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Pask Gordan Pask archives

Gordan Pask archives of Cybernetics at the site of Paul Pangaro.

menorah The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Where were the First and Second Jewish Temples located?
Highlights Research by Tel Aviv Architect Tuvia Sagiv.

heart Heartnet International

Activating our essential identity is the work of Heartnet International. By shifting awareness to the spiritual identity at our core, we are able to productively govern our physical, mental and emotional states in all their aspects.

king The Genesis of Eden by Chris King

Genesis of Eden is a visionary encyclopedia designed to fill the abyss between science and spirituality and by doing so, to fulfill the prophetic tradition by consummating the Fall from Eden in the restoration of biodiversity - the immortal Garment of majesty.

meru The Meru Foundation

Meru Project findings demonstrate that the relationship between physical theory and consciousness, embryonic growth and self organization was understood and developed by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world. The Meru Project has discovered this geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis.


Additional Links


Old City Pages --Interesting Links About Jerusalem

AUTO-NARCHY - Direct Democracy For the 21st Century

This site proposes a leap into a democracy so participatory as to make all former political systems look like so many varieties of dictatorship. It dares you consider a new alternative to Capitalism\Socialism\Anarchism, a direct democracy running State\Work\Study without representatives of any sort.

Project Mind

The Conscious Conquest of Man and Matter Through Accelerated Thought.

Alexander Chislenko home page

Here you can find many links to various things advanced and frontierish.

World Transformation

Here you will find a cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us.

Har Eitan Makom Shalom

"Turning Swords into Plowshares..." Our non-profit organization plans to transform this abandoned army base into a World-reknowned Educational Center. Also redefine the concept of "land of peace" by dedicating an entire mountain to the world, for a "Bible-based, Health and Nature Reserve"


The Integrity Paradigm focusses on similarities of existence, dealing with the primal characteristics of mathematics and philosophy. But, more importantly - even as it uses the languages and notions of current science - it places those dynamics in context, and makes the ideas viable and meaningful to everyday life, and every strata of integrated organizational assemblies in the universe.

Common Denominator - Unifying the Nation

Common Denominator is a worldwide movement to unify the Jewish People by focusing and building on our shared values and goals.

Living Waters - Sharing the Waters of Life with the World

In life we can only tread water so long before we go down for the third time. Living Waters is a fellowship of people who are tired of treading water and are doing something about it. Surf these pages and then test The Waters by visiting with us!

Zion Ministries - Bible Prophecy for the Endtime

Prophecy for the endtime, to the Church of God, the tribes of Israel and the world. The stark reality of Bible prophecy is laid bare as never before. You need to know what the Bible is saying to you!

Temple World

Wander about the Jewish Temple, send an electronic post card to say you have been there, apply for the post of High Priest, bring a sacrifice and gain atonement for your sins, visit the Sanhedrin, give witness for the new moon and stand trial for capital crimes!

The World of Wisdom

Kabal Barak Negby's thoughts and insights on Kaballah, and the Hebrew language as vehicles to bring healing and wholeness to humankind.

Beged Ivri

Beged Ivri is the Levitical Ministry, established in 1983, for the research and restoration of ancient Israelite customs in preparation for rebuilding the Holy Third Temple in Jerusalem.

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