by Y.I. H AY



(Text {for play/movie/novel} for an Eco-Feminist Passion Play, and for initiating seekers of redemption in our technotronic and bureaucratic age into The Order of The HEJERA (The Heavenly Jerusalem Association.)

Version A.2


P.O.B. 8115, Jerusalem 91080, Israel

Table Of Contents



Scene Three - THE NEW SEDER- ORDER - Part B
Scene Six - JESUS-JOB ON T.V.






(The stage is illuminated. Haki and Judith are standing together outside the door to a large and imposing building on which a large sign says "ABA ".)

HAKI: To contact the Rasan Intelligence headquarters, your best way is to go through this building.

JUDITH: But this building belongs to the Allover Broadcasting Authority!

HAKI: That's what the sign says. But remember, the best place to hide is behind the spotlight. Only it takes some intelligence to spot it.

JUDITH: So you say we need intelligence to fight the intelligence. But if these two fight - does it matter who wins? It seems to make no difference.

H AKI: Evolution wins. The survival of the larger brain and the greater intelligence.

JUDITH: And that's why we're in the predicament we are. I see no glory whatsoever in this survival. And now it is I who has to enter the head-quarters of intelligence of those who overseer the world, enter in fact into their head, in order to outsmart them. You think I can do it?

HAKI: If you play your cards right. Remember those who play the intelligence game would pass themselves off as one thing while they are really another. Be on your guard. Don't be taken in. I'll contact you when you're out.

(Judith goes to the information booth at the entrance and negotiates with the attendant. After a search and some discussions and phone calls, she is cleared and goes with an attendant up the elevator. The stage darkens and the scenes change. As the stage lights up, Judith is at the door of an office. The attendant presses the button, a light flashes and the door opens. Judith is ushered in to find a man sitting behind a large desk. We have seen him before, rich businessman-like with an air of a showman - the same Mr. Jobs who watched the tapped scene of Judith and the Great Parshan. He is smoking a cigar and has a sly look about him, but does not let on his acquaintance of Judith. Judith, of course, does not recognize him.)

Mr. JOBS: Jobs, head of production for A.B.A. What can I do for you?

JUDITH: I have information about the enigmatic preacher, Jesus of Nazareth.

Mr. JOBS: We are in the business of producing shows, you know, not of preachings.

JUDITH: I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear. I'm offering you the biggest show you've ever handled. A chance of a lifetime.

Mr. JOBS: Selling or giving?

JUDITH: Selling, naturally.

Mr. JOBS: Good. I'd rather buy. What can he do?

JUDITH: Everything.

Mr. JOBS: I am afraid that's more than we could handle. We do have technical constraints, you know. Give me an example what can he show.

JUDITH: He can deliver from sin, and relieve any stress or depression.

Mr. JOBS: Hardly stuff for television.

JUDITH: He can turn water into wine, or transmute any substance you like to another.

Mr. JOBS: That's better, but still not good enough for TV. Too easy to produce on the screen. We need something more spectacular.

JUDITH: Well, he can heal, the blind, the lame, whatever you want, anything.

Mr. JOBS: That's more like it. But it would be more impressive still if these effects could be transmitted by the media to the listeners at home and influence them there.

JUDITH: Perhaps he can, I'm not certain. I could inquire though.

Mr. JOBS: Well, can he also do something really spectacular? Like can he move things without touching them? You said he could do anything?

JUDITH: He can even move mountains.

Mr. JOBS: That's intriguing, but is not our kind of show.

However, there are possibilities here worth exploring, if only we had more information about him. You wouldn't happen to know things that are otherwise unknown? People say there is some "good news" about him, what is it?

JUDITH: Oh yes. News of peace and wholeness.

Mr. JOBS: Peace? Come on. We've had peace for a long, long time. Everybody has peace and quiet till many are getting bored. So what's the news? Actually, from what I've heard, his name has been connected with riots and disturbances of the peace. After what happened on the campus, it would be highly irresponsible to provide him with another opportunity, and on public TV.

