by Y.I. H AY



(Text {for play/movie/novel} for an Eco-Feminist Passion Play, and for initiating seekers of redemption in our technotronic and bureaucratic age into The Order of The HEJERA (The Heavenly Jerusalem Association.)

Version A.2


P.O.B. 8115, Jerusalem 91080, Israel

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Scene Three - THE NEW SEDER- ORDER - Part B
Scene Six - JESUS-JOB ON T.V.




Part B


PARSHAN'S VOICE: In ancient times when humans thought of the gods of heaven and sought to contact them, some said the white streaks they saw in the sky were the milk spewed from the lovely breasts of the sky goddess. "Galactic" means "milky" in their language. And they had the right inkling, in fact, as divine "breasts" are our anthropomorphic image of "Bereshit", the female divine creative aspect whose name they did not yet know.

And then, when the true Lord of the universe became known to the Patriarchs, the fathers of Israel, what was revealed to them was the nurturing and creative feminine aspect. Structured in their minds through the holy language, this divine presence became known by the most feminine name - by "El Shadai", which means precisely "to my breasts". Yes, El Shadai - this is the call to the way of bliss, the heavenward way, the way to the Heavenly Jerusalem and to the salvation of humankind, certainly to saving us all from total destruction.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Now you go again. First you said my breasts had to do with the fate of the earth, now with saving the whole universe. Is there no limit to your exaggerations?

PARSHAN'S VOICE: (reciting patiently, as to a little girl) The Heavenly City of Jerusalem synchronizes the development of all the star civilizations to join and build the universe-city of Jerusalem. That's why she is traditionally depicted as lying at the pivot of all the constellations. Whenever the galactic navigators come to an unfederated planet, one which barely contains intelligent life that can start civilization, they start a process of colonization. They set out to build on earth a haven for their mother-ship, for the Heavenly Jerusalem, to land. This process takes, in the case of Adam - humanity, and the Adamah - this living earth, six thousand years. If she cannot land here by then for her reunion with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord may wipe clean the remnants of that case, which means, all the remnants of the human race.

JUDITH'S VOICE: But why should your Lord care if we don't stand up to His expectations? Can He not just leave mankind to its own devices, if people show no great interest in Him anyway? Surely He has better business to attend to in other corners of this vast universe?

(The Great Parshan moves his flesh-light and the screens stay in total darkness till he manages to touch just the tip of Judith's nipple, and twelve stars light up in the surrounding screens and a larger one in the middle one. Then the light moves lightly and the multiple orbs appear and disappear as Judith's breast moves slightly.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: The Lord of Hosts is in charge of establishing the universe-city, the universal city of Heaven which is, by necessity, also called "Yerushalem" - and His darling Lady of Hosts is especially identified with the Galactic Heavenly Jerusalem. Almost 6000 years ago Adam, the seed for the unified humankind, was given a chance to evolve towards membership in that galactic federation of Yerushalem. If we can still make it, we shall inherit all the treasures and pleasures of heaven, with eternal life and what not. But now that man kind has developed the technology to where we can reach for the stars, yet we have not developed our inner wholeness and our dedication to the Holy One Blessed be He, we have become a menace to the galaxy. Soon the Rasans-led mankind will think that there is nothing that they, as unified mankind, cannot do. That they can reach the stars to colonize them by more men of their own constricted and unhealthy image. Soon this lesser mankind will threaten to become a virus that infects the galaxy.

Now the Lord and the Lady of Hosts are in charge to prevent such a danger from materializing. She will have to nip mankind in the bud, when it is still situated upon this one earth. The time is almost at hand, it is either the Temple of Jerusalem or bust.

JUDITH'S VOICE: That's just too much.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: It happened here once before, it was with those bust-less dinosaurs. Alas, since they never knew the pleasures of breast-feeding, they also had no lips to sing the praises of the Lord. And meanwhile they occupied the kingship position of this planet, controlling against the possibility of anybody developing a pair of glorious breasts like you have.

JUDITH'S VOICE: You are nuts, but do go on.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: The hosts of the Lord on board include the Galactic Inspectors - the GI's - who had thus regretfully to destroy that ecosphere of dominant life forms, bombarding it with a comet. Then we had to bid our time, waiting for the mammals to take over, waiting in fact for the right-sized primates, those with the great breasts.

