by Y.I. H AY



(Text {for play/movie/novel} for an Eco-Feminist Passion Play, and for initiating seekers of redemption in our technotronic and bureaucratic age into The Order of The HEJERA (The Heavenly Jerusalem Association.)

Version A.2


P.O.B. 8115, Jerusalem 91080, Israel

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Scene Three - THE NEW SEDER- ORDER - Part B
Scene Six - JESUS-JOB ON T.V.





(The stage is illuminated. It is split in two parts. On the left side is an ordinary room with chairs and a TV set, which is turned on. The room opens to a porch in front of a small house, above a valley with many olive trees and a few date palms, just under the eastern wall of the Old City. On the front right side of the stage there is a magnified image of the TV screen. Judith and Haki are sitting on the porch, dressed in Khaki shorts and grey sweatshirt.)

HAKI: How do you like the garden?

JUDITH: It is really wonderful, though hardly any other trees save all those olives and the few date palms. I brought some fig and vine seedlings, I want you to help me plant.

HAKI: That's nice. I'll be glad to help you. (silence) What about you? You are not happy, you sound worried.

JUDITH: I am worried about Jesus. It seems so long since he was taken in by the Rasans. We haven't heard a word. Nothing has happened. I am eaten up with anxiety.

HAKI: Maybe it's a good sign? Everything seems quiet. Nothing extraordinary happening.

JUDITH: That's what worries me the most. I would feel better if the earth was trembling, mountains rolling and people buried in the streets. It is the quiet and not knowing that is playing havoc with my nerves.

HAKI: Judith dear, please try to remain calm. Isn't this what this garden is for?

(He stretches his hand, pointing to the garden, then starts to stroke Judith's hair. She leans her head on his shoulder and starts to sob quietly, as he keeps stroking and caressing her head. Then she rises up abruptly.)

JUDITH: Maybe I did it all just for this piece of land! I wanted so much a place to grow wheat and vines. My mind was locked on this idea even before you suggestedit, but maybe I wouldn't have gone through with it otherwise.

HAKI: Yes, you said you preferred vines to the olive trees. But why? Why did you want to grow wheat and vines of all things?

JUDITH: Jesus made so much of the benedictions over bread and wine. I thought a whole group of us could still live as a holy community within the city, provided we could grow ourselves enough wheat and grapes to make the bread and wine for our benedictions. The rest we could buy, but these sacramental things we should give all our attention to, and bless the Adamah, the living soil, with our toil. But what I get instead are those olive trees with their bitter fruit, often burnt out inside. Like that story Jesus told us.

HAKI: What story?

JUDITH: He said this was an ancient legend about the prophet Moses.

HAKI: Tell it. With Passover about to come, the figure of Moses is most topical.

JUDITH: When the prophet Moses died, all the trees of the land mourned him and shed their leaves. Then they looked around and saw the olive tree, green as ever. They disparaged him more and more, till he could not endure their din any more and invited them to look inside him. They looked and saw that all the inside of his bark was hollow, eaten up and burned out with sorrow.

HAKI: That's an amazing story. You know what? It seems a most appropriate, almost prophetic, story about us. The olive tree may be more suitable for what you want than wheat and even vines and fig trees. They come and go, and shed their leaves. But the evergreen olive keeps smiling, even when its heart is burnt out, and from its bitter fruit is pressed the oil for anointment. Do you know what the name Gethsemane means? Gethsemane means "the oil press". And "Messiah" means, as you remember, "The one anointed with oil". We have here the place for the preparation of the future Messiah.

JUDITH: Perhaps your creaking Messiah Machine needs oiling. But the only Messiah is Jesus, and I betrayed him and gave him to the Rasans. I sold my soul for a silvery dream and vague promises. Why, oh why. Why did I jump at the Great Parshan's reasoning that there must be sacrifice either of Jesus or of the whole Jewish people? Who is this Jewish People? I am able to love Jesus, whom I know, but not some abstract collective. And yet I betrayed him. What gave me the idea that if I turned Jesus over to the Rasans, he would shake the Rasan empire to its foundations and prove his might? What made me think that he had to prove himself? Was I brainwashed by your Messiah Machine?

