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"The stone which the builders once rejected has become the head corner stone." (Psalms 118,22)

The Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem's Temple Mountain could become the corner stone for the future Universal Temple . . .the inside story of the dome contains a message from its designers that could lead to reconciliation between the three major religions who consider Jerusalem a sacred city.


Revisioning the Dome of the Rock



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One of the deepest fears of the Palestinian Moslems is that the Jews want to blow up Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock and El-Aksa Mosque in order to rebuild their own Jerusalem Temple. There are, perhaps, those who want to do just that. Some have depicted the contrast of the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, the Heavenly City and new secular Jerusalem as antithetical. And some have depicted them as components of unusual synthesis. Actual plans or intentions to their realization are often too provocative for widespread acceptance. People the world over are afraid that the total blow up of these religious and secular shrines would bring Armageddon - "the worst parts of the bible" (quote from the 1998 movie, Armageddon).

Fortunately we have already found a solution, a way to defuse one of the worst threats to world peace. Conceptually we have blown it up to the size of an Independence Day spaceship, an illustration which could assist and guide towards both local and world peace. In this vision the Dome of the Rock hovers over Jerusalem's Temple Mount ready to participate in the illumination of an non-apocalyptic show. Several artistic renditions which expand upon this theme are available as The Yoru-Shalem Heavenly Temple Show.

We have metaphorically cracked up the Dome and pried it open to get its inside story. We have come up with a momentous historical discovery which helps spell out the possibility for the future use of the Dome of the Rock as a splendid ecumenical peacemaking temple.

The exterior form of the Dome is very famous. The Khalif Omar gave the funds to build it to make the political statement that the Moslems are now supreme in Jerusalem, better represented on its landscape than the Christians with their dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Nowadays, the dome has become the most cherished Palestinian symbol (e.g. Arafat's favorite photographic backdrop) declaring to the Israelis "we are here", and "the Temple Mount is Ours".

But there is also an inside story. It is not hidden. Anyone who has eyes can see. It is told in the figures that decorate the inside of the famous golden dome. But so far, neither the Moslems nor the Jews and their Christian allies have figured out these figures. One has to know some of the esoteric lore of Judaism (like the very early Kabbalah in Sefer Yetsira) and of Islam (like Sufi Freemasonry and its use of sacred architecture) to read the pattern of the inside of the Dome of the Rock as a message from the designers to the future enlightened users of this shrine.


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