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link to "The Gospel of Judith Iscariot: Act 2, scene 3":


When Judith is at the "The Messiah Machine"...

In this section from the play "The Gospel of Judith Iscariot" (an eco-feminist Passion Play), Judith conducts conversations with three cybernetic spectres to resolve her conflicts about Jesus. The solution is arrived by conversing with the three conflict parties until they all agree. It is the "betrayal" of Jesus by Judith.

Note that the entire (long) play is, again, an exercise in Transformative / Redemptive Conversation. Its aim is to bring the reader to a dissonance - and then interplay - between the traditional and this novel account of the story of Jesus and Judas Iscariot (and by the common implication - the representative of "The Jews" in relation to Jesus). Out of this internal conversation novel ideas concerning Jewish-Christian relations may spring forth.


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