HAKI: Stop it! You're driving yourself crazy. You made up your mind the only way you could. The machine is just a clarifier and an amplifier for our multiple realities. And behind all the multiple realities of people is God's unified plan, enigmatic as it may seem, it works through all of us, and even through the machine.

JUDITH: That's blasphemous again. But it doesn't matter anymore. I can't get rid of this gnawing feeling that I sold my soul. And now he's gone. Perhaps he is already in some hidden grave, and all that's left is his graven image in your infernal machine... (silence) Sorry, I didn't mean that. I know it's hard for you too, and you've been wonderful. (pause) What was that on the television? I heard his name. I want to hear what's being said.

(Judith goes to the TV and turns the volume on. With the image on their TV, there appears a large image on the big screen. The figures on it are life-size.)

TV ANNOUNCER: ... therefore we take great pleasure bringing you a special program. We have with us in front of a live audience, that man from the Galilee, the renowned healer and miracle worker, Jesus of Nazareth. He will be interviewed by our own Mr. Jobs, the head of production for A.B.A. Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes Jesus of Nazareth. Let's give him a big hand.

(Sound of clapping as Jesus appears on the screen and takes a sit next to Mr. Jobs, who is dressed in his dark blue TV suit, looking his warm and friendly and charming best. Jesus looks a bit haggard and glassy-eyed.)

JUDITH: Oh God, what have they done to him. And that Mr. Jobs is also Mr. Smyth of the Rasan Intelligence service. He's the man I met with. Something is terribly wrong here.

MR. JOBS: Jesus is appearing tonight, with his disciples, who are in the audience, through the courtesy of A.B.A., which not only presents you with all the news, but keeps you in touch with those who make the news. Jesus and his disciples have been making quite a bit of news lately. Jesus, are you nervous at being here?

JESUS: (mechanically) Yes, I'm nervous at being here.

MR. JOBS: There's nothing to be nervous about. Think of the TV audience as just another crowd. You have your disciples close at hand. And you can consider me your friend. Now, I know all the folks out there are anxious to see for themselves the much rumored powers you possess, so why don't we start. If any of you at home have any particular requests, please call this number now.

(The telephone number 666-666 appears on the screen.)

JUDITH: I can't believe this! What is Jesus doing there, and how did the disciples get there? The Rasans must have broken him and forced him to tell them everything. But then, why is he smiling? I love his smile. I know he loves us all, possibly even those damn Rasans as well. This seems so unreal.

HAKI: Probably it's contrived, or he's being manipulated somehow.

MR. JOBS: We have a few moments while the calls are coming in, so let's use the opportunity to hear from Jesus.

JESUS: Thank you. It is very nice of A.B.A. to have afforded me this opportunity. I thank you on behalf of myself, and on behalf of my disciples, and on behalf of my followers.

MR. JOBS: And thank you Jesus for your kind words. It's always nice to know that all our efforts on behalf of the people are appreciated. Now, is there anything you would like to say before we start with the telephone requests?

JESUS: (rather mechanically) Yes, there is something I would like to say before we start with the telephone requests. I love you all. You people out there, and all of you here in the studio. And God loves you all too. And the Rasans love you all too. You may have heard rumors that I preach insurrection. They are not true. It is my enemies who say that. I am not against Rasan rule. (pause) I am not against anything. I am for God and for love and acceptance and kindness and the betterment of mankind. And so are the Rasans. And so are the Rasans. And so....

MR. JOBS: Thank you, thank you, Jesus. Most kind of you. Now let's see if we have any phone requests.

JUDITH: Good God! I can't believe my own ears. Something is wrong with him. I know it.

HAKI: The whole thing is like a script. Maybe he's sold out to the Rasans.

JUDITH: He would never do that, no matter what they did to him. Jesus would react with anger and rage and turn their world upside down.

HAKI: But Judith, the Jesus you knew preached love and kindness and acceptance, not anger and rage. You are the one who expected him to react this way. Maybe he just decided to love and understand and accept the Rasans?

Mr. JOBS: We have a first request already. Yes. Just speak up. Your voice will be broadcast live. who are you, and where are you from?

VOICE: My name is John Waterstone and I am from Jerusalem.

MR. JOBS: And what would you like to see Jesus performing, John?

VOICE: I'd like to see if it's true that Jesus can change water into wine.