JUDITH'S VOICE: You have a one-track mind. What has this to do with size?

(While all this is going on, the Great Parshan keeps poking his light-staff about Judith's heaving breasts, the luscious moving tapestry on the screen is changing colors as Judith is getting tickled by the crystal rod till she is laughing heartily, heaving her glorious breasts all the more.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Breast-feeding was to be The Order of the Era, as the Lady of Hosts Bereshit would have it. And we, navigators of the Galactic Fleet who belong to the ancient Mother Cult of the Heavenly Jerusalem Association, the HEJERA, we felt vindicated when the mammals were elected and the dinosaurs eliminated. Brr... imagine mating with a dinosaur.

JUDITH: You are one of them?

PARSHAN'S VOICE: We Parshans are the true heirs to the galactic navigators of the fleet of the Lord of Hosts. After they landed on this earth, we became the Heaven-Haven Masters. We stayed upon this site, not far from where this university now stands, right on the Temple Mount. This is the site where "Operation Adam" was conducted almost six thousand years ago. From here, the people were to disperse and fill the earth and then converge here again to build the Earthly Jerusalem, with the Tower of the Temple in her midst. To here they should have brought the fruits of the Adamah as offerings for the Lord. I'd rather not tell you all they did instead for all these thousands of years. And at length, as you know only too well, human civilization became governed by the Rasans, the narrow­minded constrictors, not by wholeness and holiness which the Lord destined. The name of Jerusalem - really " Yoru-Shalem", which means "the demonstration of the Holy and the Whole" - has become just a sham word without meaning. You see, the letters of "El", meaning God and the direction of God, was left out of the "Shalem", and all that was left is only "sham", only travesty.

But to go back to our story, we stayed here, anyway, as the Order of Malchitzedek, the kings of the city of Shalem, or "Whole". And when the father of the Israelites came here, we acknowledged him here, and here it was that he proved his unwavering obedience to the Lord of the Heavens. When from his seed came the king who built Jerusalem, and whose son did indeed build the first prototype temple here, we mingled with the scribes of the Temple and from here we issued the Books of the Lord.


PARSHAN'S VOICE: That's right. The Lady of Heaven Herself, as the Gevurah, came to congress with Moses in Sinai to dictate the core text, containing the secret codes. We then helped over the centuries to add the next eighteen books, plus the zodiac of the twelve minor prophecy books.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Why did she deal only with this Moses and the Jews?

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Because all humanity came to be identified only with mankind, they went to mind only their own concerns. But when the Jewish People got the Torah, they became God's bride and were entrusted with the continuation of the Earth-World Mission for the sake of all that unappreciative mankind.

Mankind is selfish, Judith, as all men are. It is for woman to redeem the world, and for the whole Jewish People to become that woman. All that is to happen is enfolded in you - Judith Iscariot.

JUDITH'S VOICE: So this whole big galactic woman-hunt was trying to find little me, or my tits actually?

PARSHAN'S VOICE: You can say that, as the HEJERA members are heirs to the navigators of the galactic fleet, always searching for the tit, infatuated with the scent of milk, like bees after flowers. They were ever wandering in the interstellar deserts, looking for the desserts of the Promised Land of Milk and Honey.

JUDITH'S VOICE: And all this infantile galactic infatuation has to do with developing soft lips? You must admit it hardly makes sense.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: I'll show it to you from your own flesh, Judith, because these soft lips lead indeed to the heart. I told you that the twainess of the breasts reflects the twin souls that the baby acquires - but his two fleshy lips that suck them learn thus to pray, or else, the right words could never be uttered to invoke the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Rasans tried to disparage the Bib le by calling it the Babble. But they hit upon something fundamental. Let me show you how the Bible bubbles up from your own flesh.

(All but the two bottom pictures of breasts as star-and­-crescents surrounding the earth image disappear, as the Parshan apparently withdraws his probe from Judith's bosom.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Now, please take this flesh-light as if it were a microphone and hold it near to your lips. Be like a suckling, babbling baby. Babble in your lips, as your heart bubbles out. Babble all your Being by five vowels in turn - O, A, E, EE, OO.

