Introducing PLST:
A Pattern Language for Spiritual Transformations

The HEJERA PLOT- Y. Hayut-Man may be regarded as a plan for making the identities of Israelis, Palestinians and other Hovevei Tsion more plastic and maleable, so that they can be recast to grow in the ideal pattern of the Whole/Healthy (thus Holy) Israel.

A Pattern Language for Spiritual Transformations

To facilitate the Methodology of Pattern in Consciouseness (Stulman, 197_), a pattern language for design (Alexander, 196_) needs to be developed for communicating the possible acts of such a process. The Icons of Conversation Theory (Pask, 1975) are a good basis for outlining a cybernetic theory of Human Reconstruction (Khayutman, 1981). These can be further clarified and amplified by utilizing the Sufi icons adorning the inside of the Dome of the Rock at the Jerusalem Temple Mount.

Use of PLST for integrating alternative medical perspectives:

Each school of medicine (such as Western Allopatic Medicine, Psychoanalysis, Chinese "Energy Medicine", AyurVedic medicine, etc) may give another interpretation about the body in question. The ideal, however, is that they may all use the same pattern language to communicate their observations, and that by dint of this, the integration of the different perspectives may become facilitated.

A useful approximation will be to seek the integration of the perspectives of the social sciences in general and of Psychology in particular. (This depends much on the level of rigour attempted. We speak here of a Language of Spiritual Transformation as a meta-language for Psychological and Somatic Integration.

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