Mr. JOBS: Good. Something easy to start with. Go ahead Jesus, do your thing.

(Jesus nods his head. A small table covered with a tablecloth which drops to the sides is brought in and then a pitcher of water and two glasses are placed on it. Mr. Jobs pours water into one glass and then tastes some of the water and passes the glass to one of the audience to taste it. He then takes it back and, facing the table with his back to the audience blocking the view, he places the half­full glass on the table.)

Mr. JOBS: Now watch for Jesus.

(Mr. Jobs moves and his body no longer blocks the view of the glass, just as Jesus puts his hand over the glass and mutters some sounds. Then when he picks the glass, the water has turned into a wine-colored liquid, which Mr. Jobs drinks up with gusto and signs of approval.)ed around and saw the olive tree, green as ever. They disparaged him more and more, till he could not endure their din any more and invited them to look inside him. They looked and saw that all the inside of his bark was hollow, eaten up and burned out with sorrow.

HAKI: That's an amazing story. You know what? It seems a most appropriate, almost prophetic, story about us. The olive tree may be more suitable for what you want than wheat and even vines and fig tresmiling like that. It's certainly not like him.

HAKI: A man can be made to laugh if there is an electrode at a certain brain center. Could it be that they've fixed him and use him as a puppet on the string?

JUDITH: Dear God, how must he suffer from this laughing.

Mr. JOBS: Our next caller is on the line. Who are you, where are you from, and what is your request?

VOICE: I am Mark Karlinski, from Jerusalem. I heard that Jesus heals. Could we see it done?

MR. JOBS: That's not easy, but I'm sure that Jesus can do it. Go ahead Jesus, do your thing.

(Two men appear on the stage. One is lame and walks on crutches, dragging one leg. He is being led by another man, who is apparently blind, and has one hand in front of him, as if to feel his way. Jesus approaches them and raises one hand slightly, and the lame man throws away his crutches and dances, and the blind man walks around marvelling at what he can now see.)

JUDITH: This is embarrassing. They are making a laughing stock out of him. I've seen him heal before, but not like this.

MR. JOBS: Amazing! Did you see that? He healed the lame and the blind. For you skeptics out there, let me assure you that the two men were really lame and blind. And Jesus really did heal them. Seeing is believing. Please excuse the pun.

JESUS: But I didn't do anything.

MR. JOBS: My, my, always the modest performer. Maybe you don't know your own powers, sir. I certainly didn't heal them, and there's no one else here with us. Now for the next call-in request. Who are you, where are you from, and what is your request?

VOICE: I am Mary from Migdal Ashkelon. I would like to see how can Jesus cause people around him to be more loving and caring.

MR. JOBS: Oh, what a lovely suggestion. Of course, this is what Jesus is famous for, preaching love and converting the unloving. But can he do it with an uncooperative subject who defies help? I've got an idea - one of the members of in our team is a very beautiful, but very cold woman, who has rejected me completely. And not only me, but every man who has approached her. She is prim and proper and chaste as the driven snow, and just as cold and unloving. Maria, come in here for a moment, please.

JUDITH: I can't watch it.

(Maria enters. She is very beautiful, and dressed in a high-collar, simple white dress, and looks like the perpetual virgin frozen in a cake of ice.)

MR. JOBS: There you are, and don't you look lovely. So desirable, and yet so unattainable.

MARIA: Your flattery is so obvious. Stop playing up to me. I wouldn't let you near me if you were the last man on earth. I hate men. They have only one thing on their minds.

TV ANNOUNCER: Well Jesus, you certainly have your work cut out for you. Go do your thing, if you can. And good luck. You'll need it.

(Jesus approaches Maria and looks deeply into her eyes. He puts his hands on her shoulders and says something to her. As he does so, she seems to melt on the spot. Her frozen features dissolve, and she smiles a warm smile at Mr. Jobs.

MR. JOBS: Hi, dear. You seem to be in a better mood.

MARIA: Why could I not feel like this before? I love everybody. What a new and wonderful feeling. And I particularly love you, Mr. Jobs. Oh, will you accept me please?

MR. JOBS: Oh, my dear, please come near and let me look at you. You are so beautiful in my eyes.

MARIA: Oh yes, love. Please look at me.