JUDITH'S LIPS: Bo, bo, bo, bo.

(The two remaining, as-frozen, star-and-crescent images are still to the right and left below the large earth image. The central earth image is then replaced by the six fold composite picture of Judith's lips looking like a succulent lily. Then it splits into six pictures of Judith's two lips on six outer screens (two pairs above, one pair left and one right, with horizontal images, and two below the earth image, with vertical images), whereas the central image zooms out and is now of Judith's body. First it is the body section between Judith's breasts and her lips with the throat in the middle. Then the zooming stops and the view moves down a bit to become the body section as alluded by the former earth image.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: That's right. "Bo" means "Come". Make it sound as Jerusalem calling her redeemer to enter.

JUDITH'S LIPS: Bo, Bo, Bo.......

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Come, come, come, like you would call your redeemer, and call God at the same time. That's almost right, because what this means is "come in Him". You can say this about your Jesus, he needs it. Now, say "Bo Bah" - which means "Come inside Her".

JUDITH'S LIPS: Bo-Bah, Bo-Bah, Bo-Bah.....

(Now another six images and the central images zooms in and then changes to that of the mouth where a "Lily" pattern appear as Judith fashions her lips to pronounce the "Bah" sound. The former larger six-fold pattern is condensed and placed, as if frozen, on the right screen one down from the top.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: That is coming near, let your heart stir as you think of our city in need and desolation. Now steer still nearer and say out loud "Bo-Bi".

JUDITH'S LIPS: Bo-Bi, Bo-Bi, Bo-Bi....

(The body image resumes and then moves to Judith's head, with the mouth in the middle. The former larger six-fold pattern is thus condensed and then placed, as if frozen, on the left screen one down from the top. Now another six images appear and the central image zooms to another "Lily" pattern as Judith fashions her lips to pronounce the "Bi" sound.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Yes, Bo-Bi, this means "Come inside Me". Say it with conviction, as if your life hangs on this.

JUDITH'S LIPS: Bo-Bi, Bo-Bi, Bo-Bi.... (more hesitantly, then the color turns to bright red). Oh. Come on you bastard! Don't play with me as if I'm begging you to rape me!

PARSHAN'S VOICE: (calmingly) This is only lip service, you know. I promised that I would not touch you.

JUDITH'S VOICE: No. It must be another of your dirty tricks. I can feel it going deep, doing some strange things inside me.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: I told you before that B is next to our Being. This is the call of the Adamah to heaven. But if that's too much for you, then by all means, babble by using some other vowels, or even the other letter-sounds of the lips which are a little further from this core.

JUDITH'S LIPS: O.K. it is a strange experience. I'll try the "A". Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, ....

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Yes, he's coming, and Olam haBa, the Be-Coming World keeps coming in, just as you open thus your lips, as if calling the Father in Heaven. Feel it, as you say "Ba-Bi".

JUDITH'S VOICE: Ba-Bi, Ba-Bi, Ba-Bi, Ba-bi...... (getting slower and more passionate, then she breaks out in dismay:)

Something is happening, but it sounds utterly indecent. I can't believe it, me standing naked in front of you with your stupid instrument next to my lips, saying all the time "He is coming in me".

PARSHAN'S VOICE: See what power you have in your lovely lips. Just change slightly their angle and say "Bey-bi", and you would not feel any threats.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Ba-by, Baby, Baby, baby.... (then in a different voice:)

It's cute, but it does not remove the pressure from the heart, it only changes its quality.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Something wants to come out, a gate is opening in you to the Heavenly Jerusalem. You probably know that Jerusalem is represented as the twelve-gated city because she represents and combines both heaven and earth. Heaven is represented by the twelve gates, or "houses" of the constellations. And man was also endowed by twelve gates, twelve openings in the body to link with the rest of the world. Some of them are closed, as if covered by "orla" - impure foreskin, but they can open, just like your lips are doing.

JUDITH'S VOICE: But man does not have twelve openings, that's exaggerating.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Man have them, even if undeveloped. The perfected man - that is woman - has them all: Not just the eyes and ears and nostrils and mouth in the head but also five openings in the torso.