JUDITH: Listen, I know your material. You have so many mediocre shows, acrobats, magicians and third-rate tricksters. Surely you want something better. Jesus is of the highest quality, and that - you must admit - is something that A.B.A TV sorely lacks.

Mr. JOBS: Quality alone doesn't interest the public, and I am here to keep the public interest.

JUDITH: Is there no way to make you see? I'm offering you the greatest prophet in the world! Are you so steeped in mediocrity in the name of public interest, that you would miss such an opportunity?

Mr. JOBS: Yes, miss. On behalf of myself and of the Allover Broadcasting Authority, we are prepared to miss that opportunity... However....

JUDITH: However what?

Mr. JOBS: However, I feel behind all this you have another motive. If so, maybe one of the other authorities could help you?

JUDITH: Perhaps you could refer me to the Intelligence Headquarters? Perhaps they would be interested?

Mr. JOBS: That's an interesting turn. What made you think of them?

JUDITH: Just that I have the feeling that they will be more interested than you are.

Mr. JOBS: O.K. if that is what you want. I think I might help you. I have some connections. And, by the way, if you'd like, I could help you to appear on TV. You've got the looks.

JUDITH: Thanks. But I want to go for the intelligence.

Mr. JOBS: If you insist. I'll call the guard to take you around. He may ask you to be blindfolded though. But do come again. Guard!

(A guard enters and Mr. Jobs mumbles something to him. Then the guard gives Judith a head cover which she puts on. He gives her a hand and they exit, as the stage becomes dark. When the lights are up again we see Judith at the door of that very same office)

Mr. SMYTH-JOBS: Come in, we have been looking for you. Come in, and please be seated, dear. You may call me Mr. Smyth.

JUDITH: (Standing up) I cannot stand these games of yours. You said you'd send me to the Intelligence Headquarters.

Mr. SMYTH: And that's where you've arrived. It took us some time to find each other, but I knew you'd come round to us at last. I told you we've been looking for you.

JUDITH: Just a moment ago you've said you were not in the least bit interested.

Mr. SMYTH: That was Mr. Jobs, the TV producer, who might think that the show you proposed may not interest the public. But I wear many hats, and as Mr. Smyth, an intelligence man, who guards the public interest, I have become quite interested since I saw your face last week, and then something more two days ago.

JUDITH: Don't play these games with me. This is not one of your TV shows. What do you mean you have seen me last week or two days ago?

Mr. SMYTH: (Laughingly) You wanted a show of intelligence, didn't you? Well, just to show to you that I am the intelligence man you are looking for, here, your file (He opens a drawer in his desk, sorts a file folder, keeps another folder contained in it and hands the rest to her). I've been interested in you since the riot at the square of the University. This file contains all the information on you worth knowing, and some photographs of you in the inner circle of Jesus's disciples.

(Judith takes the file and sits down looking through it.)

Mr. SMYTH: I thought you were pretty then, but you look still better at close quarters.

JUDITH: What are you after? More girlie pictures?

Mr. JOBS: As it happens, yes.

(He hands her the inner folder which he earlier retained. Judith looks at it and blushes. These are photos of her as appeared on the screens during her secret session with the Great Parshan. Judith goes into a rage but then contains herself.

Mr. SMYTH: (Laughing) This would have been very attractive for media work, but for my work with intelligence, I'm more interested in your head than in your body. To have found the way here, you must have a fair intelligence yourself. So let's get to the point. What information did you come to sell, and what do you want for it?

JUDITH: What information do you want?

Mr. SMYTH: Alright. You are quite clever, but don't try to be too clever with me. Tell me what started that campus disturbance. How did things get out of hand?

JUDITH: Well, Jesus was giving a lecture, and demonstrating a ritualistic technique, when things suddenly got out of control. The students rioted. Then your troops arrived and started smashing heads. But surely you know all about that.

Mr. SMYTH: Yes, I do. What I want to know is why things got out of control, why and how. The lecture was quite interesting, but only that. It was not his words that produced such frenzy. That only occurred after the dance, or whatever you want to call it.

JUDITH: It was a very powerful lecture. The dance, as you call it, was just a demonstration of his words.