(She drops the top of her dress to her belt and stands there bare-breasted and seductively bashful)

TV ANNOUNCER: Oh dear. You are so beautiful. But come on, please don't overdo it.

MARIA: I want to feel you, love, please touch me.

(She moves swiftly and sits on Mr. Job's lap. He seems dumbfounded, and as he does, she takes his hand and puts it over her bare breast. Then she kisses him with passion, and takes his other hand and puts it underneath her dress and between her legs. For a moment Mr. Jobs seems to forget himself in her abandon, then he suddenly recovers and tries to disengage, but she would not let him go and he has to push her back by force.)

MR. JOBS: Stop it! This is a family program.

MARIA: Oh, please dear. One more kiss. Let me kiss you real sweet.

(He pushes her and she falls to her knees, her head level with his crotch and begins to unzip his pants frantically.)

TV ANNOUNCER: Stop this at once. Get off! Get out! Someone help me!

(Two stage hands come and drag off the girl, kicking and moaning, before she can get into more mischief. She struggles to get back to Mr. Jobs, to no avail.)

MR. JOBS: Pew! So that's your idea of love. No wonder people follow you wherever you go. You should be ashamed of yourself.

(Jesus tries to speak, but is cut off by Mr. Jobs before he can say a word.)

MR. JOBS: No need to say anything. The actions you provoked speak louder than any words.

JUDITH: That bastard. I could kill him. I always wanted to see Jesus on TV, performing feats of power and love. Now that it has happened, it's a nightmare. Could it be that I was manipulated all along, just as he is now? Manipulated by Jesus to love him? What shame! No! it's all my fault

HAKI: This TV guy is a con artist, a master of manipulation. It frightens me how easily I could have become that sort of guy, if I hadn't met you. You are not to blame, Judith. Your Jesus didn't manipulate, but he allowed this to happen, and it is his doing. It must be exactly what he wanted. Why, I do not know. Maybe he miscalculated? Maybe he gambled that he could use them and get his message across unimpeded? I don't know. But I do know that if anyone is to blame, it is him, and not you.

JUDITH: It's no use. I'm the cause of all this, this is I who miscalculated. Though I certainly didn't intend for it to happen like this.

(She bursts into sobbing. Haki tries to stroke her hair in sympathy and she shrieks)

JUDITH: Don't touch me. Let me be.

MR. JOBS: Sorry for the delay, but things got out of hand. What a spectacular power that was, Jesus. You and your disciples must have one hell of a time out there in the desert. Now on to our next call-in request. Who are you, where are you from, and what is your request?

VOICE: My name is Uri Zohar from Tel-Aviv. I'd like to know if Jesus can help one to know better. They say he passes out wisdom all the time. I want to see if Jesus can make someone dumb become smart.

MR. JOBS: All right, Uri Zohar from Tel Aviv, we will put him to the test. I have an idea. We just happen to have the right person working for us here. His name is Alfred E. Newman and he is the dumbest person I have ever seen. Let's see what Jesus can do for him. Alfie, come out here for a moment.

(Mr. Jobs motions for someone to get Alfie, and he is pushed out on the stage, stumbles and falls, and gets up smiling. He is short and fat, with a round cherub face, and he grins like an idiot.)

MR. JOBS: Now Alfie, my boy, tell us something about yourself.

ALFIE: Sure, Mr. Jobs. My name is Alfie. I wanted to study back in school, because I loved it, but they wouldn't let me. I don't know why. I was beginning to like it there in the 3rd grade, but they said I was too old. Then my uncle Harry got me this job here, and I've been ever since. I am the official go-fer. You know "Alfie go fer some coffee." and I go. Or "Alfie, go fer a newspaper." and I go. It's a good job, and I like it. Can I go now, Mr. Jobs?

MR. JOBS: Not just yet, Alfie. First we want to see if Jesus here can do something for your mental prowess.

ALFIE: Golly, Mr. Jobs, I didn't know I had a mental prowess.

MR. JOBS: Enough, Alfie. O.K. Jesus, can you tell this lad whatever you know that can make the simple wise? Go, please, and just tell him, whatever it is, then we shall see.