JUDITH'S VOICE: I count just two, those under my panties.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Let's look at your lovely belly-button.

(apparently he takes the flesh-light, and a picture of her belly button appears on the left top central screen. The former larger six-fold pattern is condensed and placed, as if frozen, to its right.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: At one time, just before you were born, this was the opening that connected you to the nourishing outer world, to mother.

JUDITH'S VOICE: But it has not been an opening since.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: If you tried to feel the living earth, the Adamah, as mother, you are likely to feel your connection to her there, right under the belly button. Some of the body openings are blocked or covered by skin, but they may open to allow related and expanded modes of communications. Really being in a place, being in the earth, has to do with this place, with the Solar Plexus.

JUDITH'S VOICE: And what of the other two openings?


PARSHAN'S VOICE: Why, they are in the motherly pair which we had discussed and surveyed and photographed and displayed all along. Man has also a pair of nipples, but it is you, the woman, who can open your twin gates and give the baby sweet life-sustaining milk. What is the promised land of milk and honey to which all strive to return if not woman?

JUDITH'S VOICE: Oh yes, you have been dripping this milk thing again and again, but why honey? I may be a mammal, but surely not a bee.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: You are the eternal Jewess, you are a woman, but also a man - you are the feminine Man of the Cities. You are the receptive soul of Jerusalem - of the city, of the civilization of the Adamah, whose name means "Demonstration of Wholeness". So you, Judith Iscariot, you are a girl of the city of the whole. And the bees are city creatures, after a fashion, who gather for us honey in their honeycomb cells. We humans gather in our homes, building them next to each other into cities, until they cover the bare earth with another cloth - and you represent this aspect of the Adamah and of the civilization of Adam as well. Here, let me show you.

(Apparently the Parshan aims the flesh-light at Judith's panties covering her crotch. The magnification is high, and the image that appears on the central screen is of a piece of cloth reflected in neighboring screens and looking much like a city grid spreading among hills and made of tiny criss-crossing roads and city blocks. The probe also picks up few pubic hairs and a moistening of the cloth.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Isn't it just like the view of Jerusalem covering the hillsides? When the redeemer will come into our beloved city, the springs of living waters that were hidden and stoppered will gush forth for the revival of the land, even of the Dead Sea. You, Judith, remain thus in every act the best representative of the earth, of Jerusalem and of humankind.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Please, don't embarrass me more. Something happened while uttering these baby sounds. I lost control and got all wet. Take this thing off now.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Please do not feel embarrassed. You should feel instead proud in giving example for all humankind by raising your Mann. Raise the Mann, your female water, bring out the feminine solutions. Let out your Jewess juices. Get messy for Yah, and raise us Messiah out from your own body. This is what entering Jerusalem, and the union of the earthly and Heavenly Jerusalem are about, in all the different levels of Being synchronized. Let me show you the connection between the structure of Jerusalem and your own body openings.

(The images on the screens alternate. At one moment there are the twelve zodiac constellations on the surrounding screens, while the central image is a complex diagram of a "squared circle" surrounded by twelve smaller circles in four groups, (Michell's "New Jerusalem Diagram"). Then there is the nether section of Judith's body with the twelve openings on the twelve surrounding screens.

The images start intermingling and interpenetrating and then another set of images appears. These are images of the city of Jerusalem, with the Temple Mount and its breast-like dome of the Rock in prominence, then the walls and their gates. The twelve totemic images of the Twelve Tribes of Israel also appear in the surrounding screens.)


JUDITH'S VOICE: I am bombarded with confusing notions. What do you mean to raise my man. Surely it became as plain as plain can be that I am not a man.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: In our Jewish mystical traditions for reading the Torah, "Mann" is the acronym of "Mayim Nukbin", or of "female water". This is what Jews try to produce through keeping God's Mitzvot.

JUDITH'S VOICE: I don't understand a word, apart from that you are profaning your own religion again and again.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Oh, no. I follow the long sacred line of those who gave the out most reverence to every letter and iota of the Divine Writ, the Torah. Its account of the creation is not only a simple myth that a child can relate to, which is important, you can also go deeper and deeper into the letters of this text till you can discover the very reverberation of the expressions that give rise to creation at every moment.

