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Table of contents:

  1. The Heavenly HOLY LAND CD-Rom

  2. The MUST Program and the ART Games

  3. Intelligent Internet Conferencing Programs

  4. The Temple-Gate CD-Rom

  5. Designing the PaRaDiSe Theme Park / Fun Garden

  6. The Neo-Templar Saga Multimedia Project

  7. Herzlian neo-Zionist dramatization

  8. Collaborative Literary Project

  9. Distribution of the Heavenly Jerusalem Posters

  10. Scripting the Heavenly Jerusalem Animated Film

  11. "The Jerusalem HOPE Club" for World Redeemers

  12. The Jubillenium Global Games

Inquiries at and at the address below.

1. The Heavenly HOLY LAND CD-Rom:
Showing the working of "a Heavenly Israel" and of the "HOLYLAND cum-Heavenly Eretz Yisrael" with detailed maps that connect its many holy sites and places of ritual for a new "Universal Zionism". We have the rights for the electronic publishing of the basic archeological and historic reports made by Israel's very top environmental journalist and architectual photographer.

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2. The MUST Program and the ART Games:
Multi-User System-Transformation (MUST) Program -

an integration of diverse methods and principles of individual therapy and of Organizational Transformation (OT) to produce viable entities that survive the host of personal, interpersonal and socio-environmental problems that destroy most well-intentioned attempts now days.

The Must program is now being embodied in the ART - Adamic Round Table - Game.

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3. Intelligent Internet Conferencing Programs:

Internet conferencing is still a rather shallow and haphazard affair. A systematic course of improvement has been drawn, including:.

  1. the addition of memory via a dBase of specially processed statements;

  2. Incorporating principles of conversation and building understandings developed in cybernetician G. Pask's Conversation Theory (CT) and Interaction of Actors (IA) Theory;

  3. Applying some of the specialized VR environments and media discussed in Hayut-Man's proposal of " Infrastructure Research of Display-Media for Human Communications" for the Israeli Ministry of Science.

See Transformative Conferencing: Selected Websites on Dialogue
     - Union of International Association

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4. The Temple-Gate CD-Rom:
Made by the partnership of High-OR and YeWHO Multimedia and seeking finishing investment. It has a set of 27 virtual cells that orient the user to a comprehensive range of meditations generalized from the authentic Jewish inner traditions.

Demo version available from the HOPE Shop

See also the Virtual Third Temple Project.

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5. Designing PaRaDiSe Theme Park / Fun Garden:
A cybernated fun park modeled on the 10 Kabbalistic Sefirot/ mansions and combining some of the principles of the 60's "Fun Palace" (by Littlewood, Pask and Price).

See The Return to PaRaDiSe Theme Park earliest proposal for sites in Ashkelon and Haifa, Israel and Reparadising the Earth in the next HOPE feature.

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6. The Neo-Templar Saga Multimedia Project:
We use our multimedia and science-fiction tools to show a parable - how a historical international organization - The Templars - could have attempted to realize their ideal to regain The Temple of Jerusalem and to establish direct communications with the Lord.

With this as an introduction, a WWW Neo-Templar movement will be able to operate on the Internet as a universal reconstruction of Freemasonry, Sufism and Pan-Zionism.

See soon "The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon" as published at Hayim Aherim, Oct. '98.

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7. Herzlian neo-Zionist dramatization:
Employing the methods of Conversation Theory and using the traditional drama device to introduce out of the ordinary situations.

The value of the exercise would derive from doing meticulous scientific background work by scholars using these techniques and making a "Conversational Domain" having all the issues dealt with by both sides and on many levels of cognition; (even such as may not be experienced by the particular people).

This could form the basis for a variety of educational curriculums on the subject of Jewish-Arab Reconciliation. For example the sites of the battles of Jerusalem in 1948, were Yitzhak Rabin earned his fame and fixed his character; over the village of Deir Yasin, where Sheikh Yasin would re-experience the horrors of the Palestinians as victims of the Israelis, and another for exploring concerns over the Temple Mount, where both have deep roots.

See A Herzlian neo-Zionist dramatization: A "Jewish-Arab Akedah" over Jerusalem.

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8. Collaborative Literary Project.

The Hope site will host a world-wide literary competition and collaboration project to compose:

the Amazing Chronicles of the Wandering, Eternal Jew Ahashverosh.

It is proposed to create an entirely new version of the classical genre of the story of the wandering Jew - a version designed by Israeli Jews and which offers a new perspective for examining the messianic story in Israel and the whole world.