(Jesus puts his arm around Alfie and they go off to the side, where Jesus converses fervently with him. After a few moments, they return and sit down. Alfie is now full of himself, and bounces up and down on his chair.)

JUDITH: Perhaps he is returning to himself.

MR. JOBS: Unbelievable. Alfie, you really look wiser. Now let's see just how wise you are. Here is a sheet of paper with ten questions from the University entrance exam. They are multiple choice questions. If you can mark the right answers, you could get to the university. Alfie, you just read the questions, there are four numbered answers to each question. You just mark one of the numbers for each question. Do you understand?

(Alfie nods his head up and down and up and down. He takes the paper from Mr. Jobs and begins to answer the questions with a passion. In a very short time he hands the finished paper back to Mr. Jobs, and grins hideously.)

MR. JOBS: That was quick. Now let me check your answers to see how many are correct.

(Mr. Jobs checks the answers, and when he is done, he shakes his head in despair and bewilderment.)

MR. JOBS: You got them all wrong, Alfie. All of them. I don't understand how you could do that. You should have gotten at least one or two, even if you did it all by random. Why did you mark each second answer with the number one?

ALFIE: I did just what Jesus told me to do. He said that true wisdom was making the two into one.

MR. JOBS: Oh Alfie, you've been duped. Jesus, how could you mislead Alfie like that?

JESUS: Why should this boy pass the university entrance exams and get the university to muddle him even more in diversities? He is simple, and all is simple in the Kingdom of Heaven, all shall be self-evident. I simply gave him the key to all knowledge, as I did to the students. True knowledge is that of making the two into one, of renouncing all dualities and artificial distinctions that separate the Name from the Thing Itself.

MR. JOBS: I'm sorry you came to mention that unfortunate incident in the campus. From what I heard, your teaching there obviously did not add much knowledge to the students. And what you now suggest to this boy could only harm him more. Why, if I took Alfie to a restaurant and he followed your lead, he might have eaten the menu instead of the meal! But let's not get into a philosophical debate on this program, not right now. Let's see how you answer the next caller. O.K.?

JESUS: Like this simple boy, you miss the whole point. The reasons why you miss it may seem opposite to his, but are truly the same, bound by the same Rasionality. Yet I understand you, and I love and accept you too. So if this is what you really want, let's go on with this show.

JUDITH: Now that he's talking, why does he let them get away with it? What is he waiting for? If I were him, I would smash that Mr. Jobs in the face.

HAKI: I have a feeling that it's going to get worse.

MR. JOBS: O.K. thank you... and have some water, or turn it to wine again.

(He turns to Jesus and pours a more water from the pitcher to the glass, apparently shaking some agent into the water)

MR. JOBS: Well, the water does not seem to have changed much this time. But (now speaking like a hypnotist) have a glass of this water.

(Jesus drinks obediently. Then some spasms start overtaking him.)

MR. JOBS: Let's go on to our next call-in request. Who are you, where are you calling from, and what is your request?

VOICE: My name is Peter Fisher and I am from Tiberias.

JUDITH: What! Peter? But that's the name of one of us, and that is his home town.

HAKI: It's all contrived. The calls must come from within the studio building.

MR. JOBS: Could you please repeat, Peter, what would you like to see?

VOICE: I'd like to see Jesus doing something really powerful. I've heard he can do anything.

MR. JOBS: Are you asking Jesus to crush mountains or smash cities or destroy whole groups of people from heaven?

VOICE: That would be great, but I'd be satisfied even if he were to crush a boulder or smash a table or destroy in front of us just one nasty person that is present to our view.

MR. JOBS: Well, we don't want any violence on this show. But I have an idea for a good demonstration. I just remembered the famous Gabriel Halbstarke, who gave us a stone-breaking Karate demo in last week's show. We'll call him in again, let's see if Jesus can outdo him.

And while waiting for the coming of Gabriel the brick breaker, let me explain something about that mountains­-crushing business just mentioned. Some anti-social crackpots spread malicious slanders that Jesus has intentions of disturbing public order by making the mountains move. What nonsense! I can vouch that Jesus is the most peaceful person that there is, and he cherishes law and order. Well, we could ask that from him.

Tell us, Jesus, would you consider it right to use super­natural powers, or advocate disturbing natural law and order, in order to bring social change which you fancy?

