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proposal, a foreign company that invests in a specific country would not gain a permanent
hold on that land. Today's economic feasibility studies are based on the return of capital
within 10-15 years. Economists have no interest in the value of a company after fifty years.
Therefore the investing company would entail no loss by agreeing beforehand that after
fifty years the ownership should revert back to the citizens of the assisted country. From
the viewpoint of the assisted country, the difference is obviously significant. "And the land
should not be sold forever".

The same economics logic is quite well able to solve the most fundamental problem, e.g. the
Land's problem for making peace between Jews and Arabs in Israel. Even if "The Oslo
Process" ran in an ideal manner, it would still have not solved the remnants of the Arab
defeat in 1948 and the feeling of loss of holding over the land.

I assume that the Palestinians - both in a Palestinian state and in their Diaspora - are not
going to forget "Lod and Ramla" (or their former cities in present-day Israel), nor the
injustice they feel has been perpetrated upon them, unless they knew for certain that they
have an equal share in a scheduled redistribution of assets within a foreseeable future. Even
if not they themselves, their grandchildren would return to their homesteads, whatever they
may be on either production or services company.

If they knew that within fifty years they will be eligible to a just redistribution of assets,
the Arabs would be more reconciled towards many things which they cannot accept with
today, neither within their hearts nor publicly. The generation of children and grandchildren,
who will already develop within their inner-self the knowledge of what should take lace in
the next Jubilee year, will be much more open to develop peaceful relations and to
appreciating the assets that they would share in due time.

We may note that what is at stake is not only so-called "real" assets. Israel has also a
tremendous amount of potential assets of intellectual properties, that have been
accumulated for overthousands years through the work of the finest human minds, one of
Israel's assets is it's being the land of the birth of monotheism, "The Holy Land". One does
not need to mention that peace will turn this land into one of the world's primary touristic

Since the traditional idea of the Jubilee is so good, it is perhaps worth wondering as a
conclusion, how come that there is hardly a call among observant Jews to rekindle it? The
answer is that according to the prevailing view of the Halakha(Jewish religious custom),
the Jubilee cannot be restored until the Twelve Tribes reappear. This subject regarding the
restoration of the Twelve Tribes will be reviewed in the next article.

* (This article originally appeared in Hebrew in Hayim AherimNo. 17 (Feb 98), the Israeli
monthly magazine of natural medicine, mysticism and alternative thought).

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