Mr. SMYTH: No, the lecture got too mystical at the end. The crowd did not like it. He would have lost control of the crowd, but for the dance. The power to stir them came from some other place. From where?

JUDITH: He is a very powerful personality. I just told you, he would make an excellent figure on television.

Mr. SMYTH: And I told you, it would be irresponsible to let someone like that appear on television. He's untrustworthy, whatever his intentions, anything and everything could go wrong.

JUDITH: You don't mean you're afraid of him?

Mr. SMYTH: I'd rather say that I am concerned for public order. And you should be too. Suppose he appeared on TV and another riot ensued. I trust you have not even thought of that, or else your coming here might look as a plot against the state. That's a most serious offence. You would regret it if you were involved in such a plot.

JUDITH: I'm not. But I know enough of his powers to answer what you already asked. These powers can be shown on, but not communicated through, television. The human touch is needed, physical and total presence, no simulations.

Mr. SMYTH: So when he loses touch, things get out of hand? His mystical and healing powers go astray? Very interesting. But then, what about the riot? He had personal contact with the crowd and yet he lost control. Explain what went wrong there.

JUDITH: I don't know exactly. Maybe his power was too great, and it overwhelmed them. Or maybe someone took advantage of his power, which was intended to heal and pacify, and used it to incite the riot.

Mr. SMYTH: That is indeed consistent with our reports. Let's see. There are strange rumors about his powers. I've got a report here about a claim made by an unknown girl a few days ago, not unlike what you yourself asserted. She claimed that Jesus can, if he wanted to, turn mountains upside down, and destroy cities. Rumors like that can incite insurrection. People like that girl should be kept under lock and key, don't you agree?

JUDITH: But have you ever considered the possibility that she might be right?

Mr. SMYTH: No, but I'd certainly like to know how she came to believe it. Such a belief might be contagious.

JUDITH: Would you consider that a worthwhile piece of intelligence?

Mr. SMYTH: Worth enough to keep her from punishment. If she chose to tell us about it.

JUDITH: I appreciate the generosity of your offer. But I think she would need more of an inducement to come up with what you are really after. Are you sure you're not interested in testing her beliefs?

Mr. SMYTH: Well, I would listen to whatever she was able to tell me.

JUDITH: What would you give in exchange for all the information you need?

Mr. SMYTH: Let's put an end to this long winded discussion. Just name your price, girl, and we'll see.

JUDITH: My price is a piece of earth.

Mr. SMYTH: Every citizen, when his time comes, gets his piece of earth - unless he chooses to be cremated. But what has that to do with you? You are still young. And beautiful, if I may add.

JUDITH: I want a piece of land within the city, so some friends and I can live around it and work it, make a garden, grow fruit and flowers and vegetables.


Mr. SMYTH: If you are asking for a privately owned, uncontrolled property, this would not be so easy to arrange. Do you and your friends yearnings to bygone times when people could exploit the land in willful and unplanned land uses without due regard for others?

JUDITH: No, the other way around. We want a real communal and responsible use of the land. We shall have a community of people tending to this garden, beside their jobs, during evenings or week-ends. And the garden will be open to the whole community, for every city person to visit, to see the seasons and feel the rhythms of the Earth. And it will also serve the community as a sort of urban agriculture research station.

Mr. SMYTH: You have been quite clever in explaining. I can get you what you want, depending on what I get in return.

JUDITH: The truth about all the rumors you have heard, and about the man himself.

Mr. SMYTH: Come on girl, don't think you can trick me! I already know your opinions. It's facts I'm interested in, not opinions, but if opinions, I'd rather have his than yours. I must have him in person.

JUDITH: So what do you want me to do?

Mr. SMYTH: Deliver him to us. Alone. And not for a show, but ready to reveal the truth.

JUDITH: He is never alone. He is always with the disciples and his followers. Besides, how can I or anyone else guarantee his readiness to reveal?

Mr. SMYTH: In the worst case, we can make sure that he will talk. But I'd rather that he comes around to it, like you did. You are quite smart. You will find a way to bring him.

