve the

Can the Jubilee plan be conveyed as an appropriate substitute for the Palestinian State? A
substitute which will be preferable for both national groups?

A solution for such a difficult and desperate problem should, in my view, derive its
legitimacy from an Authority which raises above the normal political arrangements and
diplomatic dealings, an Authority that will be recognized by all parties. The Torah of Israel
is supplied with an Authority, which is accepted by most the Jews in the Land - and
nevertheless not only by them: the Koran too, the holy book of Islam, is backed by the
Torah and acknowledges its validity (see Dr. Asher Eder's paper on the Koran at

If so, let us examine in more detail the Biblical principle of temporal cycles, built on serials
of seven: six days of work and a Sabbath after them, six years of agricultural work and a
(Shemittah) fallow year at their end, seven cycles of Shemittahand a Jubilee at their end.
As noted, at the Jubilee every estate reverts back to its original owners, but further than
that:even if a Hebrew slave he asks to remain with his master, he is automatically released
at the Jubilee. According to the Jubilee principles, it is impossible to keep Israelites under
subjugation (and remember that according to our view "Israelites" include all the residents of
the Land of Israel, regardless of the civil laws in effect in 1998). It is not possible to set
classes of masters and servants, nor possible to concentrate the means of production in the
hands of the few for ever, and therefore not likely to have classes of rich and poor from

In the capitalist world, in fact, there are experiments under way which recall the Jubilee
principles. Forty years ago, "The Capitalist Manifesto" was published in the USA by
Louise Kelso and the philosopher Mortimer Adler. The main principle it brought forth is
the need to give employees shares in the companies they work in. Today the adherents of
the Kelsonian methos, the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) activists work also in
many developing countries, and recently a proposal bearing the spirit of the Jubilee has
come up concerning the economies of the formerly-communist countries. According to this

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