(Jesus's makes a horrible expression of disgust and anger on his face and moves his head from side to side, as though he were trying to shake something from his mind. His lips begin to form a "no", but he resists. He appears to be under great stress trying to hold back the words that are beginning to come from his mouth.)

JESUS: No.. I.. would not... do.. or advocate.. anything.. to disturb... the natural.. order.. and.. Rasan rule..

(Jesus starts shaking in convulsions, and moves his head from side to side with a horrible face, gasping for air as he struggles to refrain from uttering any more of the words coming from his head to his mouth.)

JUDITH: Bastards, what have they done to him? I've never seen him with such an expression on his face before. And how his body shudders, he must be in an awful pain.

HAKI: Damn them, posing such questions! Their whole regime is an affront to nature. They are putting words in his mouth, and he seems to be choking on them.

MR. JOBS: I'm sorry, Jesus, I should have known you'd be disturbed even by the mention of such an attitude. Please calm down, have some more water.

(Jesus drinks obediently and seems to calm down.)

MR. JOBS: Here comes the famous Gabriel Halbstarke. Could you please show us once more how you break bricks, Gabriel?

GABRIEL: Most certainly.

(He goes over to a table on which there is already an anvil and three bricks. He picks a brick and holds it in his left hand, then deals it a Karate blow with his right hand and the brick fractures.)

MR. JOBS: Well, I must tell you something, Gabriel. Since your last show I have been trying to do such feats myself. After some training I too can break a brick.

(Mr. Jobs goes to the table, picks another brick and puts it with its edges on top of the two pieces of the broken brick on the anvil. Then he strikes the brick with his right, and indeed, this brick fractures too. Gabriel stands and claps his hands in respect.)

MR. JOBS: Well, as you see, such feats are not impossible even for me. But the question is, can one break a brick by sheer will power? Jesus, are you ready to break that brick just by gazing at it with concentration?

(Mr Jobs places one brick on the anvil and then leans another one on it. Jesus twitches and nods with both head and shoulders.)

MR. JOBS: Jesus, are you ready?

(Jesus is too twitchy to respond, time passes but nothing happens)

MR. JOBS: Come on Jesus... Try harder... Surely you can do it... Try harder this time.

(As he begins to speak in this vein, Jesus is agitated by seemingly huge efforts. He clenches his fist, sweat pours down his brow but nothing happens to the brick.)

MR. JOBS: I must say, that's rather disappointing. I was sure you had the powers, Jesus. But, O.K., just take your time, while we devise some other, perhaps easier, test. (Turning to Gabriel). Gabriel, you have showed us all sorts of ways to get released of various shackles, haven't you?

GABRIEL: Sure, that was quite easy.

MR. JOBS: O.K., for those who missed your performance. Please give us a very quick example. Just a couple of the simplest routines of getting rid of some bonds.

(Gabriel nods, then assume a Karate starting stance, and moves gracefully, Tai-Chi-like. Some rings and some police cuff-links drop from the ceilings, ties by ropes. Gabriel grabs a cuff-link in one hand, then a second one with his other hand. He makes a few graceful moves, like in oriental martial arts, which make the ropes rather entangled. Then he bows slightly to the audience, holding those cuff-links like flowers, makes a quick movement with his fingers, and both cuff-links open up. He then makes a few movements to grab two rings. As he moves, the rope knots open by themselves. He then playfully connects the cuff-links to the rings, then he motions to Mr. Jobs, who comes and ties his hands, then retreats and gives a signal to the TV crew, and the ropes holding the rings are pulled up, pulling with them the chained Gabriel. Gabriel is lifted up in a crucifix position, and he seems to enjoy every moment of it. Hanging there like an acrobat, he bows to the audience, then soars into a series of somersaults when, presto, The chains of the cuff-links snap off, and he falls free. Gabriel lands gracefully on his feet, and bows to the cheering audience.

MR. JOBS: O.K. Gabriel, that's nice. Now just help us to devise a simple test for Jesus. Jesus, are you through with this brick?

(Jesus seems still too busy with whatever he is doing to respond, he is twitching and looking very worried.)

MR. JOBS: No pain, Jesus, we'll get back to you in a minute. What do you suggest, Gabriel?