JUDITH: And you guarantee me that land I want?

Mr. SMYTH: Yes. There is a garden east of the old city wall, its name is Gethsemane. A nice piece of land, with old olive trees and date-palms.

JUDITH: And also fig trees?

Mr. SMYTH: Probably. And if not that garden, then one like it. And for your part, you will bring Jesus to this same Gethsemane, alone, except for you. We shall be nearby. Give an indication if all is well, and we'll collect him from there.

JUDITH: If all is well, I shall indicate this by kissing him.

(The stage goes dark.)





(Lights turn on to reveal a brightly illuminated room covered with porcelain tiles, floor, walls and ceiling. In the middle there is an iron chair on a low pedestal and surrounded by various contraptions, something like a child's nightmare of a dentist's chair. Jesus is tied to the chair. The room is otherwise empty, except for a big clock that runs backwards, and a fake window reflecting day and night alternatively every few minutes. A Rasan agent is in attendance. He is one of the two Rasan agents who monitored the university square riot before, the short and stocky one, as impenetrable as a professional poker player. There is also another non-descript person there, who is in charge of administering torture.)

SHORT AGENT: You have been here a long time now, and you will be here much longer, until you tell us what we want to know. How much more do you think you can take? Sooner or later you will break and tell us everything.

JESUS: (gasping) I will tell you nothing, you devil.

SHORT AGENT: I know you are suffering, it will only get worse, believe me. If you continue to refuse to tell us what we want to know, we will make it unbearable for you. We are measuring the precise degree of your pain. If necessary, we will take you beyond the limits of human tolerance,. Even if you were the son of God, He would not be able to help you. So you see, it's hopeless.

(Lights go on and off several times, and Jesus groans horribly again. The interrogator now stands in a different place)

SHORT AGENT: These notions of Father God, Son of God, Messiah, Redeemer, where did you get them? How did you come by the forbidden books which contain these notions? Who gave them to you?

(The lights go on and off several times, and Jesus groans horribly again.)

SHORT AGENT: Moving mountains? Hah! Just try to move your arm. Here, look, I place a glass of water. Don't you want to drink after a day of thirst? Just make it move towards your mouth.

(As the lights change again, the interrogators change, and now it is the tall agent we saw before.)

TALL AGENT: I am sorry to see you in this state. You have been here for so long now, Jesus, and been subjected to such horrible interrogation. How much more do you think you can take? Here, have some water.

(He takes the glass of water that the other agent left and puts it to the lips of Jesus, who drinks greedily.)

TALL AGENT: If you would trust me, I could make this questioning so much easier. Just say a few things, and I will do my best to see it come to an end.

JESUS: Who are you?

TALL AGENT: A Rasan officer who sympathizes with your movement, and who would like to believe in you. Have some more water.

(The tall agent gives Jesus another drink of water.)

TALL AGENT: The rumors say you have the laudable intention of bringing perfection to all human society, to hasten the coming of some good thing called the Heavenly Jerusalem. They claim that whatever powers you exhibited, were for this end. But this is just what we are after. Let's help each other.

We know already about your powers of telekinesis and such, with which we are impressed. It would complement long ongoing studies, if you would explain how mental concentration is applied and through which sense? Just tell me this and I shall try to set you free.

JESUS: I can't tell you. It is not something to talk about and analyze, and it cannot be done in a situation such as this.

TALL AGENT: Well, I tried. Now you try to be reasonable. I have to go now, but I'll try to find some way out of all this for you.

(The tall agent leaves and the room goes dark. The tall and the short agents meet in the adjoining room.)

TALL AGENT: O.K. It is you turn again.

SHORT AGENT: So I have to be the nasty son of a bitch again, while you play Mr. nice guy.

TALL AGENT: You know how that method works. He'll come around one way or the other. Beside, I have given him the water you left, and added some of the mind­-control substance. It has subdued tougher cases than him.

(The room goes dark. Now we are in the torture chamber again. The short agent is there, with the torturer.)

SHORT AGENT: What about your power to work miracles and to control minds? How do you intend to use it? It's a part of a plot, isn't it?

