The Academy of Jerusalem
Co-Instructive Courses


The Academy is pleased to offer a series of co-instructional courses to The HOPE community. Each course will be based on material presently on The HOPE. You will work with Academy associates who will guide and advise you. It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the expertise available at the Academy.

The Courses

  • Revisioning the Dome of the Rock

    - the inside story of the dome contains a message from its designers that could lead to reconciliation between the three major religions who consider Jerusalem a sacred city. Join the Academy in exploring this unique research opportunity.

  • Technology of Enlightenment

    - Using light technology to nurture "Human Enlightenment".
    We propose to use these three interlacing lines of exploration:
    Left: Demonstrating the mysticism and metaphysics of Light.
    Right: Suggesting the ethics and poetics of Lasers and Holography.
    Center:Constructing "The Light Body" and drawing "The Lights of Heaven".

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