The Torah tells that the Lord separated between the earthly waters below the firmament and the heavenly waters above it. Separation is a pain, and the waters - which flow through all that is alive and feeling - ever want to reunite. Heaven and earth, as male and female, want to unite in tender lubricities, get wet, receive the rain or get the seed to become fertile and multiply and overcome death.

Like blood - "Dam" - to Adam, so is water to the Adamah. Like what the earth as Adamah used to raise, when the Temple was standing, and offer to the Lord of Heaven through the Temple rituals, so is what Adam can raise as the "Mann". Only when that Redemption Mann rises, as was raised the blood of the Temple sacrifices, then will all the kinds of water of heaven come down, all manners of blessings to all the families of the Adamah, to all humankind.

But alas, under the yoke of the Rasans we have become dry, till no one dreams of the Temple sacrifices. We are busy doing all the reasonable tasks that multiply without limit, till we completely forget our responsibility to raise the Mann . But you can do it, Judith. You want to act, and you are built for that. You have the feminine solutions, you can raise the Mann - the feminine waters. You can become like the Promised Land, and flow with the milk and honey that are under your lips.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Perhaps I got messy, but now you are getting your fancy metaphors all messed up.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Perhaps they are. After thousands of years of wandering in the empty interstellar spaces, after centuries of wandering in the deserts, fed by the manna of heaven, but dreaming of the sweet desserts of the milk and honey from the earth, one cannot tell so well the difference. Milk and honey, these are what makes this Adamah so sweet. Adamah is giving milk through countless breasts when she is ready for nursing and suckling her myriad offsprings, she is flowing with the honey prepared in countless flowers, in the beautiful sexual organs of the plants, to attract strangers needed to aid the mating and the spreading of the seed. So there's milk from Breasts sucked by babies, and honey from flowers sucked by the Bees. And you, Judith, you are the true daughter of the sweet Adamah. All this sweet fecundity is in you, Judith, oozing through your ruby gates. You have lips in your head to suck milk, and another pair of lips in your body oozing honey. One pair for tasting the heavenly Manna and the other for terrestrial uprising, for raising up Mann. Both pairs of lips telling the stories of beginnings, of Bereshit.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Get this straight. Those lips there do not tell any story for you.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: They would recall that landing on planet earth. The point on the Earth those ancient GI's and their G.N.s aimed for was a high point near the deepest lake on the body of the Adamah. The two shores, or in Hebrew "the lips of the lake", seemed to call them out from space, and this was the start of Adam - and of Jerusalem. Oh yes, I'd like to see what your nether lips say, to let them grasp this flesh-light, like your soft upper lips almost did, and to dip it deep into your honey pot.

(the color of the display turn reddish).

JUDITH'S VOICE: Enough, this is no longer funny. I would not let you poke this rod of yours into me.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Wouldn't you agree to take this probe in your hand, and you can keep the panties on if you want, just stick it a bit in yourself. Your anger makes the screen red, but let your compassion turn it into the deep crimson of the womb. This is precisely where your Jesus was trying to aim, trying to enter inside Jerusalem.

JUDITH'S VOICE: (shaken) This is all wrong, all upside down. I would have let no man but him enter me, but he wanted to enter the Heavenly Jerusalem. There is some point in where you are driving, but it is so entangled, so messy.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Let's go then and drive to the point where the mess is. Now only two openings/gates remain, both are beneath the belt, so to speak, and both let out our wastes. But the road to the Heavenly Jerusalem may well pass through one of them.

JUDITH'S VOICE: Not through the ass hole, surely.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Surely not, and yet, all too many have aimed this way. With those beautiful hillocks you got down there, marking your rear gate, many would have become mesmerized there, much as I had on your breasts. And some would rather take the way of the dung gate rather than the gate to the womb, so they don't have to show that much care, and not risk the responsibility of their entry bearing fruit. So in those religions were they sought only the spiritual and seemingly heavenly, and avoided matter and mothership, often their male monks and sages ended engaging not in chastity but in rife sodomy.

(Apparently Judith has brought the probe under her pants. There is a picture of the puckered hole.)

