the Technology of Enlightenment

Using light technology
to nurture "Human Enlightenment"

The optimal direction of High-Or Ltd

Y.I. HayutMa'n, Cyber Architect.
The Academy of Jerusalem and High-Or Inc.

We propose to use these three interlacing lines of exploration:

  • Left:
    Demonstrating the mysticism and metaphysics of Light.

  • Right:
    Suggesting the ethics and poetics of Lasers and Holography.

  • Center:
    Constructing "The Light Body" and drawing "The Lights of Heaven".

  • To describe this barely-explored, occult territory, where many got lost, we are well advised to move within the sacred pattern of "The Tree of Life", as taught by the original Hebrew Kabbalah (Qaballah). Each of the three paths has three "stations", to be modelled as observatories or mini-exploratoriums, of increasing comprehension.

    Your starting point is an assesment on your own station in life. Then the Ten Stations form the characteristic semi-lattice pattern of connections, called "The Tree of the Sephirot" or "The Tree of Life".

    The three "Stations of the Left Path" of the mysticism and metaphysics of Light:

    Hod: The metaphysics of the Reflected Light.
    Din: The mysticism of the Direct Light.
    Binah: The comprehension of the Envelopping/Environmental Light.

    The "Stations of The Right Path" and ethics and poetics of Lasers and Holography

    Netsah: The advantages of lasers for spiritual electro-optics.
    Hesed: The poetics of Holographics.
    Hokhmah: Holy Holography of Holistic Insight.

    The "Stations of the Middle Path" and "The Light Body" and "The Lights of Heaven":

    Yesod: The Light Bodies System of the Kaballah.
    Tif'eret: The Lights Tabernacle of Geometry and Harmonics.
    Keter: The Dome of Heaven and the Dome of the Rock.

    In each of these observatories we shall conduct both fuzzy and sharp-valued observations.

    {Before delving into the metaphysics of light, mate, do you know about the physics? About the wave-particle paradox?
    One aim of this journey, in fact, is to lead You, dear explorer, to comprehend this paradox => eventually becoming yourself a Light, with a particle-body and a wave-spirit => and Loving it!}

    Judgement<=> Love
    Thanking<=> Winning
    Body<=> Mind
    Matter<=> Spirit

    The Hod Exploratorium:
    The Metaphysics of the Reflected Light.

    We live in ignorance and darkness,
    And long to delight in the Lights.
    We'd like to see what's indeed,
    But all we can see are reflections.

    A spark shines in the dark, then it
    Gets reflected from wall to wall,
    Again and again, and then cease.
    A Darkened Hall of mirors indeed.

    The Din Exploratoriom:
    The Mysticism of the Direct Light.

    Din is Had veHalak - "Sharp and smooth" - and is thus exemplified by the laser beam, especially as a surgical scalpel.
    Din has to operate upon the case and choose the truth. Hitting the right spot, making a surgical operation, you have to point at the malignant parts in the Other - or Yourself - and either heal or cut them off.
    Din is also Gevurah - heroism - and is thus exemplified by the sword. Chivalry is based on Gevurah that has mixed with Hesed to form Rahamim-(Tif'eret) Compassion.

    You excercise there in motor coordination and in making hard decisions. You wield your laser-pointer and point at what parts in you seem to be aching. These may yet become healing lights - for the aching and to make the wounded whole again. But you may have to cut to get to where it hurts, and still use the straight pointer to hone the healing light upon the needy parts.

    The Binah Exploratorium:
    The comprehension of the Light-Enviroment.

    The Makifim, or Environmental Lights, can not be viewed by the individual as inside their soul, but only in the space, the environment, between two or more people. The "ether" between two, or more, people can become so charged, that a light appears there.

    Now one of the appelations of the Sefirah of Binah is "The Heavenly Jerusalem". Considering the considerable investment we've done in explicating and illustrating "The Heavenly Jeusalem", his interpretation can pay us some dividends. So let's envision ourselves going into "The Heavenly Jerusalem Pavilion" in a Paradisical Theme Park (PTP) or a Paradisical Internet Site (PIS).

    In the sides of the Binah Exploratorium there are 6-12 cells for Diadic Environmental Array Reconstruction (DEAR) Work. In the center is the operating Theatre for the Group Environmental Array Reconstruction (GEAR) or the Group Array Motion Environmental (GAME). Those who progressed in their DEAR Work can progress to the GEAR/GAME procedures.

    The Netsah Exploratorium:
    The advantages of lasers for spiritual electro-optics.

    The case for Spiritual Optical Universal Language (SOUL) is that the metaphore of Light is the readiest Spiritual Metaphor. As spiritual matters become prominant in the society, there will appear a felt need to elucidate the psychological-spiritual issues between people and groups with light technology, so that each participant can see with his/her own eyes the situations, processes and development between people.
    It is within such arenas that lasers can come to their own. The concept of Yosher means both "straight line" and "honesty". With proper laser facilities, honesty between, and within, people can be displayed to these people and to others. "Driving a straight deal" can become a goal in management studies and Social Orientation Development (SOD) workshops for all ages.

    The Hesed  Exploratorium
    The Poetics of Holographics.

