The Temple at Jerusalem -a new Revelation

We live in times of revelation. Old secrets are coming out into the open, old dreams are being renewed and one world-view is giving way by another. Records from previous millennia indicate that at times such as these certain images come to mind, images of an ideal world which we have long lost sight of, but still half remember. It is the same world that we still live in, but healed, enchanted and seen as a reflection of paradise. One symbol of that condition is the Holy Grail, and another is the reappearance of the Temple at Jerusalem.

This is the famous temple built by the all-knowing King Solomon in the tenth century BC, using a plan which had been given to his father, David, by God himself. While the temple stood and while its rituals were observed, the tribes of Israel experienced their golden age. Their lives were long and happy, and the harmony among them was such that they felt themselves divinely governed. When the temple was destroyed, their world fell apart, their tribes were dispersed and nothing, they say, has ever gone right since.

The laws and prophecies of the Jews insist upon them recreating the temple. Taken literally this is now impossible. There is no certainty about where it stood, and every probable location of it on the Temple Mount is now sacred to Islam and fiercely protected. The legend, however, is that the temple will descend from heaven, ready made and perfectly proportioned. In other words, the promised temple will not be built but revealed. And the new temple, said the prophet Isaiah, will be universal, a 'house for all people'.

This revelation is already occurring. Illustrated in this article is the site of the once and future temple, which is now the present temple, complete with its scales and dimensions and stamped with a clear message, which anyone who cares to read can study and interpret for themselves. Lives and minds will be changed by it. Something true is being revealed, something which, when recognized and taken in, will relieve many people of anxiety and, in due process, bring back that state of wisdom and harmony that prevailed in the days of Solomon.


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