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Personal Well-Being, Ecological Health
& Holistic Peace

Dr. Yitzhak I. Hayutman, Cybernetician

Paper read at the 2nd Dead Sea Conference
on the Interaction of Eastern and Western Medicine, 1993



  1. Introduction

  2. Ecological Health

  3. Holistic Peace




The paper draws analogies between concepts and indicators of health of three distinct systems:

  1. person (body-mind) within an often stressed social milieu,

  2. natural ecosystem under some impact of development, and

  3. nation of complex composition (Israel), pondering the possibility of reaching meaningful peace with her hostile neighbors and within herself.

We shall try to use comparable general-systemic terms to draw fairly precise analogies, adding some Kabbalistic insights.

We shall thus prefer descriptions of the person as microcosm, a complex of inter-meshed "ecosystems" of interacting "programs", and yet with an extremely high level of integration and a sense of unity and identity maintained consciously. Pathologies may be viewed not just as malintegrations within the skin-enclosed and immunologically identified ensemble, but as issuing from forced negative relations with physically and/or informationally polluted environments. The roles of health professionals will be delineated.

We shall review current concepts of ecological health due to diversity of species interaction and the regime of natural factors and ponder the extent that it has a discernible unity (a "spirit") that can be ascertained by, perhaps communicate with, agents of development (landscape architects or some future quasi therapeutic professionals).

The internal social complexity of Israel mirrors that of all beleaguered humankind and is affected by it. It is held together by a strained historic-religious legacy and an ossified integrative ideology (Zionism) which has a "shadow" (the Palestinians) which is connected to the threatening environment. We shall compare the current piecemeal peace-making approach with a possible "holistic peace" approach and deduct parameters of this approach from the analogies above.

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