PARSHAN'S VOICE: This is also called a mouth in Hebrew, the mouth of the ring, Pi haTaba'at, fit for nefarious sorcerers and infertile monks. But alas, also Israel got it eventually ass backwards.

(A picture appears of the Dung Gate in the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem. People, many wearing black coats, are going through it to the Kotel (the Western Wall).

PARSHAN'S VOICE: Most people used to go to the Kotel, knowing full well that they did not commit themselves to a potentially fertile yet dangerous ascent to the Temple Mount. And of those that did, most got it ass-backwards as well. They came there with the exclusive and hateful religious fanaticism that brought from here the world conflagration, which eventually brought the rule of the Rasans as the antidote to all religion. And that is what we have now all over the world. No, the way to the Heavenly Jerusalem is to enter with love where the Mann is coming from. Shall you point the way, Judith? (**)

JUDITH: No way. Stick to your masturbation in the dark. This gate ain't for you.

PARSHAN'S VOICE: So the gate to the womb - the Re hem - is closed just as is the Gate of Mercy - rahamim - in Jerusalem, the one which will lead the Messiah to the Temple. And you are a virgin after all, isn't that so?


PARSHAN'S VOICE: Surprise, surprise, isn't it? Now I have also a surprise for you.

(The Parshan must have switched on the lights. The stage is flooded with sudden light. Judith is almost naked as before, but the Great Parshan is fully dressed, including his Tsitsiot (fringes orthodox Jews wear on their prayer shawls and on their undershirt).)

JUDITH: (surprised) You are dressed.


JUDITH: So if you weren't masturbating in the dark. What were you doing, with all those tall stories and ribaldry and checking my body openings?

GREAT PARSHAN: (smiling) I told you it was your heart, not your breasts, which I intended to examine, to check what needs to be rectified. But I am interested in your openings. These gates to the Heavenly Jerusalem inside you are closed by the tough skin of so many scars of bad experiences. We have to still make their circumcision, to take the Orla out of them and let the wounds heal. We have gone through some explorations of your complex and beautiful terrain, and several times we picked the color of blood, we touched some spots of old wounds.

JUDITH: Which wounds do you mean?

GREAT PARSHAN: That star business, for one. You wanted once to become a star, but wouldn't discuss it. I sensed you had a wound there, that for you, this whole outlandish audition procedure was somehow familiar. You had your flesh probed like this before.

JUDITH: That's true, so I still carry a scar from it. Like examining my flesh and fixing on my breasts. only it was far worse than what you did.

GREAT PARSHAN: Would you tell me your story. This could be your cure, your liberation.

JUDITH: It's not easy for me. I tried long and hard to forget and to bury it. But it's true, what you just put me through brought it all back.

I was a city girl who dreamt of fame and glamour. I wanted to become a star, to have my pictures showing everywhere. I submitted to auditions like yours and much worse. At the same time, I vowed to stay a virgin, no matter what the cost.

The producers always wanted a piece of my ass, and who got incensed with my breasts no less than you seemed to, were mad that I would not get laid. And they got their revenge at me, giving me openings only in porno.

I had to strip in front of so many men, and satisfy their fantasies in front of the spotlights, while the crews kept poking those hungry lenses closer and closer. It was horrible, but I had to make happy faces. I said, "you can come in my mouth, but don't you touch my hymen". I had to lie and say I was menstruating or even had VD. And they came, and came and came.


Eechs. I had to strip their foreskins and suck so many pricks, and let more pricks rub between my breasts, and slither up and down all over me, I felt I was inside a can of worms. And they spilled their spunk all over me. Yes, they came, and came and came. Their spunk mixed with my vomit.

Again and again I was promised that this is my last porno flick, and my next role would be dramatic. Just one more trash and then the real thing. Then I learned that a porno star is not allowed to act in family movies. They banded at me, the whole mafia of them, made agreement and bets about me, and each one would tell me that he will open me the gates to stardom - if only I opened to him my legs.

Finally I left them, left their horrid city and its tacky glamour. I went to the desert, to try to find peace. And there I found Jesus, who brought redemption to my soul.

