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The term " Human Reconstruction" is used in the social sciences in a sense roughly equivalent to the Jewish concept of human Tikkun (i.e., return to wholeness). (It was suggested by prof. Joseph Ben-Dak for Y. Hayut-Man's doctoral dissertation "The Cybernetic Basis for Human Reconstruction", for Brunel University, UK, 1981). This field of human endeavor encompasses processes like personal, psychological-spiritual transformation and Organizational Transformation (O.T.), but can pertain to whole cultures as well. What we would like to create is a cybernetic, or general systemic, perspective on Human Reconstruction, and to explore the redemptive, even messianic, strands in "the systems movement."

The cybernetic character and style of this library is yet to be developed. While we start with ordinary text files, the idea is to move to illustrated hypertexts and computer slide shows, then to program packages that adapt to the user's style in a cybernetic fashion (see references to the work of Gordon Pask in Archives of Cybernetics). The goal is to find (in cybernetician Gregory Bateson's words) "the patterns that connect." In particular, the patterns that may connect individuals and cultures into the emerging conscious and enlightened "humankind body" (or "Global Brain").

Our HOPE for this "library" is to become an eclectic collection of items suggested or contributed by any reader as relevant to the work of Human Reconstruction. Then further HOPE is to collect, process, and develop these materials into instructional packages for the playgrounds of the toddler that is the New Adam (which is all of us).


  • Human Reconstruction Primers
  • Archives of Kabbalah
  • Archives of Cybernetics
  • Conversation Theory
  • Archives of Enlightenement
  • Redemptive Computer Games
  • Novel Gospels
  • Short Stories
  • Structures in Scriptures
  • New Genesis Exegesis
  • Jerusalem Temple
  • Technology Reports
  • Overtures
  • Slide Show of Project xxx
  • Reflections and Reviews

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  • The Academy of Jerusalem

  • Human Reconstruction Primer

    Constructing a Co-instructive Technology of Enlightenment
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Cybernetic Basis For Human Reconstruction
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Realizing Heavenly Jerusalem
    - Y. Hayut-Man
    Appendix A: Conversation Theory
    Appendix B: Herzlian neo-Zionist dramatization
    Appendix C: Future Mythology
    Appendix D: Hejera Design

    The Methodology of Pattern
    - Julius Stulman

    The Cybernetic Psychology of Pleasure
    - Dr. Gordon Pask, 1968

    The Golem as a Transpersonal Image: 1. A Marker of Cultural Change

    The Golem as a Transpersonal Image: 2. Psychological Features
    in the Mediaeval Golem Ritual
    - B. Lancaster

    AUTO-NARCHY - DirectDemocracy For the 21st Century
    - A. Orr

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    Archives of Kabbalah

    Kabbalah, Ecology and Healing (finds several papers)
    - Academy of Jerusalem Papers

    Introduction to the 10 Sephirot
    - Rabbi Ginsburgh, Gal Einai Institute

    Kabbalah Now
    - Ovid C. Jacob

    The World of Wisdom
    - Kabal Barak Negby

    The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah
    - Eliezer Segal

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    Archives of Cybernetics

    CYBERNETICS: A Definition
    - Paul Pangaro

    Introduction to System Science and Cybernetics
    - Paul Pangaro

    Obituary for prof. Gordon Pask
    - by Paul Pangaro in The Guardian

    Obituary for prof. Gordon Pask
    - by Bernard Scott in The Independent

    Second Order Cybernetics as Cognitive Methodology
    - Bernard Scott, April, 1996

    A Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory
    - Alan B. Scrivener

    Cybernetics and Systems Theory

    Cybernetic - Cyberspace

    Principia Cybernetica Masthead

    Pask Archive
    - at PANGARO Incorporated

    Gordon Pask - In Memoriam

    A Definition of Systems Theory (txt).

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    Cybernetic Conversation Theory Archives

    Conversation Theory (Appendix A: Realizing Heavenly Jerusalem)
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    "Theory of conscious - Conversation Theory"
    - Yehoshua ben Avraham

    Dialogue and Understanding
    - Heiner Benking's Papers

    Transformative Conferencing: Selected Websites on Dialogue
    - Union of International Associations

    "HEJERA PLOT" as a Transformative/Redemptive Conversation
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Gospel of Judith Iscariot" - conversations to resolve conflicts
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Understanding Organizations
    - Floris and Winograd

    Chapter 9.4: What does it mean to understand?

