12 Project-Types

of the
Academy of Jerusalem

Twelve areas and types
of R&D programs

which comprise a whole approach to achieving
the stated goals of the Academy of Jerusalem.

  1. Approaching the Temple and experiencing the spiritual transformations and metamorphosis implied in the design of the future Yeru-Shalem Universal Temple of Peace.

  2. Sustaining the Activites of the Academy of Jerusalem.

  3. Wholistic - Yoru-Shalem - Jerusalem Program for Academicians.

  4. The cybernetic New Jerusalem - a Spiritual Exploratorium.

  5. Spiritual-Healing Tours of the Holy Land.

  6. Internet Forums on the future (of) Israel.

  7. Transformative Conferencing and consultations.

  8. The Academy of JERUSALEM JOURNAL.

  9. Artshows for Jerusalem 3000 and Israel's Jubilee celebrations.

  10. "The Prophet's Journey" Scenarios and show of the Heavenly Ascent via Jerusalem.

  11. Designing the King/Queen of Jerusalem didactic computer Game.

An image of the Twelve areas.

Continuing with our translation of sacred forms into working programs, we may depict these twelve (or other appropriate) directions and headings of the Academy of Jerusalem. These address twelve "tribes" of customers found in all four directions of the world (Olam) we intend to rectify.

So with the scheme of the Sephirot for the four cardinal directions we may note these types of scientific programs in the following manner:

  • To the West - three programs of Expansion in space, time and motivation.

  • To the East - three programs of Contraction to survival and individuation.

  • To the South - three programs of loving and caring relations.

  • To the North - three programs of Judgement and Valorizations.


  1. The New Jerusalem Magical Round Table

  2. NJ Table of contents, with an Impossible Cube on its center and 2 Angels above.

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