High-Or Inc. Investments

High-Or Inc.'s largest investment to date was in Optomedic Medical Technologies, a startup company for producing medical lasers. Optomedic has since then become a public company listed at the NASDAQ exchange.

High Or made an initial investment of $30,000 in the development of YeWho Multimedia's "The Inward Journey", a computer CD-Rom on the theme of Jewish Meditation. High Or has since then acquired Yewho Multimedia as its own branch for the development of Multimedia. "The Inward Journey" is being further developed into "The Temple Gate" CD-Rom and is available in a demo version at cost price from the HOPE Shop online mail order page.

High Or holds 7% share in the popular Israeli Journal, "Hayim Aherim" a monthly magazine for people interested in Natural Health, Mysticism and Alternative Thought.

High Or holds 33% share in the rights on a patent of "Group - Boy" - a technology for conducting multi-user games and other social interactive media. "Group - Boy" hand held devices will be connected via a local wireless network.

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