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  1. Israel Medical Service Ltd: Search and Rescue

    Israel Medical Service Ltd.

    Israel Medical Service Ltd

    Search & Rescue

    In the Service of Humanity

    Missing persons ...

  2. Go_Global_Net: Web Site Proposal



    This Web Site to be specifically designed for your personal web pages

    By the makers of ... Go_Israel

    for your entertainment, art, music, food, Israeli tourism and more!

    Email: the webmaster to make your plans a reality!

  3. Ohr Ki Tov: AA help community


    Center For Growth and Transformation

    Jewish Institute for Alcoholism amd Addiction

    Bais Shlomo Kehilla

    1519 East 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230 (718) 376-8819

  4. Holisti Massage: for women in Jerusalem



    Massage for women

    Release of tension


    Deep relaxation

    Please call:   6264494

  5. Dr. Yehuda Lave: therapist and teacher


    Hesed and Amet - Loving kindness and Truth my specialty

    Available for individual, family, business, success, joy and personal counseling by appointment. If you are being held back in your life by your own limitations isn't it time to become the you that you are capable of being? Remember, it only takes a moment to change your life.
    Learn to have all the joy in your life that you deserve!!!

  6. Returning Light Band: Live music


    Playing Weekly on Mount Zion Jerusalem

    Tickets at the door on Saturday Night

    Download sample music :
    (303 KB /41 sec), (111 KB /15 sec), (303 KB /41 sec)

    Information about Returning Light Band, Music & bookings
    telephone ... Email: ...

  7. Gutman Locks: Music and books


    Gutman Locks Latest Album Recorded Digitaly to CD
    The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory

    This original variation of the lyre was designed and handcrafted by Gutman.
    The music is played by plucking one string with one finger at one time.

    Download sample music :(133 KB / 36 sec)
    Available by mail order : CD Music and Books

  8. Benyamina: tourist and events


    In the setting of a beautiful old Turkish Khan
    Surrounded with evergreen trees and seasonal orchids. With an artistic gallery and history as a backdrop walk, rest and enjoy this attractive tourist center
    For your celebration, evening ceremony, day trip, concert or conference ...
    A few minutes from the sandy shore of the Mediterranean sea makes for a full day and evening that I'm sure you, your family and friends will soon enjoy.

  9. Bird of Paradise: Cafe



    Bird of Paradise Cafe is not open until further notice (21-6-98)

    See the Menu ...
    Occational Events and Music nights ...
    Located In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

  10. Studio Schwarz: Jerusalem Gallery - faces & places


    Welcome to the Studio of Eliahu Schwarz

    Tuition - available on a daily or weekly basis.

    Resume - a short introduction to Eli Schwarz.

    "Hear Our Voices - Women at Prayer" - New book for sale

    Gallery - view a sample of Eli's drawings

    Located In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

  11. Israel at 50: 50th Anniversary Album (and T-shirt)


    Commemorative 50th Anniversary Album (and T-shirt)

    Hard cover Album 224 pages, chrome coat paper - 44 shekels ($39)

    Add T-shirt for 40 shekels ($11) one per Album, more for $15 each

    Orders ... Enquiries ...

  12. Macrobiotic Center - Israel: Health foods and education


    Macrobiotic Center - Israel
    Health foods and education

    Located in Jerusalem
    near the Market Ben Yehuda

    Food orders and Educational classes

    Enquiries ...

  13. Har Eitan Makom Shalom: International Community Center


    A Proposal to transform an abandoned army base
    Located on a mountain on the western edge of Jerusalem

    1. "The Back to Health Treatment Center" would provide an additional and/or alternative component for anyone interested in improving their physical, mental and social well-being.
    2. "The Garden of Life Institute" would be a specialized wholistic health "college", providing extensive training and services, in natural healing, stress management, conflict resolution, creativity, sustainable agriculture and ecological awareness.
    3. "The Har Eitan Community" would be dedicated to the management of the facilities mentioned above, the spiritual ambiance, and the environmental protection of Har Eitan .

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