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The HOPE Club invites you to participate in a broad community of people whose desire is to make earthly Jerusalem a realization of the prophets' visions; the New Jerusalem will be a source of teachings that lead to peace and harmony for the entire earth. We welcome all who are inspired by Jerusalem's worldwide symbolic significance to make the prophet's vision reality.

The HOPE Club Aims

  • To advance the HOPE vision. A primary component of the vision is the realization of the Virtual Reality (VR)Third Temple. We seek people inspired by the vision of the Third Temple as a symbol of world peace and healing, and welcome you to contribute to the bringing of the Third Temple.

  • To give club members an opportunity to communicate and consult with members of the Academy of Jerusalem located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • As we approach the end of the millenium more and more people are experiencing "The Messiah Complex" and the gift of prophecy. Some believe it is time to announce their prophecy to the world via the People of Israel. For those of you so inspired the HOPE Club provides the support you need to manage the potentially overwhelming responsibility of bringing forth the message. We offer you membership in a company of like-minded and like-hearted people to converse, co-council and compare notes on your experience.

The HOPE Club Activities

Building and Participating in the Virtual Reality (VR) Third Temple

Consultation at the (Virtual) Academy of Jerusalem

Creating a Haven for People with a Prophetic Word or the "Messiah Complex"

Building and Participating in the Virtual Reality (VR) Third Temple

The HOPE is developing a plan to create a VR Third Temple on the Internet. The Temple of Jerusalem was, and will be, a place of joyous in gathering and reunion, a place for consulting the sages and approaching the prophetic presence. As our virtual temple develops and unfolds, it will give people, and members of the HOPE Club in particular, a place for virtual pilgrimage, reunion and consultation.

We see the development of the VR Third Temple as a staging ground for building the physical Third Temple. The 3 alternatives for building the Third Temple discussed in Insights and Patterns Towards Building the Temple Today take into account the prophecy of Ezekiel where he saw the future Temple compound being about one mile square. This means that most of the present Old City of Jerusalem, where the Academy of Jerusalem is located, will be within the Temple compound. Based on this vision the Chambers of the actual Academy of Jerusalem, aligned with the main Temple axis, can legitimately be considered as already being cells and chambers of the future Third Temple. The virtual version of these chambers will be offered to the HOPE Club members for individual and group work.

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Consultation at the (Virtual) Academy of Jerusalem

The Hope Club members can take advantage of the expertise of Academy associates for consultation on personal, national and global issues. The Academy of Jerusalem will act as the "virtual Sanhedrin" component of the virtual Third Temple. The Sanhedrin was a court made up of 70 of the greatest Jewish Sages. While the sacrifices of the Temple were for purification of the physical world, the Sanhedrin met to rule on intellectual problems and scriptural conflicts. The Sanhedrin will be an essential part of the Third Temple. Establishing it in its VR form will be a major step towards building the actual Third Temple.

Among the members of the Academy are world-renown healers, scholars, rabbis and artists. The members of the "virtual Sanhedrin" will apply the wisdom built up over the last 2,000 years through the development of Jewish law (called Halachah) to the far- reaching problems of the modern world. This sets us apart from other "think tanks"; the moral and philosophical basis for the work is grounded in Torah wisdom. You can help these modern sages reorient themselves, and through them the wealth of the Jewish intellectual/moral/genius, to problems of concern to you and humankind.

A Virtual Journey to the Academy

The following is a sample virtual journey that Club members will be able to take to the Academy for consultation with the associates:

Let us go through the half-deserted streets of the labyrinth of the walled, Old City of Jerusalem. The Shonie Halakhot Street follows down several arched stairways that lead straight to the Wailing Wall, the remnants of the Holy Temple. If you accept architect Tuviah Sagiv's argument, this street aligns with the main axis of the Second Temple. In fact, it ends on a little square overlooking the Wall, but you must turn either right of left to get down to it. If you turn left, you'll find yourself at the El-Silsilah, the Chain Street, with a another right turn for the Wall and straight through Bab el-Silsilah, the Chain Gate, on to the Temple Mount. We are at number 4 (if you've seen the gate of the Bar-Ilan University Jerusalem Branch, you've gone too far). Come through the courtyard, into our small entrance-court, turn right and you face an iron door with two small inscriptions:

A weathered plate etched with the name "The Academy of Jerusalem" and a stuck-up piece of the letterhead of "The Hayut Foundation for a New Vision of Zion", dedicated to the memory of the late Yitzhak Hayutman, the Founder of Tel Aviv and his son, Herzl Hayutman.

The door opens and you are inside a set of vaulted chambers of fine Mameluk (13-15th century) architecture refurbished and fashioned in the manner of some of the Sefirot (Divine energies used in the Kabbalah) of the Tree of Life. We have a Tif'eret (Splendor) Chamber for group work, equipped with The Jerusalem Round Table, a Yesod (Foundation) chamber for office work and a Malkhut (Kingship) Chamber for sleep and/or silent meditation. The main chamber has two niches. To the West is a kitchenette, and to the East (namely towards the Holy of Holies) a chapel.

When you arrive at the Academy you will be able to converse with the Academy associates.

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Creating a Haven for People with a Prophetic Word or the "Messiah Complex"

Members who believe they have a message from God will find a safe, nurturing environment at the HOPE Club. This part of the club will be inspired by a vision of the Messiah in the Zohar (an important Kabalistic book). The Zohar describes heavenly mansions (Heyhalot) that are a training ground for the soul of the Messiah.

HOPE Club members will be able to journey to different mansions to work on different parts of their visions. There you will meet others to consult with and find support. You will learn that you are not alone; no matter how far-fetched your interests and ideas may seem, there are people who will understand and support your vision.

Communicating at The HOPE Club

Club members will have unlimited "prophetic freedom" to express their visions through the media and protocols that we provide on this site. The protocols are designed to ensure a high rate of understanding between participants (see Pask's Conversation Theory). Members will fill out a questionnaire (to be asked by the system's "agent" in a form of an Interviewing Angel) to assess their initial position in The Temple Matrix (i.e., the Virtual Reality Temple on our site). From there they will be able to move and/or transform to another level in the Temple.

To resolve confusion due to unusual language or terminology a dictionary will be provided to help members edit their messages. Weight will be given to Biblical Hebrew and Kabbalah terms to help fulfill the Biblical passage (Zephaniah 3:9) "for then I will convert the peoples to a purer language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent". There will be no imposition over the content of the messages.

Spreading the HOPE Club Member's Visions

We shall collect, collate and reformat messages that members send as their bona fide testaments of what the Lord of Israel has shown them. We shall publish these in our "Holy Land Divine Messages Catalog", which will also mention all members, past and present. This catalog will be shared with related sites and relevant Internet discussion groups. The (formally edited) messages of club members will be included for free and optionally with our own evaluation added (for fee). We will also offer (for fee) the possibility of organizing discussion groups that will work on developing a high level of human communications based on the messages.

The HOPE Club will process members' messages into a network of connected statements. We hope this will develop into material for the Torah issuing from Zion in the prophets' vision that will be published as "The Book of Divine Messages."

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