    Pornography is but a poor emasculated attempt to witness the conjuntion between some a-priory-separated bodies. Would'nt you rather watch the union between two, or more, people who are really in love? And in this context, isn't the union of the hearts and of the minds/brains much more moving and inspiring than the mere union of the genitals? So with or without of the latter parts, the explicit exploratorium of loving and understanding relationships would be a supreme attraction. And if people are shy to admit that they do not even know what love is, they can watch the show in private, see themselves projected upon the chambers of the Beloved.
    An interactive Light Show of Loving Relationships and/or a therapeutic facility to restore the ability to love can use holography as its primary matter. Seen as a universal symbol, the Heart image (your own and of YHWH - Your Heart With (i) Heart, Your Heart with my Hurt, etc.) can serve in our paradisical exploratoriums even better than in traditional Christian cult could. The sacred heart is no longer crucified upon the Tree of Death, but nurtured and tenderized in the womb of The Tree of Life (see High-Or's Christmas InteligenTree.). Tenderising the heart amounts to what the prophets of Israel referred to as "removal of the Stony Heart and Implanting a Fleshy Heart". 

    The Hokhmah Exploratorium:
    Holy Holography of Holistic Insight.

    The Light of Wisdom is Mati veLo Mati, Touching and Not Touching. It is the ultimate tickle. Now you are connceted with The One, and your Soul was at the Yekhidah, the OneSoul of the Whole, the Holy Infinite One Blessed Being (HaWaYaH). The truth is that we can't stand it for more than a split second anyway, or our separate beings are shuttered. But in this split second we have a view of Eternity (see above) which is not only sharp and pointed, but also all-encompasing eco-logical Lights and the visions of all the Partsufim that are reflected off the Head Supernal Anthropos - Adam Kadmon. The sweetness of this light is indescribable, it melts you right into ecstacy.

    Now this Light of Wisdom is incredibly precise - You justly cannot move it with your own personal will. It's above Compassion and above both Good and Bad. All the hard facts suddenly get tessalated together into an entire and whole pattern - Your own life within the whole universal context. The light is enough to show you that this is the case, but not to inspect the details.
    All the pieces of the puzzle, the incidents of your life, the parts of the Holistic Design that we are exercising in this pavillion, are all seen to fit into the Rock that's under its Dome of the Holy Wisdom.

    The Yesod Exploratorium:
    The Light Bodies System of the

    The Foundation Study for our Technology of Enlightenement is the handling of the Light Body system of the Kabbalah. The Basic terms are Or Yashar, Or Hozer, Or Makif  and the Orot Pnimiyim laKelim. The first two are called Yehidah and Hayah, while the latter three are called Neshamah (a threshold case), Ruah and Nefesh. What we see constructed in this exploratorium is the constraction of the divine Tselem, the Body of Light in which each human being should dwell with upright stature to walk with God.
    We state that the pattern upon the inside of the Dome of the Rock, namely the Heavenly Womb, is made of 32 such Tselems surrounding the One in perfect harmony. So we take this (apparently Masonic) Sufi pattern to be derived from the depository of the Temple of Jerusalem (or the innermost tradition of Israel) as a picture of the divine Tselem in which Adam was created. (see examples in the Hope Art Gallery, such as _________, _________, ___________). These basic constructions become then the figures that ascend to play at the higher exploratoriums.

    The Tif'eret Exploratorium:
    The Lights Tabernacle of Geometry and Harmonics.

    This is probably the most fun place in this whole Virtual Fun Palace of an Internet Paradise. A pure and delightful display of Illuminated Space itself. Loving fun and fine-balancing of opposites, a skillful and masterly play with all the elements of Light, Color, Sound, Surrounding and Surrendering.

    What is particularly vivid at the Tif'eret Pavilion, which we may call Sukkat Shalom, is the tying-together (Ihuy - making-into-brothers) of the 12 edges of the Sukkah Space Cube which were rent asunder. (The Parokhet Screen before the Holy of Holies, at the place of the Sephirah of Da'at,  was a self-referrential symbol for the entire Mikdash. (The Renting of the Parokhet mentioned in the Gospels is a pre-figurring symbol of the full event of the Destruction of the Temple, where the 12 edges of the Virtual Holy of Holies, got rent asunder by the flames the Romans burnt. The entire Mikdash became the Korban Asham sacrificed onto the Heavenly Temple.)

    The Da'at Exploratorium:
    Ispaclariah of the Tree of Knowledge

    By Aspaclariah the Kabbalists denoted the light screen upon which the prophets could see the (inherently invisible) divine realm. We read in it "i-space-eclar-Yah", a space that clears to reveal the Face of YaH (which we can take, in the Buberian sense, of "The Eternal Thou"). (tbc../).. 

    Whatever processes, imaged as light spheres at 3D space-frame, go on the Tif'eret Pavilion, these are projected upon the 2D screen of Conscious Meanings. This is The Face of the All-Knower - this is the Meaning of It All, of all our lives upon earth.
    (And when the forming mind of Adam (namely nascent Unified Humankind) born off the Adamah conceived (by guessing - Nehush or "new-sensing")  that U-Mankind could become as Gods, creators of heavens and earthes, then Adam became confronted with the apparition of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    This show returns daily at the Da'at Exploratorium, where the incomers and their outcomes are seen on a fractal balance-sheet that sums their life-accounts. And as their Me-Dots aggregate, we start seeing, appearing upon this screen, The Beloved Face of the Lord.

    The Keter Exploratorium:
    The Dome of Heaven and the Dome of the Rock.

    Now we take it as our belief that The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was conceived by its (Essene-Zadokite, Gnostic, Sufi, Monastic, Masonic, or whatever) designers as a spectacle of the Dome of Heaven as they conceived it. It is upon the pattern of Heaven that they could display their highest value of Life on Earth. We further believe that such displays are useful, indeed good, that it is Good to become Conscious, overeaching to the Bad that this brings too. So we have a figure cut out before us, the Pattern of the Dome of the Rock, together with the new laser rays emitting out of it a Crown, a Keter.

    See also Paradise Theme Park for related pattern of the Exploratorium -Pavillion.

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