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"The stone which the builders once rejected has become the head corner stone." (Psalms 118,22)

The Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem's Temple Mountain could become the corner stone for the future Universal Temple . . .the inside story of the dome contains a message from its designers that could lead to reconciliation between the three major religions who consider Jerusalem a sacred city.


Revisioning the Dome of the Rock



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Blowing Up the Dome of the Rock:
The Inside Story


Introduction: The Dome of the Rock as the focus of the world's major conflicts.

A. How the Dome-Womb was Born.

  1. The Dome and the Womb - architecture as embodiment of archetypes.
  2. Jerusalem Temple Mount as the Axis Mundi.
  3. The Evolution of the Temple(s) of Jerusalem.
  4. The Legacy of Adam-as-Abraham till Muhamad's time.
  5. The politico-spiritual program of the Dome of the Rock (DOR).
  6. The ground plan of the Dome of the Rock (DOR)
  7. The Dome of Sacred Wisdom in Byzantine architecture.
  8. The Dome itself and its use for the representation of the Heavenly Wisdom.
  9. The Sufi Free Masons and their sacred geometries of the Soul.
  10. The early Kabbalah and the Sefer Yetsirah as reflected at the DOR.
  11. The Templo Domini of the Crusader Order of the Temple.
  12. The legacy of the Templars.


B. The Dome of the Rock as a Problem and a Challenge

  1. The ongoing legacy conflicts between "The Children of Abraham".
  2. The Dome of the Rock as the stumbling stone of our times.
  3. The DOR Patterns as germs for Pattern Language for Human Transformation (PLST)
  4. Jerusalem 2000 - Re-presenting the Millenial shows in the Temple of Yeru-Shalem.
  5. How can the Yeru-Shalem Universal Temple (YeShUT) of Wholy-Peace be built.
  6. Ezekiel's Prophecy Temple and its interpretations (including RaMHaL's)
  7. Wagner's Opera (psycho)analyzed - Bayreuth and Jerusalem
  8. A New Heaven Geodesic Dome and Neo-Ka'aba over the Temple Mount.
  9. The PLSTic Show of the Heavenly Palestine and the Day of Judgment.
  10. Using the Dome to reverse the prophecies of Doom over Jerusalem.


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