The intention is to publish the skeleton of the story, and to invite a team for the historical research and the writing.

There are now (in Hebrew) the first half a dozen episodes and the instructions for composing further ones. Each entrant will be free to compose an episode. The stories will be screened by a screening committee, made of the audience of this site, and the screened ones read by our selection committee (people like Prof. Moshe Idel and Prof. Umberto Eco) to nominate the entries into the publication ("theHOPE Official Version").

People are expected to find a scene which evokes in them some strong and strange resonance. They may feel as if their forefathers (or even their own still-reincarnating souls), have gone through this scene before. For this might well prove to become a healing journey for a great many.

Doing their basic research (e.g.- under some tutelage from the Academy of Jerusalem) about the economic, social, spiritual conditions of the Jewish minority and the gentile population at large at that particular time and place, they will relate how the messianic hope looked through those prisms.

A unique and pioneering feature of this literary enterprise is the audience participation aspect. People connecting to this site should be able to take votes on how, they guess - or prefer - would the narrative develope. Did it brought humankind any nearer to paradise - or perhaps, further yet? Then there will be those who send episodes which get selected and posted for further votes by our audience. So, to a yet unknown extent, the audience will influence the development of the narrative and will encompass their own understandings in it.

Samples of the first episodes and rules of writing and joining the Game, basic assumptions about this Ahashverosh:

Ahashverosh - the Wandering Wonder Jew - Y. Hayut-Man
Scene #1: The Wondering Eternal Jew - Y. Hayut-Man
Other scenes are available in Hebrew and will be translated on demand.

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9. Distribution of the Heavenly Jerusalem Posters:
An offer for the local distribution of the Heavenly Jerusalem Posters to be purchased via The HOPE Shop On Line mail order. We will sell 100 (or more) of the Heavenly Jerusalem posters at 50% of the regular item price to distributors. Distributors registered at will have their addresses posted on this site.

Inquiries at and at the address below.

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10. Scripting (and making) the Heavenly Jerusalem Animated Film:
To write a professional script entitled, "My Enemy's Perspective: Turning Hatred Around" to be developed for an animated production combining live film and an accompanying computer game.

"My Enemy's Perspective" film project plans to elavate, in a virtual experience its actors and viewers up to the skies of Heavenly Jerusalem in hot air balloons. As the balloons ascend they go back in time through different periods of history by ascending upward through layers of the heavens. Each layer places the travelers in a different time period where Jerusalem was conquered and ruled by another people or nation. In the course of their flight the actors and viewers will have to contend with the identity of the various roles and their own beliefs.

In addition to humanizing the "enemy" or the unknown, our objective is to break through the stereotypes that each side holds and create an understanding of each other's point of view - of their perspective and world outlook.

The focus of the project will be children because any stereotypes and prejudices they hold are not yet fully ingrained and are open to change and revision.

Please refer to " My Enemy's Perspective" for Film Project details.

Inquiries at and at the address below.

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11. The Jerusalem HOPE Club - for World Redeemers
Members who believe they have a message from God will find a safe, nurturing environment among others, dedicated to redemptive work.

Club members will have unlimited "prophetic freedom" to express their visions through the media and protocols that we provide on this site.

The Club will process members' messages into a network of connected statements. We hope this will develop into material for the Torah issuing from Zion in the prophets' vision that will be published as "The HOPE Handbook for Divine Messages."

See Creating a Haven for People with a Prophetic Word and soon... The High Or Designs for sample forms.

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12. The Jubillenium Global Games
The Jubillenium Organization has engaged Iris Yotval, Leon Saponar and Dr. Yitzhak Hayutman to conceive and direct "The Jubillenium Great Embrace" at the Dead Sea, bordering Jordon and Israel. A portion of this program, for a world wide multi-user computer game is now being developed by High Or Inc.

We invision millions of people participating. This game is a simulation and stimulation for a show of "Wisdom Democracy". The players will be training as "Knights for the New Constitution of HumanKind."

Participants will then assemble by the (virtual and actual) "A.R.T. - Adamic Round Tables" that we will provide. The players will process ritualistically both personal and global issues to reach worked and scored "Agreements", "Understandings" and "Realizations" (as operationized in the Game). The global issues will be dropped on the players' tables from the Tome of the "Jubillenium Global Agenda" which we will be compiling and editing.

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See also a list of The Hope's proposed Major Visionary Projects.

Inquiries at and at the address below:

S-mail High-Or Inc.POB 8115, Jerusalem 91080 Israel.

Tel (972) 2 627-1633, Fax (972) 2 627-7980

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