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New Genesis and New Torah Commentaries.

by Dr. Yitzhak Hayut-Man
of the Academy of Jerusalem.

Within our overal policy of ushering "The New Torah out of Zion", we shall bring in this section radically novel interpretations of the Bible by various authors. The first one to be brought, as a benchmark, is the commentaries to the Book of Genesis by Dr. Yitzhak Hauyt-Man of the Academy of Jerusalem. This commentary views the Book of Genesis as a prophetic text that was only meant to be understood in our era, and contains guidlines for producing the New Adam, a rectified humankind, through the agency of the New Israel.

The version given here is very preliminary, and without the referred graphics. It already exists in Hebrew for most of the twelve portions of the Book of Genesis, but will be presented here as the translations proceed.

We are in contact with a few more radical commentators to place their contributions alongside this commentary. If you have comments on the displayed texts - or even have whole commentary of your own which can stand by thiese benchmarks, please let us have them for review and possible presentation here.


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