    Chapter 11.5: Tools for Conversation

    Conversation Praxis with Gordon Pask
    - Y. Hayut-Man, Richmond 1966, 1975

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    Archives of Enlightenement

    Constructing a Co-instructive Technology of Enlightenment
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Or HaHayim - the Light of Life
    - Rav Kook ztzl

    The Light of Life
    - William E. Williams

    The Menorah Lamp of Light
    - S. R. Hirsch

    A New Light
    - Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh

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    Redemptive Computer Games

    Introduction to the HEJERA Games System
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Computer Games for Social and Spiritual Development
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Communique' on Computer Games for Soc. and Spirit. Devel.
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Saturnalia Computer Games Project proposal
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    *The Inward Journey - Yewho Multimedia and High- Or Inc.

    LIFE GAME - Protocol of the development of an idea
    - Y. Hayut-Man, 26.9.77

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    Novel Gospels

    The Gospel of Judith Iscariot
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Temple at Jerusalem - a new Revelation (Temporary Version, no Illustrations)
    - John Michell

    The Black Book of Many Colours
    - Chris King

    Haven on Earth - Shining if finishing
    - Y. Lasky 5757

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    Short Stories

    Die Now, Dinosaurs!
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Hejera Plot
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Ahashverosh - the Wandering Wonder Jew
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Scene #1:
    How the Emperor Ahashverosh became the Eternal Wonder, the Wandering Jew
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Scene #4:
    How the Wandering Jew interfered with Jesus! Passover Plot.
    (In print and available soon.)
    - Y. Hayut-Man and A. Barzely

    Scene #5:
    How Sha'ul HaTarsi (Saint Paul) formed a new G~d.
    (In print and available soon.)
    - Y. Hayut-Man and A. Barzely

    Four who sought to enter Paradise
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Journey to the Land of Moriah
    - Y. Hayut-Man

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    Structures in Scriptures

    Israel and the Seventy Nations
    - Nechama S. G. Nadborny - Burgeman

    Hamishnah C'Darcah
    - Moshe Kline

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    New Genesis Exegesis

    Introduction to the New Genesis and New Torah Commentaries.
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    The Academy Of Jerusalem - New Genesis Exegesis
    - Y. Hayut-Man, 1997

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    Towards Realizing the Jerusalem Temple

    Renewing the Vision of the Future Temple
    - edited concise format of "Insights and Patterns ..." (following article)

    Insights and Patterns Towards Building the Temple Today
    - Ezrahi and Hayut-Man

    Pros and Cons for Building the Temple.
    - Y. Hayut-Man

    Revisioning the Dome of the Rock
    - Co-Instructive Course, Academy of Jerusalem

    On The Location of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem
    - Lambert Dolphin and Michael Kollen

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    Technology Reports

    Science and Technology Expositions
    - Y. Hayut-Man, France, 1996

    Proposed Infrastructure-research: Display media for human communications
    - Y. Hayut-Man, 1996

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    Overtures / unfinished papers

    Introducing PLST: A Pattern Language for Spiritual Transformations
    - Y. Hayut-Man

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    Slide Show of Project xxx

    Under construction.

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    Reflections and Reviews

    Design-Science Revolution of R. Buckminster Fuller
    - Outlined And Expanded By Libby Hubbard, December 1988

    Obituary for professor Gordon Pask
    - Bernard Scott and another by Paul Pangaro

    World Institute: Purpose and Outcome
    - Julius Stulman, 1973

    Reflections upon Hope, Jerusalem and an Internet Village.
    - Y. Lasky, May '97

    What the New Age means to me.
    - Y. Hayut-Ma'n, 1986

    What does Judaism mean to me.
    - Y. Hayut-Ma'n, Oct. '97

    Songs of Hope.
    - E. Lasch

    Comment on Yitzhak Khayut Man’s ‘Cybernetic Basis’… and generally
    - J. Michell

    Introduction to Israel and the Seventy Nations
    - Y. Hayut-Ma'n

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