At first his disciples tried to throw me out. They said I was a whore. But not Jesus, he looked straight into my soul and told them that I was chaste. They were freaked, but complied, finally I felt at peace and accepted, and my virginity was much respected.

I felt then I'd kept my virginity for a reason, I felt that I stayed chaste just for Him. I wanted to give to him what I'd given no other man. Then I found that he simply was not interested, that he would only mate with the Heavenly Jerusalem.

GREAT PARSHAN: You are the quintessential Jewess, Judith, just as I said from the start. Just as your disdain for foreskins is a Jewish vestige. Just as you kept your chastity the Jewish people keep their fidelity. We had to show our native talents wherever an opening was made, in whatever the nations thought was shameful, and yet lusted for. Throughout the world we have dealt in shameful jobs, still we would not yield that which was the most important, and countless Jews died to sanctify "haShem" - God's name.

JUDITH: Surely they did not believe in those Galactic fantasies.

GREAT PARSHAN: I told you I am a Parshan, an interpreter. The Holy Torah which gives the story of creation has seventy faces and can also be clad in innumerable dresses, even fancy ones. I covered the story in a certain dress, fit for this Rasanalytical age we're stuck in and the session we've held. It was fancy dress perhaps, intended to be stripped to reveal the naked truth, and we stripped it to the semen, the true seed within. What ultimately counts is the true secret and the genuine code of the Torah that we Jews were entrusted with.

JUDITH: But this is surely what Jesus wants to fulfill. Why can't you work with him, not with me.

GREAT PARSHAN: You knew how to keep your treasure intact. This is what your Jesus did not know how to do. As soon as he learned asecret, he runs out to tell it in the square. And that's what he did before, when he got himself admitted to the secrets of our ancient mystery school, into the Order of the HEJERA. I had to keep him out. I tell you, Judith, you are much more fitted for sharing the Messianic role of the Jewish People, who stayed faithful in exile, just as you did stay chaste.


JUDITH: I met your students and at least one of your disciples. They seem secretive and passive, no initiative, no real action. Perhaps you cut off their balls as part of their initiation rituals to enter your shady HEJERA?

GREAT PARSHAN: (Laughing merrily, then) We would not have such a sexual discrimination. No. But I would insist on their cutting off some of their foreskins, and taking off one would do for a start.

To enter the covenant of Abraham, a man - even if he be a tiny baby - needs to have his foreskin circumcised. The blood of the baby's prick is even sucked in this process too.

Now you too have gone through something like entering the HEJERA and taking the covenant of Malchitzedek and his City of Shalem, taking off your habits, one by one, and getting ready to receive a new life-plan, in which all your charming gifts will be offered and raised up to heaven.

Once you wanted to be a star. This could be your entry ritual to a junior college of the great galactic universe­city. I have an idea. You have kept your own virgin foreskin, and I agree it's not for me. You say my disciples aren't men enough for you. You may be right. Then perhaps you, who is both Ish and a woman, you may be able to initiate one of them.

JUDITH: That's your suggestion, mine is that you should again meet with Jesus. You think he fell short. But he is still the most loveable of people. You must have some feeling for him.

GREAT PARSHAN: He has gone too far, and the safety and secrecy of our great work is too important. His presence is dangerous to the one hope we have clung to for over two thousand years. He threatens the subtle design that we are working for in this university, whose days are numbered. If he incites the students again, everything we have worked for in secrecy could go up in a puff of smoke. We are not ready yet, we need more time. Our time will be terminated - along with our holy work - if Jesus' manifestation is not.



(* - end of John Moat's revision)

(** - resumption of John Moat's revision)

(John Moat's comment on this section:

"I don't have competence to do what I feel needs to be done here. I feel certain that to all practical dramatic narative purposes the next 17 pages are impossibly long, and the intellectual argument is too involved. No one is going to watch the strip show and follow the metaphysics.

I think it should reduce to, say, a three (?) minute wonder-show on the screen - with fadings in and out of the voice - just dreamy asides that convey the gist of what's happening. And then sharply break back to reality midway on page 56 (**).

The truth is that the 'Mystical Algebra" is a minority interest -- most people simply aren't alive to it. It should be kept to an appendix in the programme (some programme!).