(The lights go off and on several times, and Jesus groans horribly.)

SHORT AGENT: Admit that it was you, and your disciples, who initiated the plot to spread the rumors among the students and other citizens, that you can turn over mountains and destroy cities, in order to get people to follow you. Confess, and it will go easier for you.

(The lights go off. Jesus screams and screams and screams, and the lights go on.)

SHORT AGENT: The rumors say that you, and your disciples, intend to overthrow the Rasan government, with a silly claim that you want to bring perfection to human society and hasten the coming of something called "the Heavenly Jerusalem" to take the place of the earthly one. Tell us how you intend to go about this, and who you are working with. Name them, and we can put an end to all this.

(The lights go off. Jesus screams louder and louder, and then emits a dying-like moan, as the lights go on.)

SHORT AGENT: That's enough, for now. He's fainted.

(The other agent enters.)

TALL AGENT: My turn now. Not a moment too soon, it seems. Looks like you have done him real damage. Has he said anything?

SHORT AGENT: Nothing. And now he passed out.

TALL AGENT: I only hope he survives long enough for what I have in mind, or else it's all been in vain. I brought more of the mind-control substance. You can go now.

(The short agent leaves in indignation.)

TALL AGENT: (to the torturer): You get out too.

(He leaves abruptly. The tall agent pours more water and puts the substance in.)

TALL AGENT (to Jesus): Jesus, do you hear me? Please try. I am here to help you. All the torture is at an end. If I had my way, it never would have begun. There is no limit to your ability to endure suffering. You have proven yourself. There is no need to continue. Now try to concentrate on love. Here, have some water.

(Jesus stirs. The tall agent gives Jesus a drink of water, wipes his face with a bare hand, and unties him.)

TALL AGENT: There, isn't that better? Now we'll have a discussion like civilized people. Have some more water.

(The tall agent gives Jesus another drink of water.)

JESUS: How long have I been here?

TALL AGENT: A very long time. Too long. And you have suffered too much. But all that may be over. You can relax. If you want to talk to me, fine. If not, also fine. I will not pressure you in any way.

JESUS: How do I know I can trust you?

TALL AGENT: You, who know what goes on in the minds of others, you who are capable of loving and understanding and forgiving all, even your enemies, you should be the last person to ask such a question.

JESUS: I forgive them all.

TALL AGENT: Good, Then listen, and listen carefully. Do you want some more water?

JESUS: No, thank you. You are very kind to me. Why?

TALL AGENT: Because I genuinely like you. I would like to help you. You do not have to tell me anything. I do not want you to disclose your secrets, or how you came by them, or the names of your disciples, or followers. But you have to help me if I am to help you, otherwise I will not be able to keep the other agent from you. Do you understand?

JESUS: Yes. You want to help me, but I have to help you if you are to help me.

TALL AGENT: Exactly. Now I think that I can convince my superiors to set you free, if you will agree to appear on a television show. It would be a perfect opportunity to communicate your message to the whole world. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

JESUS: I would like that.

TALL AGENT: Good. Now you rest a while, and I'll go arrange everything. I'll come back with the television director who will tell you all about it.

(The tall agent leaves. Jesus lays on the floor and falls asleep. After a while, the tall agent returns with Mr. Smyth-Jobs.)

TALL AGENT: Jesus, wake up. (Jesus rises with difficulty). I brought with me Mr. Jobs, director of production for television. Would you like to discuss with him the possibility we raised earlier?

JESUS: Yes. But would I be able to say anything I wanted?

Mr. SMYTH-JOBS: The format of the show is that people ask you questions, but you are free to answer whatever you want.

JESUS: That would be fine.

Mr. SMYTH-JOBS: Good. But you must also be willing to perform your miracles and healings on the show. This is what gives it zest.

JESUS: I would be willing.

Mr. SMYTH-JOBS: And you could invite your disciples and followers to the television show, if you want to.

JESUS: That would be nice.

Mr. SMYTH-JOBS: It's all settled then.

TALL AGENT: Have some more rest now. We'll see you later.

(They leave and the stage goes dark.)