GABRIEL: Just tie him to his chair and see if he can get loose.

MR. JOBS: Well, I guess that is what so many of us get tied down to, isn't it true? Now, we don't want to do something that might hurt Jesus, so let me check it first. Come, tie my hands to this chair, Gabriel, so that I can't lift my ass out of it.

(Gabriel opens another couple of other cuff-links as if they were peanuts, then places them on Mr. Jobs hands, tying him ever more tighter to his chair. Mr. Jobs starts twitching in the chair, much like Jesus is doing, only he is smiling and snapping his fingers happily to the sounds of the music.)

MR. JOBS: (singing and contorting his joints, trying to pull off)

Don't we all get tied-up and laid hold of?

Or get sick if stuck in the same spot?

Let me check if I can shake my shackles off,

Let us work some liberation for a sport.

(As he says the last words, the cuff-links open and he rises, then walks gingerly to Gabriel.)

MR. JOBS: Well Gabriel, easy enough. Even I can pull it out one way or the other. Still it is a test. I see no reason why Jesus shouldn't give it a try. Will you be a sport, Jesus?

JUDITH: Damn him! Now he is going to get Jesus tied and tried. Oh God, what have I done?

(Meanwhile, Jesus is continuing with his contortions and does not answer.)

MR. JOBS: Oh, Jesus, don't get so worked out over that silly brick. It really does not matter, let's drop it. Now relax, I'll just tie you here easily, so you can stop shaking so badly.

(Mr. Jobs makes conciliatory gestures as he ties Jesus' hands and tightens the chains to the chair.)

MR. JOBS: O.K. Jesus.At your leisure, just wriggle out of these knots.

(Jesus wriggles and contorts more, but he seems to get even more tightly stuck. The chair starts moving, and he gets also entangled by some of the ropes.)

GABRIEL: I have a simple way to get him to respond. I'll give him a little stimulation, to get his attention.

MR. JOBS: O.K., but take care.

(The fighter approaches Jesus on springy feet. He makes a misleading stab with his right and then gives Jesus a savage blow on his left cheek. The whole chair falls together with Jesus. Mr. Jobs rushes and sets Jesus and the chair up again.)

JUDITH: Oh lord, I cann't bear it. What have I done, they're killing him.

MR. JOBS: Oh, how embarrassing. I am so sorry, Jesus. (turning to Gabriel). What the devil has got into you? To hit a tied man? Just don't do it again. And Don't you think that he will turn the other cheek. Take care, he may not be so placid next time.

GABRIEL: (nonchalantly) I'm ready to stand up to this challenge.

JUDITH: I cannot stand it anymore. They're going to kill him!

(Gabriel springs suddenly and, before Mr. Jobs has a chance to intervene, he deals Jesus a massive blow on the right cheek while Jesus does not move. Blood starts streaming from his nose. Judith starts shrieking. Gabriel moves back but then suddenly strikes Jesus violently on the breast, and Jesus falls on the ground, still tied to the chair. Judith starts screaming.)

JUDITH: Killers!! Enough!! They are killing him. And so did I. I've killed him.

(She starts running away. After a moment Haki unfreezes himself and tries to run after her and also exits)

MR. JOBS: How vile of you! You must be ashamed. To hit at such a powerless man. Poor Jesus and poor those who believed in him. I better give you a hand to rise up.

(As he is about to touch Jesus, there is a little explosion while Jesus himself simply disappears or becomes invisible, all of a sudden. A second later there is a huge whirlwind where he has just been lying.

The stretched hand of Mr. Jobs is apparently hurt severely and he starts screaming in pain and confusion. Soon after, the image on the screen disappears and they carry only the whirling patterns produced when a video starts recording its own internal noise, and then the screen goes black.)

JUDITH: (standing on the balcony, her back to the screen) Oh Lord, have mercy on my soul. What have I done. I did this to him as surely as if I stabbed him with a knife.

HAKI: Don't be absurd. You didn't do anything to him. Stop being hysterical.

(The picture returns to the TV screen.)

T.V. ANNOUNCER: Something strange has happened here in the studio. We're not exactly sure what yet. Until we know something more, this is A.B.A. signing off. Have a good night.

H AKI: You see, something strange is going on. Judith, we don't yet know what had happened.