The Geometric Art of John Michell (Preview)

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These pictures are instances of insights from John's long and ongoing quest for patterns of reconciliation between different number systems, representing basic principles of the universe and of the human psyche.

To obtain your A4 size photocopy signed by the artist, send $100 for each print to:
John Michell
11 Powis Gds
London W11 1JG, England

Pentagonal Hexagon 1

Pentagonal Hexagon 2



84 sided Heptogons

Pentagonal Expansions

Twelve Told Universe

84 sided Hepto-Dodecagon

Pentagonal Conjunctions

Pentagonal Hexagons

Hexagonal Expansions

Pentagonal Expansions

Double Pentagram Pentagons

Bound Dodeca-Star

Hexagonal Pentagrams

Setting The New Jerusalem Magical Circle

Filling The New Jerusalem Magical Circle

Double Pentagram Pentagonal Expansion

The 12 Jewels


12 Star Pattern



John at Work

At work

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