Visionary Projects


The HOPE ORGANISATION plans to fulfill the promise of hope implied by its name (in Hebrew TiQVaH) for all our clients of

the New Middle East,

the New Israel and


We therefore charted the HOPE's own radical and comprehensive visionary projects, such as:

The NEW ADAM Project,

The New Israel Projects,

The New/Heavenly Jerusalem Project

The Virtual Third Temple Projects

as "umbrella projects" that offer immense participatory potential.

Inquiries at and at the address below.

The NEW ADAM Project:

- envisions the reconstruction of humankind through the Biblical images of the Creation, Formation and Making of Adam and the terms and technics of the Kabbalah. It regards The Virtual Yeru-Shalayim Universal Temple (the VR YEShUT) as the global facility for operating this global transformation. In the act, individual and small-group improvements can be fed-back into the transforming Humankind Body. See the following papers:

World Humankind-Adam and Adamah (Living Earth)
- Y. Hayut-Man
Realizing Heavenly Jerusalem- a new Zionist Vision
- Y. Hayut-Man

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The NEW ISRAEL Projects:

- envisions how to make Israel the state of all its citizens, both actual and virtual residents. This means solving the civic rights problem of the Arabs of the land not by a Palestinian State (which is bound to cause them dismay) but by comprising Tribe(s) of The New Israel with its Twelve Tribes. Yet this also means The New Israel acting as The Virtual Universal Israel, which has virtual citizens in the whole world who share the aspiration for the reformation of all humankind through the agency of The New Israel.

The New Israel Tribe System - the Twelve Tribes
- Y. Hayut-Man
The Jubilee Plan / Cornucopia
- Y. Hayut-Man
Notes about the New Israel Tribe System
- Y. Hayut-Man
The Wisdom Gatherings of the 12 Noahide Tribes of Humankind in Jerusalem
- Y. Hayut-Man
The Twelve Tribes and the Temple
-John Michell
More Articles on the Twelve Tribes

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The New/Heavenly Jerusalem Project:

A new vision of a Universal Zionism which is developing into a host of practical facilities. See the following papers:

Realizing Heavenly Jerusalem
from the Future of Israel and Zionism section.
Introduction to the HEJERA Games System
from the Redemptive Computer Games section.
Redemptive Scenario for the HEJERA
from the Cyber Library's Human Reconstruction Primer section.

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The Virtual Third Temple/The VR-YeShUT Project:

- envisions how the Future Temple of Jerusalem can be realized peacefully in our times, by using the new cybernetic media. High-Or Inc. develops a demo as The Internet VR-YeShUT (or The Internet Universal Temple of Yeru-Shalem) which will offer The YeShUT Cells as individual therapeutic facilities, and The YeShUT Chambers for supporting redemptive group processes. Through the WWW, the individual and group self-improvement exercises join together into the redemptive project of all humankind.

This WWW site may open for those who passed the course of the Temple-Gate CD-ROM

Establishing the Virtual Third Temple

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See also a list of The Hope's proposed Modest-Size Projects.

Inquiries at and at the address below:

S-mail High-Or Inc.POB 8115, Jerusalem 91080 Israel.

Tel (972) 2 627-1633, Fax (972) 2 627-7980

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