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Or HaHayim - the Light of Life

by Rav Kook ztzl, "Orot" chap. 39
(free translation. b'dehilu u'rehimu)


The wondrous pleasure of it, rising into being from non-being, dead then alive again into the vibrance of the light, of the garden Tal1 illuminated.

The rightous delight in it. It makes them forever happy this one exalted knowing.

Until the break between now and then and the upheavels between are annulled, like a lightseed into the sun. They don't give it a thought. And all of this great light is refined in continuum.

Pray, make it so. The holy One be blessed who gives living and life to the dead and the dying. There is more. This pleasure, all the splendour of it is as if it had never been when embraced into wholeness, into the ecstasy of the merging.

This is the secret. The union. The chosen are slaves to it, love and desire it in readiness for the heavenly feast where it resides2.

And the clarity is splendid, filled with delicacy, wonder, delight and nuance, overflowing and re-emerging like great rivers and oceans one into the other.

The remembering is sweet and total and appreciated. It opens the gates of kindness and compassion, light and redemption forever.



  1. Tal:   hebrew;   dew, (heavenly sustenance)
  2. resides:   "shruyah", hebrew;   saturated, immersed


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